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  1. Android 9- Pie?

    Basically it's because Android is incredibly poorly designed as it depends on manufacturers too much? About desktop OSs, those are the same OS, they only receive feature updates which work without hardware manufacturers.
  2. Android 9- Pie?

    Can someone explain me why android has so many updates while we use desktop OSs for over a decade?Why can't everyone receive at least security updates?Those should depend only on the Android and not on manufacturers.Also why do chipset and phone manufacturers have to approve an OS update?I keep posting the same questions every time but never get satisfactory answers.
  3. i wanna learn how to program

    How many people can really know what something is like?For example finding information about what infosec is really like and how to get into it is impossible.
  4. i wanna learn how to program

    I didn't know any of that back then, besides, I highly doubt I wanted to "code" (is that what today's web development is usually called or what web developers call computer programming?).I'm not sure if the field of AI is all about neural networks, some people want to be researchers while others want to work on commercial products (someone who develops video game AI definitely can't be compared with someone who works in R&D).I thought that I had to learn all of these html, css, js and php frameworks in order to be able to make anything or to be able to program, web development shouldn't be recommended to beginners at all.
  5. i wanna learn how to program

    When I asked people on the internet how to get started with programming, what I actually had in mind was computer science, not coding or software development (computer vision, artificial intelligence, information security...).People who say "learn this or that" should think about this.I really hate how most people keep recommending javascript, html, css and php.
  6. Elon taking Tesla private?

    420? So who is going to buy all these shares and why?Since english isn't my mother tongue, is "taking tesla private" correct (did he mean making private and what does it mean?)? Who is funding Amazon?
  7. Do you meet 100% of recommended daily intake?

    I saw somewhere that RDI is actually a MINIMUM (wtf? ) required to avoid any diseases.As someone who has only recently started to care a little bit about diet, that can't be true.Meeting RDI for B vitamins is pretty difficult unless you have dietary yeast. 40 years is pretty short, don't you think? About the 2nd part, I don't think it's done in my country, salt is iodized, some milk (I believe just 1 brand on my market) contains added vitamin D, everything else most likely doesn't contain any extra micronutrients.What really doesn't make any sense is how artificially enriched food is recommended while supplements aren't
  8. Do you meet 100% of recommended daily intake?

    If you're allergic to fruit then wouldn't even small amounts be as harmful as big amounts?
  9. Do you meet 100% of recommended daily intake?

    Fruits don't have that many micronutrients (unless you eat kilograms of it ).
  10. Do you meet 100% of recommended daily intake?

    You can meet 100% (or close) of RDI with that?
  11. Do you meet 100% of recommended daily intake?

    For example?Maybe (pumpkin) seeds with vegetables?
  12. Whatever food combinations I make up it seems that meeting even 80% of RDI is impossible without consuming over 2000 calories (which is a huge problem for those who don't need much energy).What does your menu look like?
  13. PSU Tier List Updated

    Aren't corsair TX PSUs considered good (above CX-M but below RX-M quality wise)?Not to mention that they are tier 2 in this list.Didn't you laugh to PSU tier lists on your forum?What are you doing here now? Shouldn't FSP hydro x and Corsair CX-M be in different tiers?
  14. getting started on machine learning

    How did you learn the theory behind machine learning?