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  1. MyName13

    Difference between different versions of the 2070s

    Differences between models from all manufacturers? Build quality (almost all of them have 3 year warranty except inno3d's and some other manufacturer(/s)), clock rate (should be meaningless), cooling (most important difference) design
  2. Of course it isn't but how would you solve this problem?Force companies to pay employees more than they want to?Why would they do that if they don't want to pay them more already? In that case, why complain?Company treats you badly?Find another company that isn't so toxic.Can't find another company for some reason (no other options or nobody wants to hire that person)?Then there's no point of complaining.Does enforcing minimum wages help at all?If more people have more money won't the prices simply increase (and maybe create the effect of inflation)?
  3. 1)If some company is a horrible place to work at, what's the problem then?Workers that can find better jobs will leave, those who can't won't get any better jobs anyway. 2)Consumers care only about prices even if it was made by slaves.
  4. MyName13

    Does this video look bad on your monitor?

    Damn, now I'm worried.Why would it look very bad on my monitor.It's like they compressed this too much.
  5. On my PC it looks like the bitrate is incredibly low (at 1080p).Makes no sense to demonstrate ray tracing technology with such bad quality.
  6. Is this "RGB gamer" market so lucrative?
  7. What everything? Where is blockchain implemented? Which world leaders are looking at what and what for?
  8. What about all the previous standards (mpeg4, vp8...)?Can current GPUs decode more than one mpeg standard?
  9. " Intel's recent 300-series chipset refresh found its new chipsets coming to market with the 14nm process, which is necessary to meet California's new power standards " What is this law about?How much power could a chipset draw?
  10. Is this RTX ray tracing possible only on Nvidia's GPUs (because it's their technology) or would software made with ray tracing in mind work on AMD's GPUs too?
  11. MyName13

    Which space strategy to try?

    Screenshots on google for Fragile allegiance reminds me a lot of Master of orion 2. You mean the opposite?
  12. MyName13

    Which space strategy to try?

    There are so many of them: -Stellaris -Master of orion -Distant world universe -Galactic civilizations 3 -Endless space 2 -Sins of solar empire rebellion -Homeworld -The last federation
  13. MyName13

    Valve announces CS:GO FREE Edition

    Competitive in TF2 isn't free?
  14. MyName13

    RTX 20 Series Cards Confirmed With Pricing

    So...why are they called RTX and not GTX?Because of Ray Tracing?Is this ray tracing based on Nvidia's proprietary technology like Gameworks?