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    CPU Required for 3 Instances of OBS?

    @WhisperingKnickers thanks for the info, I’m okay with that idea...however it’s for someone else and I’d rather it be a little more recent since I’m installing it on their end.
  2. Eggzactilly

    CPU Required for 3 Instances of OBS?

    @WhisperingKnickers got an example cpu I could look into?
  3. Eggzactilly

    CPU Required for 3 Instances of OBS?

    Thanks for your input, that’s what I thought. I thought and OC’d R7 1700 would be fine but other people are saying there’s no way...that I would need threadripper/ 3 seperate computers. I don’t know what to think anymore... like I said I have no way to test, my i7 860 doesn’t really give me an idea of what it really takes lol
  4. 3 cameras, 3 capture cards, 3 cams in YouTube live event, 3 instances of OBS. How beefy of a CPU do I need. Most info I’ve seen is obviously in regards to gaming but my cpu won’t be taxed with that- just 3 camera feeds. Is a Ryzen 1700/ i7 8700k enough or do I need to go threadripper/ i9? I cannot switch betweem them as they’ll be streaming the top 3 games in a tournament and they all need to be live at once. Probably looking at 1080p-720p/ 30 depending on internet. Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t have a modern cpu to test what an instance of OBS streaming an hdmi camera feed really needs.