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  1. William Payne

    iMac 2019 vs Fully-Loaded Macbook Pro

    I just want to thank @LinusTech and @GabenJr and the rest of the LTT staff for great video as always. Especially on things that they don’t normally cover.
  2. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    In Mac OS or boot camp windows?
  3. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    I am so glad I am keyboard agnostic. I have not found a keyboard that I can’t type on.
  4. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    I used windows for years. From the early 90’s to now. I do do prefer the simplicity and user friendliness of Mac OS. Its just a tool to me. I don’t care about customisation or writing code or anything like that. I just want to turn it on and work. The editing software I use works on it. Microsoft office works on it. It is just fine for my use case.
  5. I love watching these over the top videos but I also laugh at other examples like this where someone will build the most over the top system but the software may only take advantage of half of what the system is capable of. Red stuff though seems to push everything you chuck at it.
  6. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    No laptop out there could possibly run hotter than my hp laptop from 2012. That thing could roast marshmallows.
  7. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    I wonder if I am classified a fanboy. Even though I used windows PC for YEARS!! Before I even touched a Mac.
  8. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    proprietary software often gets overlooked. It’s like in the creative space. There are still software packages that are only on Mac. It’s gotten better but it still exists. Plus anywhere you go in the world and you need something for your work Mac is more common. Proprietary software is how I got into the Apple ecosystem to begin with way back when. Have to be fare though. LTT is a gamer orientated demographic. There are thousands upon thousands of professionals out there with vastly different workloads and many of them have zero interest in gaming.
  9. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    If you want to see real Apple hate and critique. Go spend time on the Mac Rumours forum. That place is probably the most negative place I have ever been too on the internet.
  10. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    Plus in all honesty a Mac is as much a “look at me” machine as any razer blade or insert other gaming laptop here. In fact things that LTT slammed the MacBook Pro for not having they slammed the razer blade for having! This is my gripe. Razer blades and MacBook pros have different use cases. But sort of sit in the same place price wise and share components such as the cpu. Yet LTT slams Apple for going dedicated thunderbolt 3 yet in a Razer review not long after critiqued Razer for including USB-A ports and not having more thunderbolt 3 or USB-c ports. Its like whats going on here? Apple gets rid of things and is criticised, but razer and other brands keep things and get criticised for leaving old stuff on and not going innovative with new stuff. That is what makes me scratch my head. It’s where what’s ok for one is bad for another or the other way around.
  11. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    I must have chosen the wrong case for my iPhone X. When you looking at the case you would have no idea what phone it was. Same goes for every case I have had with my iphones.
  12. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    Well from the repair side of things I live in New Zealand. Down here retailers MUST follow the 3 R’s it is the law and part of the consumer guarantees act. Repair Refund or Replace I made a post earlier about my views on this but it lost in the thread traffic. Just buy what works for your use case. If you are a gamer or need windows, stay as far away from from Apple as you can. Same as if you must need to customise. However if you are like me and don’t have any beef with any particular brand and just view everything as tools that allow me to do work Apple can be just fine. Depending on what you are doing. For me it’s all photo, video, audio and that is it. If I was wanting to game or do 3D cad design or programming or anything else I would just stay with windows. For me the Apple ecosystem is pretty damn cool. The fact that I can have multiple devices talking to each other is nice. It helps me in my work flow. Time machine alone is hugely valuable to me.
  13. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    Do you know what I do if I don’t like something?.... I pay no attention to it and just buy something else.
  14. William Payne

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    I am about to hit purchase on a brand new MacBook Pro (Or a new iMac but I’m leaning towards the portability side right now). I’ll not be getting the i9 in the MacBook. Why not?..... because if puget systems tests on windows have taught us anything it is that you should buy the hardware that is best for your software not whatever is coolest and most high performance at the time. I have done my research and for the use cases I will see (namely photo and video) if I get the Vega 20 graphics and stick to the i7 any performance hit will be negligible. Also for video as long as I use either final cut or davinci it won’t be so bad as they are less bothered by the lack of an nvidia gpu than premiere pro is on Mac OS. At least according to tests users have done. As for Mac OS I like it. I was and still am a windows user for years. Honestly I like the simplicity of Mac OS. I am not a developer or someone who dreams of being the greatest hacker or the next Steve jobs. I just want to turn it on, open a program and work. Either at my desk or on a plan or out in the field. Customisation be damned! I don’t care about it. I don’t game anymore. I just want to work. All I want to do is maintain a website, edit photographs, make the odd YouTube video and now and then do a podcast. I will probably never run windows on my Mac. I have no reason to. I love hugely powerful gaming PC’s buy until I decide to get back into gaming I just don’t need those kinds of computers.
  15. William Payne

    The First OLED Monitor! - ASUS PG22U

    Why do you want it?