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  1. Congrats JumpBall: TVWIC-TGB7P-BMD67 Layers of Fear: 8R5A9-YL66Y-GY4JL Layers of Fear Soundtrack: 80W2J-CTNCX-3IIBB
  2. These keys are for Layers of Fear and JumpBall. (Ignore if you already have them) Just guess who this is and win. (easy)
  3. Even a computer genius might not know everything. I am glad you could catch the mistake for me. Anyways, if trouble should arise from my system I will post them here with the knowledge I have gained.
  4. I get it now. Been in to computer tech for so long, I needed to learn something new. Just didn't make much since to me. I apologize @Jredmond and @Majestic Glad I know now
  5. So you are saying, if a launch minesweeper it should be at 100% right? What a joke.
  6. How? If it requires on 3gb of vram to run a game at MAXIMUM SETTINGS, then it shouldn't require a full 8gb
  7. Watch_dogs looks like it's using 99% of 8gb of vram. It only requires 3gb of vram to max everything out. So it should only use 3gb/8gb.
  8. 90 fps with everything maxed out. Then tried everything on low settings, which is probably around 150-300 fps.
  9. I launch cup head it's at 20% I launch golf with friends it's at 70-80% When I launch watch_dogs it's at 99%, even at the very low settings. I have a gtx 1070.
  10. Nvidia Graphics card? Is your psu putting out the right wattage?
  11. Get 1080p for games, or get 1440p for video editing.
  12. Get the gtx 1070. Most notably the evga one. It helps in video editing and graphic design, which is what I do also.
  13. Go to this website https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and download the tool and make sure you have a usb drive. Once you have that, install it on the usb drive. Make sure you use another computer to do this.
  14. I had the game on the highest preset, and then switched to the very low settings just to see if anything changed. I have no idea what is going on and the game stutters every few seconds.
  15. I have no use for them, if you want them you can have them. Divide By Sheep: NEB6R-JCFIP-WL860 Introvert Quest: YV3FI-KJQ7K-Z4GHJ Tank Universal: 6R0NQ-G6TH2-N3Q0I VCB: Why City: V9W3C-XRQWZ-9PNCX Horizon Shift: 83L5E-DQHAR-44AQK
  16. They need to change their bit rate. Or they can go to the troubleshoot in update and security. Also make sure that their gain on the mic is turned down.
  17. When keys stop working do this. If this doesn't work take the keyboard apart and reconnect anything that might be slightly unplugged. Or buy a 10$ keyboard for the time being.
  18. Try this to see if it helps.
  19. https://www.gigabyte.com/MicroSite/300/lan-optimizer.html
  20. I loved how it had two clips on the back of the video card that you squeeze together just to get the heatsink off. It isn't the best card for any computer, not unless you are trying to emulate older 90's games.
  21. A motherboard is the back bone of the pc. Whichever motherboard is the cheapest that allows for overclocking should be good. Msi has a good brand of motherboards.