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  1. EthOS: 12 of 13 GPUs working?!

    lol it was on special
  2. hey guys I need some help with a mining rig that we build. Specs. MB: Asus mining expert https://uae.microless.com/product/asus-b250-mining-expert-19-slot-motherboard/ Ram: Crucial 32GB DDR4 CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 PSU: 4x Coolermaster 1200w SSD: HP 120GB 13X xfxRX580 8GB (all Samsung memory) so we BIOS flashed all the cards and tried getting them to work on windows... turns out windows only supports 8 GPUs (who knew) anyway after playing around with some AMD drivers we got a total of 11 working but windows was very unstable... not that it matters as we only used windows to create a EthOs boot drive this solved the majority of our problems... after a couple of tries and a bit of research on google we had the system running but then this keeps happening.... any ideas why? we checked all risers and PSU they are fine only the one gpu that keeps doing this . we are using sgminer gm xmr btw
  3. Dual monitors not working

    This could be possible as the old screen refuse to work even when it's plugged in alone... even though it works fine with my laptop that rocks an 770m
  4. Dual monitors not working

    im using display port for the Asus and then an HDMI to VGA converter for the flatron... just to be sure i tried with a DVI to VGA converter
  5. Dual monitors not working

    Hi all I can't seem to get my dual monitor setup working. my main display is an Asus PG24.... something lol it's a 24" 180Hz panel that works just fine I'm trying to connect my much older LG flatron w2234s as a second option but it's not being detected at all.... even if I change the display settings back to 60Hz, I have checked that the screen works on other machines and tried doing driver updated for my GTX 970 as well.... as for drivers and firmware for the LG... well lets say it's not supported anymore. I'm running an X99 setup with Windows 10 pro and don't understand why it's not working... any advice?
  6. Urgent help needed (live chat)

    dude i work as a waiter.... i get paid minimum wage.... as much as i wish that i wipe my ass with golden TP i dont but thanks for your help
  7. Urgent help needed (live chat)

    im on their site to do so now
  8. Urgent help needed (live chat)

    a guy bought it just after it was released had it for 2 weeks and the changed to Z270.... so i bought the board from him.. maby early last year
  9. Urgent help needed (live chat)

    i mean Asus
  10. Urgent help needed (live chat)

    i cant take it back the the place i bought it... i got it second hand.... although i know it was working because i was using it for a long time... i guess i could send it to corsair but i live in dubai so that will not only be expensive but very time consuming as well
  11. Urgent help needed (live chat)

    its brand new just bought it an hour ago... so i would hope it works.. lol although it a quite addition so no fans spin and there is no indicator LED
  12. Urgent help needed (live chat)

    its not swithing on with just MB or MB + CPU pwr only
  13. Urgent help needed (live chat)

    so the moment i pulled out the CPU power i get a second LED that flashes
  14. Urgent help needed (live chat)

    ill get right on that.... i really cant afford to buy a new MOBO
  15. Urgent help needed (live chat)