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  1. Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a watch with smartphone capabilities. I was looking at a Garmin instinct, it seems tough and waterproof. I do go on hiking a lot, and I would like to have a GPS and tracking on it with the weather. Elevation information is also appealing. I do like the quality of apples product, it seems high quality. But I don't have an apple phone. My price range is around $300... The instinct is very appealing but I would like some other suggestions or advice from those who use them. I have a Seiko SSG010 and it's just a little fancy to wear everyday and I don't take it hiking for obvious reasons - though weight isn't that that big of an issue unless it feels like two pounds.
  2. I'm looking to buy some Darling in the FranXX figures and some from other animes like neon Evangelion but the ones I find around 30-45 dollars sound cheap. Would ebay or Amazon be a good place to buy these? I'd like some high quality ones for my desk because I'm a weeb.
  3. Another good Netflix series to watch is called "The Patriot Act" it just talks about world issues and that, it's pretty funny to watch. Another is the midnight gospel, which is about the same but animated.

    1. lewdicrous


      Hasan knows how to be a good host, their Q&A vids on YouTube are sometimes nice to watch.

  4. So logging temps for the CPU it reached 74c after a few hours of skyrim at whatever settings. I don't know the GPU temperature, I haven't seen it but it has been silent, they computer doesn't really make any noise lol. I haven't messed with any profiles as of the lack of airflow I was scared to melt something. The Grey noctua fans, are they alright? Noctua is pretty known, but I really don't want the brown ones but thinking this over I won't see them as it is very dark in the case.
  5. So I only have a single 140mm intake and a single 140mm exhaust. So anything will be an improvement I'm using the stock wraithe cooler that came with the CPU. @Cyberspirit ttemperatures while gaming are around 75c
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a cooling solution, I've thought of some myself but this is my first time building. So I have a fractal meshify c with a X570 board powering a AMD 3700x and a Gtx 1660 super, and I need a cooling solution because it's definitely not getting enough airflow for heavy gaming. I was planning on getting an AIO, but if this is wrong to get a 360mm AIO then I won't get one... I was planning on using the AIO to bring air in, but maybe this air would be too hot for the graphics card? The GPU has three fans, and I was planning to feed it the air from the AIO. But maybe I should get a 240mm AIO and mount it to the top? I would also like the VRM's to be cooled. If the AIO is on the top, then I can fit I believe 2x140mm fans on the front for intake. I don't know the effectiveness of the smaller AIO compared to a big air-cooler. I'm not set on anything other than getting more air into this pc lol.
  7. *working out, listening to screamo and slipknot and panic at the disco for some reason*

    Next song https://open.spotify.com/track/468BsK9sjyvH3vQFfRbBwD?si=7dmH66jgQHGAaTbre8tqgQ


  8. Just bought this Colin's hatchet, stained it and sharpened in two weeks I'll be off cleaning up brush and I thought it'd be a nice addition. Didn't wanna pay 30 bucks for the Fiskers, though I have a Fiskers axe which works nice.


    1. Tech_Dreamer





      *hip to be square starts playing in the background*

  9. Leaving the defaults behind and using some research towards trying to achieve better processing times, my system is unstable... Could be the fact that I SHOULDN'T be doing that on stock coolers and two case fans but I digress. It wouldn't even run some games.... Would be cool if I had a dashboard that said what was up, but I just reverted back to defaults and it's all good now...

  10. What happened to your thumb r u OK Kyle??
  11. I found that launching it from Nvidia GeForce experience let's the game run well
  12. I should add that I get this error message, would this indicate a motherboard bios update is due?
  13. Hello all, so I recently built my Pc, and as one does I tried playing some games on it... And I noticed with elder scrolls it lags beyond anything playable. This is on output to a 1080p monitor, I have a AMD 3700x, à GTX 1660 super and 16 gigs of 3200mhz ram. Any suggestions? I was trying to play it only on medium settings, would a driver update fix this? I did do a full windows update, it's a brand new install with a new key of windows 10 pro.
  14. Epic, started folding now, CRUNCH THOSE NUMBERS BOY!

    1. Gegger




      welcome to the fold :D


      psst psst boinc pentathlon is also a thing

    2. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss


      I'd like to get three new high wattage case fans an a 360mm AIO before I give this chipset the beans, we're at 4.4 ghz max on like only four cores I think, I would like to be at 4.5ghz on all 8...

  15. My grandpa's homemade pizzas with homemade dough I can down about two and a half pizzas, they're around 14 inches wide. Doesn't matter what they are when he makes em, Hawaiian, pepperoni, sausage or bacon... All of his food I eat like it's nothin, tortilla wrapped burgers oh gawd don't get me STARTED. It should be noted I'm only 140 pounds fully suited up Like I had two burgers, two bowls of soup and large salad with sides for dinner
  16. Had someone message me about one of my shipments, sent it to the wrong person. Well in that hour of time I already emailed the HMRC and USPS, and was about to file a police report with all of his information. Glad he responded in the time he did...

    1. Pascal...



      file a police report 

      Damn. That escalated quickly.

    2. Schnoz



    3. Tech_Dreamer


      goddamn, now i need to know what was in the pakkidge.

  17. Hmm okay, I didn't use my windows key to install windows yet, so it's really not an issue to switch em over but I think I will for safe of mind...
  18. Hello there, I have another question. I'm not too familiar with NAND chipsets and adaptor configurations. I just got my XPG 512 3D NAND ssd in the mail, originally I wanted this as my boot drive but I was impatient and used another m. 2 drive. It's a hynix out of a dell from like 2016. I think it's a bottle neck for boot times because of how slow my system boots to my 1080p monitor. I think I should state I have a AMD 3700x running at 3.6 ghz with 16 gigs of ram at 3200+ mhz and a GTX 1660 super on an X570 board. The SKG is rated at 3500 mbs for read and 3000 for write. I don't know about the hynix, plus it's probably four years old I didn't check it for wrecked sectors or anything... Should I repurpose the hynix for storage and keep the SKG as my boot drive?? The connectors are different as well, assuming they're impacting the boot times... (the SKG is on the bottom in the packaging still)
  19. What are some cool games to play on a PC? I'm looking at darksouls 3 and skryim...any others?

    1. Eschew


      Currently playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I'd really recommend it if you like RPGs, craftable gear, rich and immersive lore, and TOO MANY FEELINGS companions. It's quite a bit different from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, Bioware mixed in some weird open world elements into it.


      The story gets hella good if you can put up with dumb open world filler things.

    2. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss


      Definitely sounds cool, I'll Check it out thank you!

  20. IT'S ALIVE! don't have a CD drive to boot windows up into or the drive but it's running mint so... Yeah :) I've been waiting since I was 12 to build a PC and now that's a reality. Six years in the making, but just purchased everything on a whim during the plague...


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    2. Ramamataz


      congratsa homie

    3. Cyberspirit


      Ayy, congats!

    4. Schnoz


      Excellent! Gotta love that keyboard.

  21. I just had another question, I did just get the psu and I'm having trouble finding the correct wire to power the GPU. I found one that connects, but it has three connectors on the whole cable. Do I use this and keep the second connector down below?
  22. Here's my unfinished PC, just waiting for the psu and my boot drive... Also will need to order a wifi card, I didn't order the wifi mobo lol. Planning on a 360 MM AIO for the 3700x


    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Looks kinda cool already, Good Job.

    2. Tristerin


      Dat cable management is second to none ;)  


      Looks good!!

  23. I did get the LED connector correctly installed, I was just a little confused on the plugs that didn't label their positives and negatives. Sorry for the newb questions, never built a pc and I didn't want it to break thank you fasauceome and @minibois For your help, I appreciate you guys