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  1. Reinstalled, still the same thing.I've noticed that even though the progress resets the files are still on my PC and the folder's size keeps increasing, it doesn't get reset too.Another weird thing is that the launcher installer is over 40 MB heavy and it gets downloaded after a second (which is impossible with my speed).
  2. It doesn't even download at maximum speed (although it might just be their servers).I've noticed that even though the download part says "0 MB of y MB" downloaded, blue progress bar above it is stuck at "Installing 3%".The launcher also requires almost 2 GB of ram while it is open.This launcher has some serious flaws.Are you running the launcher as administrator (even though there's no need for this requirement)?
  3. It displays a warning "Your installations will be cancelled" when I click on exit (in system tray).Weird.I have the latest launcher version.
  4. Wait, you can't pause the download?How does one invest tens of millions of $ into exclusives and wants to look like a serious competition to Steam when you can't implement such basic feature? O_O
  5. It reset my download to 0% after pausing and shutting down my PC...Is it possible that their launcher is so bad?
  6. Wait, how does Xiaomi have 84% of phones at android 9?MIUI got pie update?
  7. I've tried that before, it requires company information.
  8. I hope this isn't considered as piracy. Where did you get your Windows 10 LTSB/LTSC iso file?
  9. I haven't paid much attention to this since I don't use my phone while charging.I have recently found out that this happens due to some electric noise caused either by bad chargers or a broken phone/battery.I have tested my phone with a different charger and this problem doesn't occur.Could my phone have been damaged (I've been charging it with the bad charger for at least few months)?My phone is still under warranty.
  10. CPU: ryzen 1600 GPU: GTX 1050 ti Motherboard: Asrock AB350M (I still haven't updated the BIOS from the first released version) RAM: 8 GB (single channel, currently at 2133 MHz) PSU: FSP hydroX 550W monitor: samsung LS24F350FHUXEN
  11. This happens often.After waking my PC from sleep, the monitor is black, it doesn't display "no signal" message.Everything returns to normal after plugging the HDMI cable out and then plugging it back.How does that help?
  12. Don't these contain water?
  13. Are you somewhere from southeastern Europe?
  14. So, what did you all have in your first year?In my country (and most of countries around me), first year is pretty much this: -fundamentals of electrical engineering (electrostatics, direct currents, electromagnetics and alternating currents, this is a standard practice as electronics, computer, telecommunications, automation and software engineers are all thrown together in the first year) -physics -lots of mathematics (not on my university unfortunately) -basics of programming in C -some random "soft skills" subject -fundamentals of computing (computer organization, digital logic / digital electronics)