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  1. Lsat0902

    Best Running IEMS For audiophile

    I’ve started running and I want solid IEMS SUB 150$ slightly to the bass side of thinks but with clear high and mids. Suggestions? Thanks- Lsat
  2. I want to run the biggest and best monitors I can from my laptop, I will never ever be gaming on this(forgive me PCMR, for I have sinned) its purely for work. I just need the defanition for looking at detailed drawings. literally just want a bigger beter monitor for every day non PCMR stuff. would a 620 run it them?
  3. Good Evening Gents/Ladys, A friend of mine was just hired into an engineering firm and is trying to set up his computer. He was given a Lenovo E580 8Gb RAM, I5 7200U, Intel Hd620 IGC. Moneys not an object. I just want to know what the highest resoloution monitors it can run( without sounding like an F15's afterburners) and how many It can run. Thanks Last0902
  4. Lsat0902

    Amp for M40X

    Is it worth it to buy an amp for my pair of audio technical m40x's? if so which one?
  5. Lsat0902

    AT M40x VS M50x

    How much do they cost? and how do pads help with bass? I though it would be a driver change problem?
  6. Lsat0902

    AT M40x VS M50x

    I recently acquired a pair of Audio Technica M40X headphones. I like them, but I find that they don't get very loud, and the bass ( while good) is not a heavy as I am used to ( keep in mind that I am coming off a pair of Razer Kracken Pros 1st gen. I was also considering going for the M50x's as they are supposed to have heavyer bass, but they are quite a bit more pricy. Any suggestions?
  7. Lsat0902

    How to change FOV of logitech webcam

    thanks much
  8. I want to shrik the FOV of my web cam...is there a way to do that? its a Logitech C920....thanks
  9. Lsat0902

    How/What to mount At2020

    but I don't know what the threads and adapters are, and I don't know how to find out
  10. Lsat0902

    How/What to mount At2020

    I'm want to purchase the AT2020, and put in on a boom arm. but trying to find what I need to mout it is a nightmare, I don't know if I need a spyder thing..but its all I can find is the MAX with, not anything else for dimentinos...its apparently wide that most of them wont fit it...I'm new to this so forgive my ignorance, any help I can get would be amaizing, thanks
  11. Lsat0902

    Razer Siren, VS Audio technica AT2020

    So I've been looking to upgrade(more like establish) my audio setup, and I was set on the AT2020,, but looking though amazon I stumbled across the Razer siren, I really like razer as a company, but I also realize that audio technical is 1German(so you know its gonna be good) 2 its an audio company where as razer is not, its just a gaming extras(laptop's too) company, and they might not have as much expereance, I would like to go with the Razer ( to save 8$ #Bigmoney) but I don't want to have an a mic that will crud out or not be worth what I pay for it. also Its specs are a pain to interpret, and I don't know how to find a boom are that will work with it I'm new to this so anything helps Thanks.-
  12. Lsat0902

    XLR to 3.5 mm, VS USB

    So I'm going to be upgrading my Audio setup soon, and I was thinking about going with the audio technical AT2020, mounted on a boom. The only problem is that I LOVE audio, and I've heard that While USB audio can be very good, its sucks compaired to XLR, I want to get the XLR version but I cant pay to have the box that they seem to run through and so I was thinking that I could get the XLR mic, then run it through a XLR to 3.5mm jack, then upgrade in the future...or would it be better to just go with USB? Thanks much Last0902
  13. I have a Ryzen 5 1600X paired with a GTX 1070TI, using OBS to record, and anytime I do my CPU Usage skyrockets and I lose frames, then the video I recorded looks like a raccoon had its way with my video......IDK what to do, I only have 8G's of DDR4 b4cause of priceing right now, and Its only using 7-1/2 G's so I'm not sure whats the matter
  14. Lsat0902

    Stand alone mic, -100, if possible

    thanks guys
  15. Lsat0902

    Stand alone mic, -100, if possible

    I take all my school classes online in adobe conect, and I often have to use my Macbook because my current Pc does not have a mic, I feel that I cannot keep saying I am a part of the PCMR if I have to depend on my Mac for anything, so I want a mic for my PC. I know I could just use a headphone mic but I want realy high qualty audio, for school and for other projects and I think a stand alone mic would sute me best...........so any suggestions? Also if you think there is another option better suited to me, please do tell. Thanks, Lsat0902