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    I'm half Brazilian and half German,Born in Hamburg though I live in Brazil because Europe gives me depression without the colours and joys from Brazil [:
    I'm a graduated Translator at 4 different languages and I work as an export manager, I have studied coding in college but never graduated end up the whole tech interest was more of a savvy standpoint than professional, I enjoy meeting good people that share the interest, LTT is a wonderful place to come spend some time.

    I really like Animes however not any kind of Anime, I prefer the more realistic ones, even if they are about fantasy, like CODE GEASS, Death Note or ones that have real original script like Re:Cretors. I have watch many though and am always open for a good advice!

    I love My Little Pony obviously and it has a big effect in my life, common interest with my boyfriend which actually is a strong bond between us in a very long relationship already, so I often commission good art of it and all, if you like MLP and wanna talk on private feel yourself invited! ^^
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    Professional English/Portuguese/Spanish translator - Export Manager


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    Intel Core i7 8700 6c/12t
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    Gigabyte z370 D3H mATX
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    G.Skill Trident Z 16gb 3200mhzCL16 certified.
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    EVGA FE GTX 1080 Ti
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    Cooler Master Case Pro 3
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    (3x)SanDisk SSD Plus 480gb g26 + Barracuda 1TB
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    Corsair TX650M 80Plus Gold
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    LG 29'' 2560x1080p100hz - Toshiba 49'' 4k60hz
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212X
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    Corsair K70 LUX RGB
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    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
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    Kingston HyperX Cloud
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Top card for 3570k

    Second hand GTX 980 Ti cards are going for dirty cheap nowadays and personally I feel it's the best cost effective solution for you.
  2. i5 8400 or i7 7700

    Not really, any b360 and the stock cooler will suffice for the i5 8400, the i7 8700 may require a better cooler and the VRM on h310 boards aren't ideal for it yes but for the i5 there's nothing to worry about. The i5 8400 is a great value CPU, in fact the best value CPU from Intel right now as it'll be enough to maximize the potential of a GTX 1070 Ti without issue in gaming while it's 6 cores will be helpful on video editing and alike. But if you'll do more professional work than game, and a GTX 1060 is as high as you'll go GPU wise I also would consider a Ryzen 7 2700 based build on a decent b450 board or even second hand deals on x370 boards.
  3. 7700k bottleneck 2080 ti?

    Yes you should not pair a RTX 2080 Ti with the i7 7700K personally speaking. You'll want the i7 8700K or even better the i7 9700K / i9 9900K to preserve your actual 'framerate', the 4 cores only for such a high end GPU on the latest titles won't cut out, intensive titles like Cyberpunk77 with its absurd AI will end up maxing the poor CPU and cause likely stutter, micro-lags and other dips that will hurt your experience regardless how high the averages seem to be.
  4. 1080 Ti SLI or 2080 Ti

    It really just comes down to what display you'll use... if you plan on playing games at 1920x1080p ~ 2560x1080p ~ 2560x1440p there will be little to no difference going with the 1080 Ti instead of the 2080 Ti As you can see: You can play at these resolution at high refresh rate the cards will be quite on pair as you'll be more CPU bound on these scenarios, you can have the 1080 Ti achieve the fps of the 2080 Ti by lowering like one graphical detail down somewhere... remember ultras sucks. The only place the 2080 Ti extra horsepower will mean something is at 4k or 3440x1440p: And that's is, if you need above 60fps in 4k, a high refresh rate 4k screen is more expensive than the GPU so in this case go for it obviously. RTX 2080 Ti performance advantage aside we're left with 2 games that will support Ray Tracing 'properly' and like 10 that promises DLSS which has been marketed like crazy as "much wow 90% performance gains" but I mean it's just anti-aliasing, it's not going to be a miracle. Instead of rendering the game at 4k you'l render it at 1080p and use tensor cores to do a better anti-aliasing SMAA does thanks to the Tensor cores. It's a gimmick for the most part, personally speaking. So this is it, if you're trying to save money in any way, make this a sensible high end gaming build the 1080 Ti should be it, if you just want to break the bank for the best of the best the RTX 2080 Ti is.
  5. 1080 Ti or 2080?

    This graphic does seem to favour RTX more than it should, who knows. My Founders Edition GTX 1080 Ti at stock had better result also:
  6. replace 980ti sli with a 2080 ?

    I'd save up for the 2080 Ti so no upgrades are needed for another couple of years or go with a second hand 1080 Ti for best price to performance ratio.
  7. Best 1080ti?

    Brand is meaningless you shop for models, what's your target price and country of residence?
  8. Buying 2080 TI or buying 1080 TI SLI Back...

    As much as i'm not hyped about RTX I always favour a single GPU over SLI.
  9. GTX 1070 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti

    Watch this video: And later do yourself this question, do I have to max out every graphical setting or not to enjoy playing my game? if you feel you have to then go with the 1080 Ti.

    I'd buy that card, I never cared about power efficiency any ways, rasterization is still here to stay as well, a GTX* 2080 Ti that's the same die size but rather with above TITAN V CUDA Core count would actually be a dream come true for 4k gaming on where we stand nowadays.

    DLSS is just very taxing anti-aliasing with a bunch of promises, DSR makes better sense. RTX Cards are pointless if you're not getting the 2080 Ti because you can afford the best, otherwise a second hand 1080 Ti and those are to become plentyful now, hells even second hand TITAN X Pascal / TITAN Xp, makes better sense. You can play at 4k high fps with a 1080 Ti just fine with all the eye candy should you know how to do just some minor adjustments on the graphics settings going with the old rule, ultra settings sucks: And judging by how Ray Tracing is being implemented if you're really cool with playing at 1080p you can do so with Ray Tracing on a 1080 Ti just fine keeping playable fps: RTX only makes sense if you got the $ for the best of the best and doesn't care to it, otherwise in every other sense getting a 1080 Ti specially a second hand one with better pricing is the right course of action.

    Why are people so into DLSS? we're going to ditch being able to render at native 1440p or 4k to go back to 1080p with just the new fancy AA out there? why?
  13. 1080p gaming - what is the best card for the price?

    Second hand GTX 980 Ti / TITAN X Maxwell. Second hand GTX 1070 ~ 1070 Ti
  14. 2100mhz vs 3000mhz on x299

    Sure, what is the entire system you'll have, and what will be your display?