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    i5 6600k & Core2Duo E8500 3.16Ghz
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    Msi Z170a Gaming Pro & Crappy Oem Mobo
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    12Gb Avexir Core Blue 3100 Mhz (Why 12Gb? its a long story) & 2Gb of Crappy memory
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    Asus Strix Rx 480 8Gb 1410Mhz Oced & GT 6600 (yeah!)
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    NZXT H440 (Red/Black) & Crappy oem case
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    OCZ Trion 120GB + 4TB Wd Blue & 64 Gb Ocz Vertex Turbo
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    Antec Edge 550w & Crappy oem psu
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    LG 22MP68VQ-P & Crappy 5:3 monitor
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    Be Quiet Pure Rock ( It blocked 1 Dimm slot..!!!!! ) & Oem cooler
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    Cheap mechanical keyboard (Xian ling) & Decent Membrane
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    Logitech G402+G240 Mousepad & Crappy Hp mouse
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    HyperX Cloud Core+Fiio E10K (mine) & Sennheiser HD 558 (Not mine btw)
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

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    Introverted and boring as a rock (Even rock can be more amusing)
    My real name is Hiromi and uuhhm i am not good at explaining myself so is this enough?
    Great! Thank u for reading!

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    " If we could read the secret history of our enemies we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility "
    -Henry LongFellow
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  1. Nvidia FE vs Manufacturer edition

    I just re-log in like 5 minutes ago after taking a nap and i am already in an argument.. Holy nuts.. I said " i think it has better cooler " if it didnt then fine, i am wrong. But about the other things Its just how you and we differs. Going to take a nap again..this trip take forever and a half..
  2. Nvidia FE vs Manufacturer edition

    Armor series is the budget GPU line up from MSI. But i think it has better cooler than blower fan.
  3. For psu its a must in fact most psu have fans in it already. But HDD? i dont think so unless u need it.
  4. My stomach forced me to buy overpriced biscuit in airplane.

    Not good for price per performance value man.

  5. Bloatware U can't just transfer anti virus. Just copy the Exe files into the another pc and re-install it. U might need to use another serial number or keys for it. Like seriously why norton?
  6. 8700K+1080ti OCED= 950Watts? For real?
  7. No worries i can tell when it happen anyway.
  8. Will this site still mining even after i close the tab?
  9. I dont think so u better off with 1080p camera with that price range. If u want a good 4k video u can find a used Panasonic G7 but its around $500 body only or with some scratched lens.
  10. When is Cooler Master or Corsair going to make rgb psu

    They dont have to
  11. Reset switch as controller?

    He want to switch between solid color with it is that possible?
  12. Dual or single?

    Its called AMP on amd mobo. But it might called something else on the BIOS so consult your manual.
  13. Dual or single?

    Ughh i got to rotate my head to see that. Its dual channel kit. It will be fine just turn on the XMP on the BIOS and it will run at 3000mhz