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  1. FYI, millimeters are denoted by 2 lowercase 'm's. Two uppercase 'M's would be megamoles or something.
  2. Smart assistants are spyware and should be illegal.
  3. The obvious downside you fail to mention is that you lose access to a lot of PCI-e slots with this. I'm tempted to try something like this, but with a PCI-e extension cable and maybe a card that has lacking cooling to begin with, like a reference RX-5700.
  4. I wouldn't say that the name is terrible. It's a switch. The name tells you the product line (hence capabilities of the switch asic) and the letters after that tell you port count and type. What else do you want from it? Also, you should really log into it to change the password. Just because you're not interested in the management features, doesn't mean there won't be someone or something else on your network that will be interested in them.
  5. Symbols for units named after people start with a capital letter. Have some fucking respect for Heinrich Hertz.
  6. Considering it's thicker and longer than the laptop, I'd say that carrying that dongle is as cumbersome as carrying another laptop of that size with you. I'd rather just have a bigger laptop with more IO.
  7. Budget gaming laptops =/= budget laptops. A $300 chromebook is a budget laptop. Gaming laptops are a waste of money that appeals to the exact kind of audience you noted would fancy the aesthetic of them.
  8. Switched many years ago. Loved it. Got a job administering Linux on desktops and servers. Have no issues playing Paradox grand strategy games on my Haswell i3 laptop every now and then. The only bad experience I've had was with the ill fated Ubuntu Touch for phones. RIP, humanity's one hope for phone OS's not being universally terrible.
  9. A certain scottish bastard promised me a 2060 competitor at $200 and a 2070 competitor at $330. I'M NEVER GETTING HYPED AGAIN! Seriously, how is this even real? How do they make a 2060 competitor that costs more than the 2060 AND has a higher TDP despite the process shrink and not wasting die area on tensor/ray tracing cores? Why even release it? The 2070 competitor costs a bit less, ok. But that too has a higher power draw, than the 12nm Nvidia GPU it competes with. There's not much of a reason for the 2070 to price match it, considering the efficiency advantage and that they have their RTX gimmick. AMD should just scrap Radeon Technologies group and license Samsung's GPUs to use as integrated graphics with Zen. The only hope for anything good coming to the GPU market in the near future is Intel.
  10. Now, if Samsung licensed AMD's CPU cores as well, the world could have a high performance x86 CPU from a company that's not based in a surveillance state.
  11. Apart from the bitching and moaning that starts about midway through, a pretty good video. Maybe you should split off real tech videos into a new channel and leave this for Linus' gadget reviews.
  12. So my network switch will be faster, if I put in a more powerful power supply? Makes sense. How about a gasoline engine?
  13. Running a production mail server with a dynamic IP is a headache and a half. I would recommend you reconsider. Something I did, when I had decided I really want to keep my personal mail server at home was install a VPN client on it and tunnel to a cheap VPS running OpenVPN server and port forwarded 25,587 and 993 to the static VPN client address of the mail server.