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  1. R7000 in South Africa which is roughly $470, i think. The price went down quite a bit.
  2. Rofty

    Why does my GPU fail this benchmak?

    Turn off fraps/msi afterburner OSD before running.
  3. @AaronPaul Don't get 2400mhz ram for Ryzen. Get at least 3000mhz. There is quite a big performance improvement going for faster ram..
  4. Rofty

    WOW performance issues

    Thank you, did not know this, will definitely try tonight when i get home from work.. Will report back. Also, just checked wow forums, seems like a lot of people are having issues.. https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615311867?page=1
  5. Rofty

    WOW performance issues

    Latest AMD drivers, GPU max 75c with CPU max 70c monitoring using HWmonitor.
  6. Rofty

    WOW performance issues

    Hey guys. After almost three years not playing anymore i finally folded and got Legion. The only problem is my performance with the game. My specs: 4690k @ 4.5ghz RX 480 8g @ core 1400, mem 2100, 100% power 16gb 1600 ram game installed on 275 crucial SSD On the starting area my fps ranges from 30-90 averaging around 40. Garrison my fps is also 25-40. Something i noticed in afterburner my gpu usage spikes constantly (every 5sec) from 100-0% What can cause this? If i remember correctly the game ran much better back in the day when i had a GTX660ti. Most of the setting is high with resolution scaling 100%, anti aliasing off, ssao off etc.. Shouldn't i be getting over 100fps consistently? All other games in my library runs great. Thanks!
  7. Rofty

    XFX RX 480 gtr flashed

    Have not checked the numbers in games yet, but haven valley extreme went from 1250 to 1450 and superposition 1080p high settings 6200 to 6500 if i remember correctly. I did the tests last night. Thanks man. I think the rx 580'ts is rated @ 150w if i'm not mistaken.
  8. Rofty

    XFX RX 480 gtr flashed

    Thanks for the input. I did not however have any problems installing the latest AMD relive drivers for RX 580 cards. I will do some further research into this..
  9. Rofty

    XFX RX 480 gtr flashed

    Hi guys. I flashed my XFX RX480 GTR (non BE) bios to XFX RX580 GTR-S custom bios as per this thread. My original clock went up from 1288 to 1400 core and memory 2000 to 2020 totally stable in everything i tested, Valley, unigine superposition, ME andromeda, BF1 and a couple of other games. No artifacts or crashes. The only deference i can see is a nice bump in performance in benchmarks and core temp jumped from 70c max (stock) to 77c (flashed). My concerns is, will it negatively affect my vrm getting too hot? Also, I noticed the XFX RX580 GTR-S have two power connectors, 8+6 pin and my card only gave a 8 pin. Will this somehow pull to much power from the pcie slot not getting enough power from one 8 pin and kill my motherboard? Can i leave it like this or should i just flash it back to stock bios? Thanks!
  10. Rofty

    Worth it?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I will try to get my hands on 4790k instead. I have a Crucial mx300 275gb. Also my monitor is Dell U2515H UltraSharp 25" IPS (2560x1440). Lately my system started to struggle in newer games @ 1440p eg. GR Wildlands, hence the question to upgrade.
  11. Hi Guys. I have an itch to upgrade. I'm thinking of upgrading my three year old system an wondering if its worth it? I primarily use this for gaming. Will this be a decent upgrade? I currently have 4690k 4.4 OC, Asrock z97 extreme with 16GB 1600 G.Skill ares ram, MSI GTX 1060 gaming X 6gb. I'm looking to upgrade to R5 1600X, Asus prime B350 plus mobo and G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4. Thanks!
  12. Rofty

    Lightweight HTPC

    Thank you, kind sir! Will do that. Its a bit more expensive though. Hopefully the cpu holds up. Actually really impressed this thing still works. Going to order the parts now. Will try to update with some pics when done..
  13. Rofty

    Lightweight HTPC

    Thank you. Yea its actually 2 x 2gb RAM chips.. The MB only have two slots. Do you think the CPU will be OK pairing with RX 460?
  14. Hey guys. First post! I had a old pc from 2009 in the garage. Its nothing special. Thought i'd try to upgrade and use as HTPC? Specs: AMD Athlon 2 X4 630 @ 2.8 Asus M5A78L-M LX 4gb DDR3 1333 HD 5850 Power Color 500w Huntkey PSU 500gb HDD I blew out lots of dust, switched it on and all seems to be working fine on Win 7. Want to to upgrade to RX 460, one 8gb 1600 ram stick, Crucial MX 300 275GB & D-Link wireless adapter. Also install Win 10. Will the CPU/Mobo still hold up for light gaming and steam link to my main PC? Will the CPU maybe bottleneck the RX 460? Thanks for reading!