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  1. I kinda find it hard to explain. When I used the blackwidow the keys just felt smoother and just nicer. When I'm typing with this it kinda feels like when you use something which feels cheaper. It might do the same but it just doesn't feel as good if that makes sense. I find it super easy to miss type words and it feels as if the keyboard is sitting on your lap. So when you type it just doesn't feel right if that makes any sense.
  2. Thanks, that's what I've been told about the Zealious hence why I'm considering them. Any other suggestions or would you say go for them?
  3. I don't think I've had a keyboard with any tactile bumps. K70 and the blackwidow don't seem to. Clicks I don't mind tons and I'm not sure what you mean by the silenced.
  4. I've had a k70 lux with cherry mx reds for some time now. After using keyboards like the blackwidow for a bit and going back to the K70 the keys feel super mushy. I also struggle to type accurately a lot of the time. Therefore I've ordered myself a GMMK ISO board and plan to build my own. I've been looking at zealios v2 switches and just want to know what others would recommend. I mostly game but it's nothing massively competitive, war thunder, star citizen, Battlefield, pubg etc. Thanks for nay input and I'm not massively experienced in this area so if I'm missing any details please say James Quick edit: I get annoyed at how mushy / inaccurate I can type on the K70 now and I'm wanting something a lot nicer for regular typing which is still fine for games.
  5. Already have including DDU and yeeting windows with a clean install
  6. Yeah I tried the RAM earlier on and same issues. I'll give your idea about cleaning it a go soon, will see if any other ideas work first as they're obviously quicker
  7. That is what I am thinking
  8. Tried multiple monitor including normal 1920x1080
  9. Both cards work fine in literally every other pc
  10. 5820k doesn’t have built in graphics so can’t check, it works for a bit and works if I don’t install any drivers but then I can’t change resolutions or use the card correctly
  11. I can’t use the pc shortly getting into windows / when I try installing the drivers, I’ve had to constantly wipe my windows install let alone the drivers.
  12. Yes they work in my main computer bought from scan.co.uk
  13. I’ve tried multiple installs of windows and that didn’t work, I’ve not tried Linux before
  14. I’m making a friend her first pc, works fine when it boots, gets into windows and then the gpu stops displaying once either windows downloads the default drivers or I try. I have tried my 1080ti and AMD 580 it works on post and windows at the start I have also tried multiple bios’ x99 deluxe original 5820k this was meant to be a Christmas gift but I’m out of ideas now
  15. Did a CMOS clear, updated and downgraded the bios to same result. XMP on or off didn't change anything either
  16. Yes. It displays up until I install the graphics drivers
  17. So, I bought the following system and I am reusing my ASUS X99 deluxe Original and 5820k. PC posts, can install windows etc and then when I try and install the AMD drivers it's either not detecting the GPU even though I can see it's working, or it blackscreens and nothing happens. I can still look at BIOS just not windows. Any ideas? James
  18. Turns out it can actually fit a 140 in the back and so
  19. Yeah it does. I don't have 3x120 to test but i checked for photos and it does.
  20. Looked at the mounting brackets and roughly fitted the one cheap 120mm i have. Does fit 3x120
  21. So opinion, I have an h700i and two Noctua industrial 140mm fans currently and I am going to buy some more. My case can take 2x 140 or 3 x 120 in the top and front What fan setup would you go with? (Noctua D15 cooling a 3700x and a 1080ti so air pls)