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  1. Hey guys! Just built my first PC and was looking for peripherals. I was thinking of getting the G502 HERO as a mouse and a keyboard with Cherry Brown switches after reading up about the different switches online. Would anyone here have any recommendations for a good keyboard? I was looking at the Corsair K70 MK2 on Amazon which is on sale for 189.99$ in Canada, but I would like to know about any alternatives that are either better or cheaper.
  2. Oh also, @Shooterdude34 or anyone else, would you have a recommendation for an AIO or an air cooler for possible overclocking in the future? Can I overclock a bit with the stock cooler?
  3. Yeah, I thought that as well and saw it on sale, so I went for the 650W.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I was thinking of getting this one: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/10414771 Any thoughts on it?
  5. Regarding the power supply, do I need 650W or will 550W be enough? Looking at the part picker list below, PcPartPicker only expects a power usage of 374W. I know we need to have a little cushion, but is it worth it to pay the extra 35$ for 100W?
  6. Ohh I meant an Ultrawide, sorry about that. But perfect, I'll go with the Asus one then.
  7. Thanks for the lists guys! I've read that the MSI X570 mobos should be avoided and that the Asus ones were better. Is that correct? Also, do you have any recommendations for a good 1440p curved display?
  8. Hi everyone, Because of everything going on and the fact that I won't have any classes for another month, I'm looking into building my first PC. My budget is around $2000-2500 CAD including taxes and shipping, which bumps it down to $1700-2100. I would like to get a 1440p curved display and would need the computer to be balanced between productivity/school work and gaming. I do need peripheral except for anything audio. Would anyone have any suggestion for the best system I could build for the money? Thanks a lot for the help!