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  1. Now that confuses me even more. I don't know if I will be playing competitive in any game. Maybe in Overwatch, but maybe I'll just get bored after a while, omg I'm so confused and I can't decide!
  2. Why so salty? I just said the truth. You don't need a 1060 to play csgo. And you are telling me to fuck off. You should just be banned or muted.
  3. If you say "I have a 1060" one is gonna think you'll be having 60 - 100fps because that's what demanding games that really use the 1060's power usually run at, not csgo
  4. If you gonna play those games you don't need a 1060, you'd be good with a 1050
  5. Mostly gaming, watching YouTube videos, browsing, basic stuff.
  6. Are you kidding? A 1060 is gonna get 70fps in most games, not gonna get more than 120 in any game, what are you going to do with 160hz?
  7. AOC: TN display, 24", 1 ms, 75 Hz, Freesync Samsung: PLS display, 24", 5 ms, 60 Hz, Freesync They cost the same. What the AOC is worse at: it's a TN, it has a red bar under it that I don't like that much. What the Samsung is worse at: it has a 5 ms GtG, it's "only" 60 Hz, no speaker and headphone jack (not a big deal), it is glossy on the edges and it attracts a lot of fingerprints. I would really enjoy a better image quality, but I don't know if TN displays are really that bad, if they're not so bad then panel type would not be a big problems. What do you guys think? Did/do you own one?
  8. I see. Also more heat will make your psu fan spin faster, which of course results in more power needed.
  9. Ok then the point of your first comment is? Why should it "creep beyond how much power the PC uses"?
  10. My computer eats about 350W on full load (RX 580, Ryzen 5 1600). Many PSU calculators suggest me bronze 650W - 700W PSUs. This is because in order to reach maximum efficiency we need to use about 50% of what our PSU can output. But... does it really matter? A 80 Plus Bronze PSU, which is the most common type, will give: - an 82% efficiency under 25% load; - an 85% efficiency under 50% load; - an 82% efficiency under 75-100% load. We can see that our efficiency changes very little, only about 3%, on all possible loads, from 25% to 100%. Now, taking my pc as a point of reference, let's equip it with a 700W PSU, which will result in a 50% load. Our efficiency will be about 85%, which means our PSU would draw 350W / 85 * 100 = 411W from the wall. Let's give my pc a 450W PSU, which will result in a 75% load (slightly more than that). Our efficiency will be about 82%, which means our PSU would draw 350W / 82 * 100 = 426W from the wall. That's a 15W difference. Where I live, we pay 0.24€ per KiloWatt hour. If I used my pc 5 hours a day, every day UNDER FULL LOAD (which is very unlikely) I would pay 15W * 5 * 365 / 1000 * 0.24€ = 6.57€ more per year, or 7.75$ for you American folks. Conclusion: is it really worth spending 30-40€ more for a more powerful PSU, that can always stay at maximum efficiency? I'd like to know your opinions.
  11. The title is there to give an idea of your problems to the community. Please use a proper and quick to understand title.
  12. Just a very quick and easy question. If I have a GPU that requires both an 8 pin (6 + 2) and a 6 pin connector, can I install the two heads from the same cable into the GPU or do I need to take another cable from another plug in the PSU? Thanks!
  13. I won't spend more than $50 on a thing I'm gonna use only for the OS. The max I will get is 120 GB. If it sucks so much I'm just not gonna get an SSD.