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    Coffee Connoisseur
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    February 1973
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    Good Vibrations
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    I need a hero
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    I yell at people to do their jobs, student

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  1. Okay dude so my cat got scared of something in my bedroom then meowed at me until I went back in with her. Man I love my cat, she's so adorable.

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    2. Erik Sieghart

      Erik Sieghart

      I'm lucky I can just leave out a bowl of food all the time and she grazes when she's hungry, but I also give her tasty wet food.


      She's the weirdest bugger I can give her steak and she's just like "lmao what's this this isn't food" but if I give her a spinach leaf it's like "om om nom >:)"


      Like wtf cats are weird why do I love them so much.


    3. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      My grand parents have a cat that, if they leave a ham or turkey on the counter their cat will drag the meat around the house... 

    4. Erik Sieghart

      Erik Sieghart

      Do they stash it or just eat it later?