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  1. What the UK government is doing is disgu-I mean great! Cannot think of a better idea. All hail Premier Theresa May! *gulp*
  2. Rumours have been going around for awhile now that Apple has been working on a car. They've finally confirmed that they're actually working on one. Personally, I find it pretty exciting that it will be a self-driving car. While work is being done by other companies as well, Apple have a decent track record of taking new technology or ideas (maybe not necessarily invented by them) and making it work in a very polished consumer friendly way. Looking forward to see what they come out with. Apple have also called for more data sharing from crashes and near-misses between self-driving car manufacturers to help improve the software to make it more safe. I think this is a good idea. I mean, it would help to make self-driving cars safer which is overall better for everyone. Also would like to point out how good the pun that the BBC made on it's Facebook post on the article is. Source: BBC News