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  1. I know I marked this solved but while looking for mobo’s I remembered that the b450 needs a bios update to be compatible with the 3000 series. Is this something I should be concerned with?
  2. Ok sounds great, thanks. What about chipsets. I’m not looking for anything super fancy but oc would be nice
  3. Ok that’s an idea. What about the r7 2700x vs the r5 3600x?
  4. I’ve had my 6600k for a few years now and it’s starting to show it’s age when playing a few different games. Namely Escape from Tarkov is having a hard time pushing 75fps, sometimes even 60 on a few maps. This is kind of a problem in a game which is based on tactics awareness. Even Kerbal space program has trouble in busy scenes where there is a lot of parts and physics (any space station larger than a few segments). Sometimes FPS drops below 30 in these situations. I get a fairly large pay check soon which should cover a comfortable upgrade. I’m looking for anything which will preform well enough to justify the upgrade to it. I’m looking at something which is no more than 250, preferably lower as I need a new mobo and storage as well. Some of the last gen AMD chips look compelling but would it be worth the extra 100 for the 3000 series 7’s over the 2000 series? For reference I have a strix 1070 which slightly out preforms my cpu in most circumstances and 2x8 ram kit which can hit 3200 but I have at 2333 because of instability at higher speeds. Thanks.
  5. Sorry for the super late response but I am finally looking at buying the printer. I'm just wondering what the difference is between the pro and non-pro versions. Is it worth the extra bit for the pro version?
  6. I got around to using one of the 3D printers at my school and found that the whole process is quite easy. It sparked a bit of an interest for me and I decided that I want to look into buying a printer of my own. I’m not sure what I am looking for other than what I need it for. I have an interest in model rockets so I will likely be printing some parts which are larger than small and perhaps taller than they are wide (I know I am being vague). I will probably have a relatively low budget of (likely) below 500 cad. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  7. My mom asked me today for advice on headphones. She said she was looking to buy a pair of wireless beats but she did not know what price point to go for. I told her I would do some research and come back to her. Naturally, that means asking someone better versed in audio equipment. First off I know that beats are often overpriced for what they are so I will not restrict the search to any one brand. She says that she wants something wireless which she can wear for working out and for general use. She did not give me a price point, she just said that she wants them to be good quality. I am open to any suggestion, Thanks. Edit: I should add that she insists on them being over ears, she does not like in-ear earbuds.
  8. Ok cool, I’ll probably get the 58x when I have a chance, thanks.
  9. Ok thanks, that’s very helpful. If I am able to stretch for the hd 650’s is that something I should stretch for. What kind of difference would I find between the 650 and the 58x
  10. So I currently have a hyper x cloud 2 headset which I use for gaming and music. I originally used it’s built in mic but when the 3.5mm jack bent it stopped working so I bought a stand alone mic. I ended up replacing the 3.5mm jack with a 3.5mm screw terminal jack to fix some weird audio clipping but there was a trade off in the form of excessive jank. It’s easy enough to forget about but regardless it’s time for an upgrade. I have been looking for something a little higher quality which does not have a built in mic. I looked around at some Sennheiser headphones but I am not much of an audiophile so I don’t know what to look for. I have a few hundred dollars cad to spend. I don’t have any particular preferences besides them being over ear. It would be nice if they would interface with a 3.5mm so I can plug them into my yeti mic but a USB set isn’t a big turn off. I am not looking to buy any other audio equipment unless the benefits of doing so are substantial so no professional interfaces. Thanks.
  11. Alright, then I guess I will wait and see what the next gen looks like. thanks.
  12. I got my paycheck recently and I was hoping to pour some money into my computer. My current system has: 6600k (oc to 4.5ghz), 2x8 gigs of hyper x predator at 2333 (default speed because xmp is broke) asus z170-a, Corsair h100 i, asus strix 1070, Corsair cx650m. I am looking at replacing my mobo and cpu with something more recent. I can get ryzen 7 2700 and an Asus prime mobo for under 500 cad however before I go ahead with this I want to know if there are any other options which may be more compelling. My parameters are as follows: Asus rgb mobo to go with my gpu and rgb ram, total under 600 cad (preferably under 550), atx form factor, and overclocking capability would be nice. My use case is primarily gaming.
  13. I have all of the couplers set the same for fuel pass through as they were on the land test. They all display "disable crossfeed", I also tried with them all saying "enable crossfeed" but that did not work either. There is no way for me to run fuel lines with a ship assembled in orbit. I could do that in the VAB but this one went up in pieces and I often swap that bottom section out when I unlock new stuff.
  14. I assembled a large and relatively modular ship in orbit recently for the purpose of interplanetary travel. I wanted to attach a nuclear engine to the bottom of the ship for more efficient long-range thrust however it seems that It isn't drawing fuel properly. It is attached using a few sets of decouplers and a few service bays and a few hitchhiker cans lie between the engine and the tanks. I make this configuration on the ground and it works just fine but no matter what I try in space it won't fire or even recognizes the fuel being attached to the engine. The only real difference between the ground config and the space one is that the space one was assembled in space and the ground one being assembled in the VAB. Here is a picture, any ideas?
  15. what is the correct timing? and I might try the 3000 profile to see if it is any different.