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  1. Running a production mail server with a dynamic IP is a headache and a half. I would recommend you reconsider. Something I did, when I had decided I really want to keep my personal mail server at home was install a VPN client on it and tunnel to a cheap VPS running OpenVPN server and port forwarded 25,587 and 993 to the static VPN client address of the mail server.
  2. Archive.org created a blog post yesterday documenting the erroneous notices to take down terrorist content they've received from various EU agencies - something they're obligated to do within 1 hour. As they explain, complying with the requirement would necessitate removing content automatically and reviewing the takedown after the fact, which could prove disasterous, when the takedown notice is for a crucial part of the site. Inb4 EU bans reading anything that's not EU approved, classifying it as potential terrorist content. But seriously, as much as this is a reason to mock the EU, the only reason the US isn't doing similarly stupid stuff is that their tech giants spend millions bribing "lobbying" their governments. Source
  3. Granular

    Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming

    Terrific video, guys. I started out using Windows. Then dual-booted. After witnessing the horrors of Windows 10, I wiped the Windows partition and ran Windows programs in Wine and in VMs. Now I can't be bothered. If it doesn't run natively on Linux, I'm not using it. After watching this video, I might be tempted to try Lutris and Proton, if I find the time and money to game again.
  4. In regards to the Chinese government, there's no reason to trust Apple over Huawei. There's plenty to show that they'll compromise their security to be given an opportunity to expand in that market ( banning of VPNs, making their keyboards censor or report(?) Taiwanese flag emoji use).
  5. Although, I just remembered reading about a way to make Intel ME turn off once the OS has booted. It had to do with a 'High assurance platform' bit, which the Tom's Hardware article mentions. If you're REALLY concerned, you could look into that, but what I can find about it says it's similarly undocumented.
  6. According to Tom's Hardware (from October 2018), no. The Intel ME is not documented and the tools for managing it are not generally available.
  7. Complete security illiteracy. Brought to you by people in charge of an immense database of over a billion Facebook users and God knows how many other people.
  8. A security researcher has announced his findings that all Razer laptops are currently shipping with the Intel Management engine in 'Manufacturing Mode', which means that if malware with administrative privileges infects the OS, it can protect itself from removal by burrowing in the firmware. Source Again, this requires that the malware have administrative privileges on the OS. So it's not like it makes users susceptible to getting infected with malware, it just makes infections potentially resilient to OS reinstalls/drive swaps. As The Register notes, CVE-2018-4251 was first observed in Apple devices. So not only is this a security flaw, it's another aspect in which Razer copies Apple. If the UEFI was open source and this presented an opportunity for users to modify their own firmware for good, I would perhaps side with Razer on this, but as-is, it's disappointing negligence from a supposedly premium brand.
  9. Granular

    I Can't Believe This Worked!!!

    The best coolant is actually human sweat. It's why homo sapiens is the best endurance runner in hot weather.
  10. Granular

    We Got SCAMMED on Deal Extreme...

    It's not false advertising. It's just that the '10Gbps' on that page decodes to '10 gigabit per some time' with that 'some time' being 100 seconds.
  11. Granular

    How Did HP Fail This Hard?

    That's a pretty consumerist view of what makes a nerd. I guess it's what makes a consumption nerd. Drooling over the prospect of acquiring something new without caring what it is other than that it's new. I'd call it being a giant tool, not a nerd, but ok.
  12. Granular

    Wired with Wireless

    Get a wireless access point with multiple ethernet ports. Plug your long cable into the AP's ether port marked 'WAN' and plug your desktop into one of the other ethernet ports.
  13. Granular

    Best VPN money can buy

    The performance depends on where you are, so pick a bunch of providers you like the look of and ping their servers to see what the latency is to each of them. As for the privacy aspect, I'd say they're probably all equally okay in that they're good enough to conceal what websites you're browsing from local network admins, but do next to nothing to prevent web tracking and probably don't really hide your activities from government agencies. All ready-made services have the downside of being known VPNs, unless we're talking virtually unknown providers. So if you're concerned with your network or the web service you're visiting blocking VPNs, you're probably better off rolling your own.
  14. Terrific news. Thunderbolt being proprietary to Intel was the one thing wrong with it.
  15. Granular

    GOG (Good Old Games) is struggling financially