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  1. Hmm ok not an easy one then to do.
  2. Hi so my brother has got a 2nd hand 5.1 surround but it has rca connections on the back how do you connect it to a tv to get 5.1 surround. Thanks
  3. I got the razer deathadder elite seems really good so far enjoying messing with the colour settings Haha
  4. Thank you for your help on this I have tried using my sound card though I have noticed that the sound blaster makes a horrible cracking sound at times when watching YouTube where as when I swap back to the mobo that disappears could that be down to a setting I'm using. I currently have a splitter connected to the headphone port that has headphones, soundbar and mixer all connected to it.
  5. I found the uk store not too bad £110 looks fairly simple to use. What is the advantage of using an amp/dac instead of a internal sound card. also i do have a pair of sennheiser headphones i use if this makes any difference to the turtle beach ones.
  6. Would look at better headphones later on and I have got a couple of different ones i use. Does look very similar to the docking one though Haha
  7. Is the flio k5 pro the one with a docking station on top I seen on amazon. I couldn't seem to find the fulla 3 on amazon uk? Where is best to find these thanks
  8. Thanks I might try putting it back in my gaming rig again I brought mine for about £80 new a few years ago and when I upgraded I left it out due to driver issues I had. Would I be best using the headphones out for the setup I have? Do like the idea of a dac and amp combo but could never find any that was cheap enough to get I'll check out the one you suggested, are there any other you suggest. Around the£50 - £100 range thanks
  9. So do sound cards make any difference nowadays?
  10. I run the sound from the gaming pc to the mixer which goes to the streaming PC, dont use hdmi sound as I like to have my headphones plugged into the gaming pc via a splitter too all running from the one aux output on the motherboard.
  11. In basics terms you have one pc for steaming to twitch and a main dedicated gaming rig, this would be the one I would put the sound card in. So would both sound quality be exactly the same?
  12. I currently own the sound blaster z I took it out as originally caused issues when using a single pc, but now changed to 2 pc not sure whether to put it back in.
  13. Sound blaster z sound card or Gigabyte z370 hd3p onboard sound which would you use. I also connect my gaming pc to a splitter which goes to a mixer, sound bar and turtle beach headset. or what would you suggest to do as sound setup. thanks this is for 2 pc streaming.
  14. Ended up going through htc vive and getting a replacement under warranty.