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  1. PCIE clip wasn't "clipped"....

    Some AM4 motherboards still have these horizontal clips (Asrock).
  2. PCIE clip wasn't "clipped"....

    It wasn't "clicked in" (is it even possible to install a graphics card without moving clip out of the way? ). I did, it was really difficult to notice because most motherboards have clips like DIMM slots (horizontal, not vertical).
  3. Person that assembled my PC forgot to move the PCIE clip, I've noticed this after 8 months of using the PC.My graphics card is pretty small and light, I haven't noticed any damage.My question is does not moving the PCIE clip cause any damage if the graphics card is screwed to the case?
  4. How long is a local loop?

    That makes more sense.What do you mean by "oversubscribing"?
  5. How long is a local loop?

    As far as I know local loop is a direct link between client and ISP (2 cables).Does this loop run from every client to some multiplexer in a neighbourhood or does it go directly to some ISP building?If it goes to some central spot in the city, isn't having a pair of cables for each customer incredibly expensive?Where would all these cables fit (thousands of pairs few kilometers long)?How would such network even be expanded (every new client would require another pair of cables across the entire city).
  6. Why is this possible on smartphones but not on laptops and desktop PCs?
  7. Does turning a monitor on and off damage it?

    What do you use the remote switch with (raspberry pi, arduino...)?
  8. I had no idea this existed (factory reset protection).How is it possible that the memory that holds this login information can't be accessed?
  9. When?Are you talking about their heterogeneous APUs?
  10. Does turning a monitor on and off damage it?

    Monitors do have backlight.
  11. How frequently can a monitor be turned on/off without causing significant wear and tear?Why does it affect monitor's longevity at all?
  12. I performed a factory reset on a phone without turning factory reset protection off, now I can't do anything with the phone (it requires google account during initial setup), is there anything I can do about it?
  13. Why throw more resources away?Will this somehow increase SSD prices even more?Considering how many people have phones and the fact that these drivers are outdated, why include drivers in the box at all?
  14. Need help with database schema

    So I can know who is supplying which products?