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  1. Worth, since you can downscale to 1080 if you are aiming to hit 144 in ashooters but want the 1440 60plus for others
  2. Crimson is good, imo more straigt forward that geforce experience
  3. Nannakii

    1440p GTX 970

    If you go 1440p or higher AA is less of a useful thing
  4. 21:9 is great for imersive games like skyrim and fallout, you may need flawless ultrawide for alot of games but its worth it. If you a shooter type person then get 1440p 144hz, or hell for fps games 1080 144 is better than any 21:9 that is affordable in all honesty the 1440p 16:9 to me is a better choice for gaming