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Factory OC

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About Factory OC

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    I'm back and bigger than ever I guess...
  • Birthday 2002-05-23

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    No one will ever hear my beautiful voice
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    I play Soms, not Sims
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    Never played it
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    Do you like being killed? (that's the Steam name, the photo is like a screen with text...)
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    I only watch it
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    Glorious PC MASTERRACE

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    Root directory
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    Anything based on technology. PC's, CCTV's, Printers, ect...
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    Going to school. I know that doesn't count as a job...

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  1. Factory OC

    delete this

    That is quite expensive for that processor... Yeah, that's better.
  2. Factory OC

    delete this

    Yeah, skip the new gen, your gonna need something old I totally agree, old I7's are still amazing till this day.
  3. Factory OC

    delete this

    If it's the right price, and second hand mb's are cheap, it's a good buy. Of course, if the price isn't, rather buy into a new gen, like you said.
  4. Factory OC

    delete this

    What GPU are you going to use? Most of the case, it's gonna perform very good. Intel has lack innovation for the past 6 generations(not counting 8th gen), so it's gonna do good.
  5. Factory OC

    Do motherboards support 1440p 120hz+?

    At 1080P, you'll definitely hit 60 FPS (low - med) constant, maybe 70-80FPS with a overclock, but don't expect 144FPS. But if 60FPS does it, you'll have a nice experience.
  6. Factory OC

    1x8gb or 2x4gb - Which is Better.

    They both will be the same. I would use 8GB x 1 so you have a upgrade path. Both of them will have the same performance more or less.
  7. Someone want to trade a Bulkan card for a IDF card or something of the same value? I'm new to Steam, so I can finally use the market on the 27th. I can trade at the moment. I just need that 1 card for the badge. Here is the trade URL you can use. BTW, I kind of like Steam. I always pirated my games, but after this Steam sale, I was converted. These deals are so good, I haven't pirated a game after getting my first steam account with Rocket Leugue and the Valve Complete pack. Still playing through them, but my C2D main rig broke. I may get a C2Q Q9550 for 10 bucks just to play...


    Here is the trade url btw...



    1. Factory OC

      Factory OC

      Hey, if someone on the forum traded me, thank you man.

  8. Factory OC

    AMD May Be Vulnerable to Spectre After All

    Well shit... My brother is getting his Ryzen 3 around tommorow, lol....
  9. Factory OC

    Awesome Upgrade

    A man threatened me on a sellers website because he doesn't know how to install a PSU he bought from me for 22$...
  10. Factory OC

    Awesome Upgrade

    Yeah, I hate it when people say that the CPU doesn't have any importance in a PC. Try putting a GTX 1080 TI in a C2D machine.
  11. Factory OC

    How much is this tv worth?

    Wow, where I live people pay up to 40$ US for that. Well, if it was a CRT then.
  12. I'm so glad I don't live in America. Now your profile picture selection doesn't affect me in any way...

  13. Good tutorial, but those lines killed me XD. I agree that you need to have passion and not just wanting to be famous. If you can do this fulltime while being stable, then you've done enough and also love what your doing. Even if not full time, it's still worth it to make 1 person happy.
  14. Factory OC

    Xbox one emulation for crossplay?

    Well, I'm pretty sure Microsoft would check the hardware for legitimacy, and I'm pretty sure if there was a emulator, it would only be able to play offline due to what I said previously. And emulators are not illegal, the games that people pirate to play them on a emulator are.
  15. Well, my C2D main rig's motherboard failed... Now I'm stuck with my phone and the forum. On a unrelated note, is a Phenom II 1090 T BE a okay processor in 2017. It looks like it bottlenecks a lot. Is it worth it if I only have to pay 40$ for a motherboard for it? I think I should rather save up for a new pc...


    1. Techstorm970


      Yeah saving up for something better is...well...the better way to go.  Maybe save up for a Ryzen 3, 5, or an 8th Gen Core i3 rig. :)