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  1. After checking very carefully, one of the cables was problematic and limited the speed to 100Mbps. I tried using that cable alone and sometimes the speed was lower, as much as less than 10Mbps... I will replace it soon with a new cable. Thank you all for your help. Definitely something I learned from.
  2. I will order a CAT6 cable and check. It's probably a light pysical damage with the cable (Nothing visible but one of the cables I'm using is fairly old). I hope getting a new cable will fix this issue. Thanks for the help. I will update once I get the new cable.
  3. I'm using two 5 meters cables... Would you suggest to get a 10 meters CAT6 cable or at least 2 CAT6 5 meters cables?
  4. I'm using two 5 meters cables... Would you suggest to get a 10 meters CAT6 cable or at least 2 CAT6 5 meters cables?
  5. It is. But why is that? Everything should be fine from my perspective... It's not the PC but something with the connection.
  6. Hi. I am moving to the top floor in my house and am setting up a jank ethernet connection by connecting two cables through the window. The cable that's going down from the roof is a little squished by the windows (don't know if that's a problem). In any case, the cables i'm using are CAT5e and the adaptor between them is CAT6 and the speed I should get is 200Mbps but am only getting a little less than 100Mbps... What can cause that? How can this be fixed?
  7. Here's a better comparison... https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/solid-state-drives/ssd-860-evo-2-5--sata-iii-1tb-mz-76e1t0b-am/ https://www.samsung.com/us/business/products/computing/ssd/client/860-evo-1tb-mz-76e1t0e/
  8. Can't seem to understand the difference between this: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Inch-Internal-MZ-76E1T0B-AM/dp/B078DPCY3T?th=1 and this: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-2-5-Inch-SATA-Internal-MZ-76E1T0E/dp/B0793BVTHT Different model, same specs, different price?
  9. Considering I buy a pair of 6XX, less than 150$ for the amp
  10. I see. Do you think getting HD 6XX would provide a much nicer sound or not a big difference? I have bought the 599 very recently... If you think I should get the 6XX, which DAC&Headphone AMP should I get for it?
  11. Thanks for the answer! Could you recommend the best Headphone AMP & DAC I can get for this future setup?
  12. That's what I think. And I don't hear any static noise because of using the mobo (I read online that this could be a problem sometimes). Thanks for your response. Hope some more people will share their thoughts.
  13. Hi, I have recently bought the Sennheiser HD 599 and I am very pleased with the sound quality. I connect it directly to my mobo Asus ROG Z270E. I am also using the headphones with my turntable via the mobo's LINE IN and it works great. My question is if I should get a DAC / Amp (or both) at all? considering I am listening to records as well. Would that make a big difference or a noticeable difference at all in this case? If I should get one, what is your recommendation? Thanks.
  14. I think the MSI GTX 1060 ARMOR 6GB OC should be fine for you.
  15. I think the build is pretty good but you can get another mobo for this non-K processor. You mentioned that you want to run AAA games at 4k/60fps. You can get a 1080Ti instead of a 1080 (or just wait a little longer for the new NVIDIA GPUs) for better 4k performance but, it's still not really enough for a stable 60fps on most AAA games, I believe, without lowering the graphics settings.
  16. Hey, just trying to help. And in any case, I am just pretty sure that such system won't really give the best gaming experience especially compared to regular gaming PCs. Also according to what OP says, I don't think that there could be any other reason for that even though I don't know what the game is. Upgradability in such a system is a problem I believe, and OP asked about possible upgrading so that was my answer.
  17. That Xeon is bottlenecking your GPU... If you want a better experience, you should upgrade your PC entirely, including CPU, mobo and RAM.
  18. Hi, That really depends on what you usually play and what are your standards. In any case, I don't think you can go much further with this build while it will still be worth it. Other people would probably know but in my opinion, build something else and newer. RAM, mobo, CPU and GPU while of course keeping the rest of the parts if you want.
  19. Hi, A 980Ti is still a very good performing GPU. I believe that getting a 7700K or just a 7700 (if you don't think about OC) would result in a nice performance jump and I would definitely go for it if possible.
  20. Is the SSD connected properly? The power cable from the PSU and the data cable from the mobo to the SSD? If everything is fine, I don't think there should be any problem. Do you have another SATA storage device to have a check with?
  21. Hi, First of all, get another mobo. This one is not compatible with 8th Gen Intel processors. I am pretty sure that the CPU you picked will be a bottleneck for a 1060. See if you can get a more decent CPU like maybe an i7 8500 or even a 8600 and once again, a compatible mobo! In addition, would pick 16GB of RAM instead of 8. These days I believe this should be the standard for gaming PCs. Good luck!
  22. Hi. I have a Corsair H80i V2 for my delidded 7700K at 5 GHz. This cooler has been enough for that but I think it is time for me to replace it. It's really hot here where I live and I have this cooler for a year and a half now and was always thinking, from the beginning, if a better cooler would make a big difference. So, what's the best cooler I can get for my CPU (price is not an issue) and at which point it will be an overkill? Once again, I live in a hot country so also, should I get a good air cooler or a liquid cooler? does it matter?
  23. Yup. Its got the gray sticker. I have tested the PC and it seems like only my old PSU died. Mobo seems fine as well as all of the other components. Thank you so much!