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  1. I discharged once on a motherboard, seems to be working for over a year.
  2. MyName13

    First portfolio programs

    What helps then?
  3. MyName13

    Why does a high HDD usage make a PC unusable?

    Firefox, windows 10 (shouldn't most browsers and operating systems handle things similarly?).Windows services mostly cause problems (superfetch, telemetry, update although anything that maxes out HDD makes the entire PC slow...).How can other programs block the CPU if I have multiple cores with SMT?
  4. MyName13

    Why does a high HDD usage make a PC unusable?

    Why can't the entire browser be placed into the RAM memory?
  5. Just using a browser while a HDD is working hard is a very difficult task.Why?Browser should be in RAM memory so there shouldn't be any interaction with storage devices.
  6. MyName13

    C: need help with pointers

    1)I retyped the program wrong 2)it seems I have confused it with calloc, I haven't asked myself how the compiler will know the structure's size since it hasn't been specified anywhere.
  7. This has already been posted once.
  8. MyName13

    C: need help with pointers

    I need to pass a dynamic array of structures to a function that resizes that dynamic array.This is what I've done: typedef struct strct { ... }SomeStruct; void f(SomeStruct **dynArray, int n) { *dynArray = (SomeStruct *)realloc(*dynArray, n); //left side - I'm dereferencing dynArray so I can allocate the new block of memory to theArray //right side - dereferencing dynArray because I need to reallocate the array (which is on the address dynArray is holding) scanf("%d", &(*((*dynArray)+n-1)).someMember); //changing some int member of the newest structure, first I dereference dynArray, //then I add n-1 (to get the last item of the array) //then I dereference that to get access to the structure } int main() { SomeStruct *theArray = NULL; //intialize an array f(&SomeStruct, n); //n is some size } This isn't working for some reason and the line in which I modify a struct member is very unreadable.What have I done wrong and how can I make this more readable?
  9. Considering how Journey is only on epic store, does that mean it's an epic store exclusive?
  10. I still haven't received 1809...
  11. MyName13

    Why is Witcher 3 so overrated?

    You're not.She's considered dead. Nobody shouldn't, you have clearly missed the point of my first question.
  12. MyName13

    Why is Witcher 3 so overrated?

    I didn't praise Skyrim and I complained about Witcher 3 not being what everyone else tells it is("attention to detail" - you see the same NPCs in most quests). Except Skyrim didn't even have a story (at least a decent one) and it was still better (at least to me) while this "exceptional" story in Witcher 3 is just about chasing someone and doing uninteresting quests.That doesn't sound like a game everyone hypes so much.
  13. MyName13

    Why is Witcher 3 so overrated?

    I did play it.I also played first two Witchers and realised that they were far worse (Witcher 1 is one of the worst games I've ever played).The combat isn't interesting either, slash-dodge-slash-dodge. How would you simplify Subnautica and Deus ex 1/ HR?What's wrong with Skyrim?
  14. Does anyone have any plans to make an ARM device that doesn't emulate x86 software?Wouldn't such thing have a good enough performance for an average consumer?I don't see why Microsoft is bothering with x86 to ARM emulation (unless they have abandoned that project).
  15. MyName13

    Why is Witcher 3 so overrated?

    Interesting, I've heard the opposite a couple of times.I can't say that the story is great because it's just chasing someone without any progress.Just like Mario, go to place A, she's not there, go to place B, she's not there, repeat.