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  1. The Founders Edition RTX 2080 Super for 699$ is likely the best deal for you.
  2. Aorus Master all the way. Also god with this "Gigabyte BIOS is bad" deal, it's fine, you can do w/e you need to do on it and you won't be spending hours every day on it to where UI matters. Furthermore the latest bios have updated UI as well.
  3. Yes it will due to an effect known as Interpolation. Native Resolution is always best, regardless what resolution that is.
  4. It can on occasion but nothing to be worried about. I wouldn't consider the 3800X personally, either the 9900K or 3900X really... since the cheaper 3700X is pretty much the same thing you're spending more for virtually nothing.
  5. Both the i3 8350K and i3 9350K are simply i5 7600K rebrands with the minor tweaks from Coffee Lake. There's nothing to it.
  6. You are incorrect mate, there's the driver bundled with GE and the stand alone variant.
  7. I'd personally get rid of the DCH drivers since they are bloody awful. Here's what you should do, download the latest standard driver for your GTX 1060 from nVidia website and once you have it DDU in Safe Mode. When you're finished DDU'ing in safe mode boot to windows with your internet connection disable in order to prevent Windows Update to restore the DCH driver and then install the latest standard driver you previously downloaded. This should fix your issue. Edit: This method cannot be achieved using Geforce Experience but you can install it afterwards.
  8. I never had issues with Windows 10 emulating PlayStation 1... I suppose you could just go this route personally speaking, installing and testing is free so why not give it a try?
  9. The CPU is going to be a bottleneck for steady 75fps specially on such demanding games you're looking to play. Furthermore the RX 590 probably can do it with fine tuning of the settings but certainly not on ultra.
  10. You'll be fine with it, great choice on these other components btw.
  11. The ROG Strix has Firmware issues as well, it's actually a bad purchase as far as premium 5700 XT's are concerned... Either ways ASUS very recently released an update to the Firmware to help fixing these issues, you can check it on this video: It's already on the right time.
  12. I have always used WinRAR and will continue to always use it since it does a great job with compression. It's far more used than it seems.
  13. What display settings? What do you expect from it? What are the other system specs? Upgrading storage is a whole lot easier than upgrading a video card.
  14. If they are priced the same then I'd go the i7 8700K as it is a better hexacore processor, specially if you'll be primarily gaming. Just make sure the motherboard is not garbage.
  15. Hahah I thought so, well I did buy a Viotek GN34CB which is a 3440x1440p100hz great VA panel and it's price is unmatchable by the competition yet: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/nDGxFT/viotek-gn34cb-340-3440x1440-100-hz-monitor-gn34cb Here's a very good review:
  16. In that case... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V8KVK8H?tag=pcpapi-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1
  17. Is it a genuine Microsoft controller...?
  18. Did you install Xbox 360 Software? I believe it's required so the game can recognize it. http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/9/4/69446ACF-E625-4CCF-8F56-58B589934CD3/Xbox360_64Eng.exe
  19. The A400 has the shittiest most broken FIRMWARE you'll see on a SSD.... it's literally trash and updating drivers won't save it, I have threads about issues with it every day in here, I'm tired of telling people who want to cheap up on SSD to at least get the Crucial BX500 which is at least reliable, Kingston is currently selling the worst SSD from a known brand and the same part it's selling TONS of it. OP's issue is obviously the broken performance on this drive is causing severe bottleneck to the CPU due to poor random access performance, if OP doesn't want to accept his SSD is bad then meh, there's nothing more to do in this thread.
  20. Your performance issues are clearly coming from that garbage SSD known as A400.
  21. Great, that's already more than I'd expect for an used card.