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  1. Looking through seems this application likes # of threads above all things therefore a Ryzen 7 2700X which is a fairly cheap CPU would outperform an i7 4970 by quite a massive margin. Given this is for college, might be work thinking on the investment.
  2. Well I would be excited if I needed a new phone but my Nokia 8 still serves me impeccably.
  3. You're comparing a 15W CPU to a 65W CPU... obviously the desktop counter part is better.
  4. None of the "B" AMD Chipsets supports SLI, you need the "X" chipsets.
  5. Then aim for the RX 5700XT or RTX 2070 Super at a maximum, would even consider a 2060 Super since you'll likely be CPU bound always. Ryzen before Zen 2 was never a great high refresh rate solution, you will bottleneck a too fast video card here. Would be more senseful if you were aiming 1440p since you'd have to put extra load on the GPU but 1080p144hz just save yourself some money, the RTX 2080 Super is expensive and offers only a small gain in performance.
  6. Oh! Actually I'll give the other side nobody seems to think happens. My ex-boyfriend was a tech illiterate who would always stress me over how ignorant he was and even worse how he'd not take my advises at all resulting in rather hilarious nonsense like: He was finally building a new gaming computer, I tried to help him come up with the parts however he ignored me entirely and went with his other friends much worse advises. I still wanted to gift him something for his birthday so I bought him a 550W BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 11 to use on the build but that same friend called me stupid and "you can't trust this to a girl" kind of offence telling him his rig needed 750W (it was a mainstream one that'd use no more than 500w ever) so he actually returned by gift and bought a CX750M which is a much worse PSU. I'm glad my current relationship now with another girl, yes I gone lesbian, is with an actual network engineer who knows her stuff for real... we go along much better.
  7. Larry Tesler: Computer scientist behind cut, copy and paste dies aged 74 Larry Tesler, an icon of early computing, has died at the age of 74. Mr Tesler started working in Silicon Valley in the early 1960s, at a time when computers were inaccessible to the vast majority of people. It was thanks to his innovations - which included the "cut", "copy" and "paste" commands - that the personal computer became simple to learn and use. Xerox, where Mr Tesler spent part of his career, paid tribute to him. - Another legend of the foundations of today's tech world has past away and now rests in peace, these news might not be of great impact to most but his accomplishments are part of every body's world. Please take a moment to pay respect. Source.
  8. G-Sync and V-Sync are not the same thing, they don't cancel on another and should be used together for the best possible experience. G-Sync will match your refresh rate to your fps but that's it, there is no synchronization going on. V-Sync synchronizes the framerate to the refresh rate making it smooth. Therefore you have to enable both so say your game runs at 90fps you'll be at 90hz with V-Sync synchronizing it.
  9. Yes it is, specially from a good quality unit like yours.
  10. Why are you so concerned about 2w~3w more consumption due to the higher clock? it really changes nothing.
  11. Well for a new build if you really like and want ASUS then grab the E since it has more of a noticeable build quality between the two, the F is like you're trying to cheap up but didn't like the looks of the TUF haha.
  12. There's absolutely no reason to phase out the current Crosshair you have, that thing can run even a r9 3950X... do you really to replace it just for more rgb?
  13. Yes it is possible albeit differences are indeed minimal, all hardware in use on your PC will produce heat, the Xilence is likely producing less than the old Chieftec... have in mind your inside case is still a box so heat can build up inside, reason why airflow is so important.
  14. Have in mind that CS:GO is still running on the very old Source 1 engine which is around us since 2002~2003... Source 1 has issue with CPUs from Skylake era and older (14nm), because of some changes in microcode, the physics engine actually works differently on newer CPUs than older, and that sort of broke HL2 speedrunning consistency a lot before new strats were found. Even with updates to the engine some fundamental and core structures simply can't be changed, the only way to get it fixed is porting the game to an up-to-date engine like Source 2 but VALVe's too lazy to do that. So what happens here is that when you use 14nm++ i7 9700K processor you're using a piece of hardware that has already "phased out" singularities of the software you're running, in this case Source/CS:GO, the results are very variable, among the many attempts to fix the issues you sometimes gets people who will run the game on expencted fps like 300+ for a processor like yours while others will just get stuck. There is literally nothing to do here if you have encounter one of these cases, you verify it playing any other game like Fortnite or Overwatch... if your fps is super high on those as you'd expect than you just got unlucky your hardware combination is too "current gen" for the quite old CS:GO.
  15. It is possible but the CPU may become a bottleneck.
  16. Only the RX5500XT suffers because AMD in their infinite wisdom limited the card to 8x bus.
  17. It really depends on what game you're playing.
  18. There will be very very little performance uplift for gaming since the greatest majority of games only uses up to 8threads and since both the 3600 and 3800X have the same cores in theory they should be equal. It can still improve a tiny bit though since you have more resources at hand meaning that OS and side/background applications won't fight as much for these resources improving multi-tasking. You can check this video below for more information.