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    ASrock Z170 Pro 4
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    16GB DDR4 Kingston HyperX Predator
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    Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ 8GB
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    Zalman Z9 Neo (White)
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    1TB WD Black HDD + 240GB WD Black NVME
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    Manjaro KDE

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  1. SenioRR

    My first build plan

    As you will be using it for gaming only and the i9 9900k is the best option you have, I would stick with this build personally. Your CPU alternative is Ryzen 9 3900x which is ever so slightly behind on gaming performance but obviously has the core count advantage so if you plan on any productivity workloads in the future, I would consider getting the 3900x. That is really the only point worth mentioning here as every other part of the list is fine.
  2. SenioRR

    My first build plan

    What will you use it for? Just gaming?
  3. SenioRR

    force 120/144 hz on my laptop

    If it's not in Windows display settings then your display doesn't support it.
  4. SenioRR

    force 120/144 hz on my laptop

    With all due respect, you are a madman if you think you can get 120hz out of a 60hz display. You can maybe raise it a little bit (I am surprised you even got 100hz) but overall your screen is designed to work at 60hz and ideally you should leave it at that. It appears that there is a version of your laptop with a 120hz panel. If you have the 120hz panel, you just need to switch the refresh to 120hz as Windows will default to 60hz. Here is how to change the refresh rate in Windows 10: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-monitor-refresh-rate-windows-10
  5. SenioRR

    learning linux

    Here, this will help:
  6. SenioRR

    learning linux

    A couple of months back, I was getting really annoyed by Windows. Whether it was the constant updates that took forever or general instability, I wanted to get away from Microsoft and switch over to Linux. The first days, just like you say, are intimidating but eventually Linux will feel like home and your Windows habits will disperse. When I was getting started, and by no means am I an expert now, I watched pretty much all of Wendell's videos on Level1Tech and Level1Linux channels. Here are two videos which I would recommend to anyone new to Linux: Linux might be confusing right now, but you will eventually realize that it does many things better than Windows. When you are having problems with something, there is a good chance someone out there did too. There lots of answers and guides available to help you troubleshoot issues you might encounter. Don't get discouraged when things go wrong!
  7. SenioRR

    Can an amp run 2 devices?

    Any decent amplifier will have multiple inputs e.g. AUX for your PC and then Phono for your turntable. You connect your PC and the Turntable to the amplifier and then switch the inputs depending on what you're using at the time. What amplifier are you looking at getting?
  8. Not an expert but from what I have heard you should avoid Nvidia GPUs if you need one Still, hackintosh setups are yet to be perfect from what I understand. Here is a video I would recommend:
  9. SenioRR

    New build I'm building (thoughts)

    I would be careful with SSDs/HDDs from previous builds. Depending on how old they are, you could be in for a surprise when one of them dies in the near future. I had an older 240GB Kingston SSD die on me recently. Other than that, you build looks good to me.
  10. SenioRR

    Advice for home NAS setup

    Rack servers are height-limited so they all have small fans that run at high speeds to keep the server cool. As RozRocks said, server designers do not care about the noise it will produce as its meant to be locked up in a cabinet inside a datacentre. The ATX PSU thing will only really apply if you get a 2U chassis which is built to accomodate regular ATX parts. Server manufacturers use proprietary PSUs.
  11. SenioRR

    Advice for home NAS setup

    (1) - Could I replace a server PSU with something more efficient? Possibly. You would need to look at e-bay and read through the tech spec sheets of the servers to see whats available. (2) - What other brands should I look out for other than SuperMicro? Depends. If you are set on servers, you also have two other major players: HP ProLiant and Dell Poweredge. (3) - Would I be better off putting together a cheap consumer grade desktop for a similar budget and focus the majority on a decent efficient PSU? The problem with rack servers is that they get really loud so a consumer grade desktop would have noise level as it's main advantage. Server hardware can be really good value and they usually do have high-efficiency PSUs, but do take noise into consideration. If I were you, I would look at older enterprise grade tower servers which will be quieter and should still be near your budget. They usually do also feature things such as hot-swap bays, raid cards and all other enterprise features. Here is a cheap example. You can definitely look for better equipped ones: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HP-Proliant-ML350-G6-PC-Server-1x-Intel-Xeon-E5504-2Gb-RAM/223487249775?hash=item3408e0cd6f:g:PUMAAOSw2CFcuOGj
  12. SenioRR

    Need Advice on New Build

    Buildzoid made a video covering AM4 motherboard choices with Ryzen 3000 taken into consideration: You can save a little bit by going with a X470 board that will be more than capable of running the R9 3900x. I recommend going through the whole video if you can as it covers the entire range of motherboads and buildzoid does give suggestions at different price points and for different applications. The link above will start at the X470 part of the video.
  13. SenioRR

    Windows 10 caping internet speeds

    Check your networking drivers. Intel NICs, for example, can have the bandwidth adjusted in the drivers menu. Perhaps your drivers have defaulted to 10/100 instead of gigabit.
  14. SenioRR

    [Upgrading from a 8350fx]

    If you are planning on livestreaming and recording, you should get the R9 3900x as you will benefit from the additional threads. Single-Core performance of the 3900x is very close to the 9900k anyway so your games will not suffer.
  15. SenioRR

    Asus Prime X570 Pro cant find Bootable USB

    Try sticking the USB stick into a USB 2.0 port if you have one. Also consider enabling legacy support for USB devices. Finally, you can try disabling things such as secure boot or any security feature that might stop you from booting from the USB stick.