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Princess Luna

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    Getting Tired by the Day~
  • Birthday 1995-02-25

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    Princess Cadence
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    Not an EA supporter x]~
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    Brazil ~ Germany
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    PC, Anime, Programming, Dogs!
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    I'm LTT's Princess Luna~

    I'm half German and half Brazilian, graduated in professional translation and interpretation between 4 languages I work nowadays as an Export Manager.

    I'm a huge PC Enthusiast and a passionate My Little Pony fan!

    I love Linus Tech Tips and I hope to do my fair share on this awesome community so feel free to poke me if you need help!

    Big Cheers!
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    Professional English/Portuguese/Spanish translator - Export Manager


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    Intel Core i7 8700 @4.45ghz
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    Gigabyte Z370M D3H
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    16GB(2x8gb) G.Skill Trident Z (3333mhz/CL 14)
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    nVidia GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition
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    Cooler Master Case Pro 3
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    SanDisk Ultra + Seagate Barracuda
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    Corsair TX650M 80 Plus Gold
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    Asus 3440x1440p Ultrawide.
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212X
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    Corsair K70 LUX RGB
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    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
  • Sound
    Kingston HyperX Cloud
  • Laptop
    Lenovo S145 Ultrabook - i7 8565U / MX150 / 4GB+4GB 2666mhz

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  1. Gee I seen 8600K's get far more than that... you've something throttlingo on this processor... did you check the temperatures yet?
  2. Technically sensitive is the same but you have more virtual space (pixels/reoslution) to go through which makes it feel like your mice pointer is going slower when you upgrade to a bigger resolution display.
  3. You know what sucks? Bought pre-order on GOG literally the past weekend in anticipation for April release. I wonder if Final Fantasy 7 RE getting pushed to pretty much the same release date in April took a greater part to why they decided to delay it... considering both are massive RPG they'd certainly hurt each other's sales.
  4. So-so... Zen 2 is a great upgrade but the R7 3800X is pretty much the same as R5 3600 which is often still behind i7 9700K/i9 9900K in gaming. That said you'll not be as much CPU bound as GPU bound... the RTX 2080 Ti already cannot do *max ultra settings* in plenty of the latest AAA releases, so that's an unrealistic expectation already. If you're not in a hurry you can wait April for Intel's 10th gen (which will be the best gaming processors at a better price point than Intel is today for instance the i7 10700K is a refined i9 9900K for the price point the i7 9700K is). And the nVidia RTX 3000 series Ampere should be coming around then as well. You'll have more time to put up together the best gaming hardware possible with the latest and greatest which will get closer to 3440x1440p max ultra settings gaming. If not then I don't know... maybe save up a shit load of money with a R5 3600 and a RTX 2080 Super and learn to play games without maxing out them? Maybe this video below can change your idea on how to game:
  5. It is somewhat the same as selling already expired food... Microsoft can't really sell keys for Windows 7 now that they don't support it any longer. If your device lacks hardware that's capable of running Windows 10 then your only way around would be trying to find a Linux distro that can replace it or go to places like Kinguin to try finding an OEM key but like stated this is not considered "reputable/reliable".
  6. Winrar's free just close the pop up.
  7. There isn't, Windows 7 is EOL. No keys are made for it any more. You could go to shady grey market try to find OEM keys though.
  8. Depends on your motherboard, if it's the right chipset you can BCLK it.
  9. I mean if you want more gaming performance then the upgrade path is the R5 3600.
  10. Yes, but that doesn't matter since you're buying a new motherboard either ways? You'll need a Z490 motherboard but CPU cooler will remain compatible to LGA115X
  11. I mean, it's a substantial upgrade if you need more performance but the i7 9700K value proposition is kinda bad and in April we will have the i7 10700K at the same price point but with Hyper-Threading (8c/16t) and more cache... so if the i5 4690K can serve you another 2 months...
  12. Family Share only works half the time though... no online games works with it as far as I know and the issue is expanded to online games with single player modes like GTA V and RDR2 both cannot be played through family share. Best way is give your credentials to whoever you want to give the games or *even better yet* buy games on GOG for the sweet DRM free and just gift it to whoever whenever.
  13. If you want to upgrade do wait until April for Intel's 10th gen release.
  14. 150$ cheaper than the RTX 2070 Super is not a bad deal if it's a good model... either ways the experience will be more or less the same... the 1080 Ti is often still faster but can start to show it's age when you play a game that can better utilize Async compute.
  15. Both the videos below will solve your questions: No the idea is save up and upgrade from the RX570 so something like a GTX 1660 Ti or a RTX 2060 / RTX 2060 Super so you do see a boost in performance and since they have dedicated hardware known as NVENC that's far superior to any AMD solution you can record anything you want using OBS or the built in ShadowPlay without impacting your gaming. A single more powerful nVidia card will do both tasks.