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  1. Atari 2600 To HDMI

    i typed atari 2600 circuit board into bing then clicked images 3rd from left 1024x768 from elsalvador.org but it shows rca red white yellow wired into atari board(no lag and will work on hdmi tv as these have rca inputs)
  2. Need of networking setup advice!

    try setting ip4 and ip6 dns addresses since you are using 2 routers i would enable ripv2 on both with rip only allowed on 192 network(lan access not wan) this allow the routers to refresh each other when things change(say your public ip changed) if you could i would add modem and modem first stop in isp network as allowed rip sharing as well(isp needs to add your modem mac address and current ip to its allowed rip list and since ip changes keep it updated) big security flaws with rip service was improper deployment thru weak firewall rules as rip only meant to be router to next router in line i find when i use this my clients and routers are all happier(note i have not asked my isp yet as they been busy with system infrastructure upgrades and improvements)
  3. Dual Os with different bios settings

    no this can be autoloaded but it is not a factory option(you need to know how to write bios) but boot loader can know if OS1 then export bios profile123 if OS2 then export bios profile234 same thing that happens when you log into OS is it grabs your settings files and exports them to proper services for your customized/personalized preferences
  4. Need of networking setup advice!

    maybe its google doing device resets on their end and no issue at all on yours i would note the times this happens then ask isp if these coincide with resets of their equipments
  5. found this at best buy and thought what fabulous amfm stereo home theatre and with 4 hdmi inputs with 2 rca(yellowvid redwht sound) it would be fabulous switch for tv so plan is 3 hdmi for laptop pc mediacenter and satbox 4 goes to this tree x360 hdmi to xbox1s to xbox1x to reciever then snes and n64 to rca 50 disc cd changer to digi sdif vinyl lp to rca audio only inputs question i have is how is display lag on these theater passthru systems?(onkyo tx sr373)
  6. Nvme ssd interfering with GPU.

    sata hd 1.5gbps 3gbps 6gbps?
  7. Network Instability

    what firewall options are in modem?(screenshots if can) how is each device seen in modem(does there seem to be any conflicts(like both pulling same ip))
  8. Network Instability

    web site says 8 ssid per radio with 3 radios try setting up different ssid groups with different QoS rules each then during business hours have only biz ssid allowed to connect as this should reduce overheating the radio chips
  9. how to hook up xbox to pc

    you could pickup an older home theatre surround unit that has hdmi passthru (soundbars can have this too) this setup then is 360 hdmi to soundbar/theatre then hdmi to tv
  10. QNAP vs Windows server (file server)

    if you are really only doing items stated i would suggest win10 pro and use public folders as share setup(right click folder add permissions as well from private folder)and group policy settings will work as well as you can configure everything under either workgroup or domain you can share printer cams and scanners as well as files
  11. Two routers, one is cable modem best way to use both?

    post a few screenshots of devices wireless advanced settings (as maybe you can do multiple ssid with one router allowing a seperate rules each ssid) also what options does it have for lan ports note that some netgears have wireless repeater mode settings too
  12. IPS vs TN vs VA

    in past you got the scanner or camera with best #:1 ratio indicate how much contrast pic had i go with tv with best #:1 (my old w1907 was 800or1000:1 and was nice picture) today i think 2500 or greater:1 is expected with 1400p or greater its a spec thats been disappearing from display market though with just 720p 1080p etc being the replacement
  13. 2.4ghz Signal keep dropping

    try locking 2.4ghz to g mode and let 5ghz play switch (as it has 2 radios) with n and ac modes i bet 2.4ghz radio gets a little toasty when doing switch with g and n especially with many devices asking for radio time
  14. Low FPS in Kerbal Space Program on High End PC

    the moment you installed the mods you introduced kerbal to new system requirements mods being upto date do not ensure a quality performance stabilized enviroment when modded you went from a finished product back to a beta and as such will need its settings tweaked and monitored for the micro bottleneck points and the calculation points that are outside optimal expected start to finish times maybe the mods installed items to outside of hdd platter(yes if ssd then this more mute point but is an EXAMPLE) while game is on inside portion of platter(where defrag is great fix and recommended to at least do analyze) but anyways go thru and change your game settings till you stay over 30fps as min(it keep ya from getting eye strain as fast) you do not have ability like game devs to locally and per scene performance temporarily turn off or change sliders(like lots of bloom then auto shrink draw distance behind bloom effected area as its not seeable anyways(its technically offscreen as bloom effect is now screen "edge"))