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    Coffee Connoisseur
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    February 1973
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    Good Vibrations
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    I need a hero
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    I yell at people to do their jobs, student


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    AMD 3700X
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    Gigabyte aorus elite
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    3200Mhz 16 gb gskill
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    gtx 1660 super
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    Fractal meshify c
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    EVGA 750w
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    Cooler Master MS110
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    Cooler Master MS110
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  1. So I turned my two week notice in at my first job, the boss was very much so not happy. 

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    2. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      @savagepainThanks for the rep. I was tired of the lack of management, shit pay, and the lack of ability to request a break while on school. 

    3. Ryujin2003


      Sounds a little like my last job, except I gave my 2 Wells notice and submitted a complaint to the CEO of the company, which had been in a continual state of internal underestimation of my old manager.

    4. Erik Sieghart

      Erik Sieghart

      Good for you.