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  1. I realize you tried as hard as you could to create an edgy review for an otherwise universally acclaimed phone, but your point about the Chinese slider phones being better than the hole punch and notch is a very hard sell IMO. Besides the issues with it being a mechanical part subject to failure, the phones are not water resistant, and they are very difficult to use with cases. Also you complain about how slow the fingerprint sensor is, but the face unlock on that one oppo phone that had to slide up to face unlock is even slower. I am happy Samsung never did the notch and think what they have now is a good hold over until they are able to get the camera sensor under the display without having to have a hole in the display.
  2. I agree with Fortnite being a crap benchmark, but I very much agree with the price per performance metric. Really if one of them could've found a sweet spot right in the middle with ~$500 dollar system they would've won handily.
  3. I'm pretty sure they've already done that video, but I don't have time to search for it now. Basically we're back to #OutOfIdeas
  4. All I have to say regarding this video is "yikes"
  5. I don't get Linus' webcam reviews. It's so random what he is actually comparing them to. Recent example in this video he said quote "The webcam is pretty solid" While just a couple weeks ago he said the Razer 4Ks was "decent, but not ahead of the pack" To me the Razer's is objectively way better. Sharper, has better dynamic range, better focus, and there was less lag between video and audio. I actually have yet to see a webcam that was as good as the one in the Razer 4K.
  6. Like this video. Best build guide you've done in awhile. <snip>
  7. I think we all know the real reason you didn't make it out of wood...
  8. After watching the response video, I think you need to be careful with the "if you don't like it you don't have to watch it" stance. Ok, so should I just not watch any of the future Friday "showcase" videos because you're telling me they're going to all be similarly uninteresting and more or less a straight up ad? If we look at another sponsored video that came out this week, "Highest Airflow PC EVER" it has the same "Includes Paid Promotion" and "sponsored by cooler master" language at the beginning of the video as this Bixby video (replace cooler master with Samsung), but the videos are drastically different. The airflow video is actually of you testing something, and providing graphs and comparisons that ends up being a really fun and interesting video. Yet the Bixby video had nothing of the like and is pretty much just you admittedly reading off a list of how great all these Bixby features are. Would you categorize these videos differently? Was the sponsorship priced differently? Perhaps you need to introduce different wording or language at the beginning. Unless that's what you want the "showcase" wording to mean: "BORING AD STAY AWAY".
  9. Never had to complain about a sponsored spot until now, but this video (or should i say ad) was atrocious. It literally feels like something I would see on tv that went through a focus group 5 times. Also sad to know that one of the most vocal disapprovers of bixby would roll over and shill for it.
  10. I guess I'll just have to be seen as Luddite, but all these home assistant things are just crazy to me, especially with all the recent revelations that the CIA basically has access to everything. At this point, they're all still more or less a gimmick. I don't need something to read off my calendar to me.
  11. I wouldn't want this plastic garbo cheap laptop, but sometimes I wish I had gotten a 13" instead of a 15.6" when I got a new laptop last year. I've been flying a lot more and with how small airline seats are now, trying to use the 15" laptop on the tray table is comical and basically not possible.
  12. Why should people expect it's a joke? I don't think this channel has posted a video where the focus is talking about running nvidia cards on Ryzen/threadripper CPUs yet. Are there performance hits vs running it on an intel chip? You meme all the time that core count doesn't matter for gaming, but this could've been a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that. What if the number of cores on threadripper actually decreased performance? What if the "glued together" architecture causes strange hiccups compared to intel high core xeon architecture? Sadly it seems the quickest thought of the writers goes right to "what's the most clickbait cringey thing we can do?". The sad thing is you can still make a video that answers all of the questions I posed and still make it clickbait: "NVIDIA CARDS RUN BETTER ON THREADRIPPER?!? *GONE WRONG*"
  13. People just want videos that seem worth the effort of the 20 (or however many you have) people on your staff now. I'm surprised you chose to single out the Hyperloop video, when I personally think the painting over the RGB video was the worst this week (I really enjoyed the hyperloop one). I know it has the most views so far this week for some reason, so you'll probably have no incentive to change, but it was literally just a video of someone painting a PC which destroyed it. I try not to think of the number of hours someone spent hand painting it...
  14. I agree with Linus on this. I was really disappointed by the fingerprint implementation on the S8. I think it's actually a terrible design choice as it is impossible for most people to reach naturally, plus you have a 70% chance of smudging your camera lens. I had such high hopes they would include the under screen fingerprint sensor on the Note 8, but no luck. I don't understand why we were hearing rumors about this technology for the past year and a half if no one is going to deliver on it until 2018. Maybe the iPhone 8 will have it, but until that is achieved, I guess I'll stick with my One M8