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  1. Windows 10 network issues

    try netsh and look for a submenu called heuristis as this has a cmd script called mpp mpp=enabled then check to make sure you have rg6 or better ethernet cable(linus has video about the differences in ethernet cabling bandwidths with signaling pulses lengths usable for each type)
  2. can't boot from usb - so using 'UNetbootin'

    if you can get into the bios look for pxeboot option then websearch pxebooting
  3. the skill tree of directx

    linus should do a history of the growth of directx and all its skills(not just graphic and sound engine) directx has extraordinary powers that are never used correctly even inside the microsoft and xbox families many of these errors with these 2 groups has been here in misuse of directx(or missing dx components as some are cmd line install only) example for nvidia audio issues ,,, they fail to use xact3 and x2audio(high and low api for directx sound(as directsound been dropped)) a number of other services have also been being dropped since dx10 came out but still remain as backwards compatibility system only(yet they are still being coded for in apps(games not bad as xna gamestudios does great job preparing the system)) note windows phone flopped as this team again failed to use directx correctly causing major headaches (assholes using wm_input on my xinput devices)
  4. Fixing a blown out speaker

    well grab a multimeter and probe the circuit paths as we have already A. checked sounds left right balance B. eyes inspection of pathways now its probing time as we do not have ability to read driver code scripts to see if an error has occured there(although windows event viewer should show some data)
  5. Fixing a blown out speaker

    please tell I where and why i am in correct please prove your statement
  6. Second HDD's read/write speed dropped

    👍 on the user benchmark nice tool with clean menu and data show
  7. Fixing a blown out speaker

    you may have truly blown the speaker as these are self ampliphied(powered) speakers and almost all the mobo today are powered outputs(easy to over power speakers) why i have my audio go thru hdmi to my display then from displays headphone out(headphones are passive circuit) to my creative labs 2.1 speaker box (5" woofer with left right stereo chans) this why windows has audio settings for head phone, small speakers, large speakers is to know how much power to put into audio outputs irregardless of speaker configuration (2.0 2.1 4.0 5.1 7.1 etc) other than a hair on transformers backside of pcb with discolorization to pcb at transformer(electroplating the pcb with copper atoms from over currenting the transformer) im not seeing any thing wrong with hardware is speaker wires still attached at speaker itself(is cone wires ripped from cone)
  8. Fixing a blown out speaker

    try rotating 3.5 plug(twisting it) and see if left speaker comes back make sure this plug firmly seated (see bing images for these plugs pin outs) to do continuity tests of left channel(also known as mono) have you physically looked at speaker yet?
  9. Fixing a blown out speaker

    is this a 3.5mm stereo plug to speakers(how does speakers get signal from pc)
  10. Fixing a blown out speaker

    go into sound manager and make sure audio is centered between right and left check all physical knobs as well
  11. Merge two SQL Databases and keep "pivot" id

    create 3rd database thats blank but with rule if id conflict then id+1 on the name that caused conflict repeat till no conflict or id#max reached if id#max reached append database name to name# create new database with same name but #+1 and continue data building with these rules tell databases 1&&2 to merge/export to database3,,, or tell database3 to import databases1&&2
  12. linus gets ripped on

    thread is labeled as news and reviews this vid reviews a ltt video
  13. linus gets ripped on

    ufdisciple linus messed up video on youtube what do you guys think does kid make good points?
  14. Can I turn 4k 60hz into 1080p 144hz monitor

    best case is an upscaled 360p or 480p resolution but this will look dotty on upscale but 640x480 used to run 75fps(150hz) so visual quality loss for 15fps increase in fps maybe nice boost for csgo this only matters if displays onboard hardware can handle(avg 1080p frame needs 3mb for memory and tvs have 4mb so not much room)if tv use hdminet to use a direct cache grab from gpu memory(hdminet=100mbps) then mem size solved but now latency issues arise
  15. Having problems with PUBG

    turn pubg on goto settings enable vsync there first if setting available then if not goto 3d manager and set it under pubg profile(if one not present add new and select pubg desktop shortcut"as this is your launcher")