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  1. Yip. Still worth a read. Honestly. I’m used to the almost throwaway instantly obsolete way tech is going with new releases. Whatever I buy doesn’t mean I have to still be using that in a year.
  2. Will do. Nvidia is probably the only thing I kind of am semi fanboying over. Yes from what I can gather it is an annoying scenario where I sort of need a mix of both high clock speed and cores to get the balance right. For the modelling side it is pretty much all clock speed. If I decide to render something or run a simulation cores have the advantage.
  3. I’ll see. I’m feeling a lot more patient and less impulsive lately so may be able to wait.
  4. I may do. I’m not in that much of a hurry. I will see how it goes. I’ll do some reading on zen 3 so that I can make an informed choice.
  5. I’m going to read up on zen 3. I’m not informed enough on it to have a good opinion.
  6. Here’s an example of my purchasing decisions. I’m highly considering initially buying a Nvidia Quadro P2200 or RTX 4000. There are far more powerful cards available for less money but the quadro cards are shown to perform better in testing in these types of applications.
  7. Is there anywhere I can see unbiased peer reviewed testing of that? That is what I like about Puget Systems. They do the testing to see what will give the best results for their customers. I just want to be completely unbiased in my decision. Using Solidworks 2020 as an example here is Puget Systems testing for CPU’s. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/SOLIDWORKS-2020-SP1-CPU-Performance-1681/ I’ll happily buy AMD based on proven performance advantage but I won’t buy based on any kind of bias. Same goes for Intel.
  8. What advantage would I get out of that as an end user? I am not informed on the different nm specs. My relationship with technology is all about what will it give to me the user. What’s under the hood is not as important.
  9. I thought I would put this out there and get some opinions on this. I’ve been getting more into CAD software lately and I’ve decided that after many years of not having a PC tower and just using laptops it is time to build one. I’m not going to build a PC based on a budget, I’m going to build it based on what is going to perform best with the software. The one thing I can’t decide on is CPU. I’m ignoring any kind of fan boyism or brand love/hate and going straight to what do I need which according to Puget Systems testing is Clock Speed for most things with rendering and simulation taking advantage of core count. I am highly considering the new 10900K as I get clock speed and a nice amount of cores where needed. I gave AMD a good look as I wanted to explore all options. However Threadripper would be 2-3x the price for things I’m not going to take advantage of and in testing the 9900K beat out the 3950X at damn near everything within the category that Puget tested it on. Also here in New Zealand I would be paying less for the 10900K than the 3950X. Motherboard pricing is no better or worse either way here. I can still get a 9900K but as this is a start from scratch build I may as well use the latest platform. But hey I’m open to hearing people’s opinion so thought I’d post. Full Disclosure I don’t do any gaming and I don’t do any content creation or streaming.
  10. As a Mac user and an iPhone user and someone who also uses PC’s often. It’s just a preference/use case choice. They are just tools. They are just a computer. If you don’t want one or need one, don’t buy one. For me it’s not about the device, it’s about what I create with the device. I just like the ecosystem that Apple offers. Everything talks to each other which is awesome for me. Also being able to make a phone call from my computer is great! Full disclosure I do not play video games anymore.
  11. In the first few sentences of that video Linus pretty much described one of the main issues with modern consumerism. Wanting something because its new and they don't have it, even though they don't actually need it.
  12. I am 31 so I imagine I am older than a high percentage of people on here. I grew up playing video games and all that stuff but as an adult when new things come out I honestly couldn't care less unless I actually need it for something. I don't get excited about new tech and am actually finding happiness going the other direction by limiting the tech in my life. What keeps you guys interested?
  13. Burn in alone is reason enough to not use an OLED for content creation. Editing is a scenario where you will spend a great deal of time looking at the same thing.
  14. @LinusTech Linus could you go more in depth into your preference for touch screens? I have used a touchscreen laptop in the past and it was handy but as a photographer I get annoyed by any spec of anything whether it be dust or a smudge on my screen.