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  1. As a Mac user and an iPhone user and someone who also uses PC’s often. It’s just a preference/use case choice. They are just tools. They are just a computer. If you don’t want one or need one, don’t buy one. For me it’s not about the device, it’s about what I create with the device. I just like the ecosystem that Apple offers. Everything talks to each other which is awesome for me. Also being able to make a phone call from my computer is great! Full disclosure I do not play video games anymore.
  2. In the first few sentences of that video Linus pretty much described one of the main issues with modern consumerism. Wanting something because its new and they don't have it, even though they don't actually need it.
  3. I am 31 so I imagine I am older than a high percentage of people on here. I grew up playing video games and all that stuff but as an adult when new things come out I honestly couldn't care less unless I actually need it for something. I don't get excited about new tech and am actually finding happiness going the other direction by limiting the tech in my life. What keeps you guys interested?
  4. Burn in alone is reason enough to not use an OLED for content creation. Editing is a scenario where you will spend a great deal of time looking at the same thing.
  5. @LinusTech Linus could you go more in depth into your preference for touch screens? I have used a touchscreen laptop in the past and it was handy but as a photographer I get annoyed by any spec of anything whether it be dust or a smudge on my screen.
  6. A for profit business only exists to make money. Yes there may be love and passion for what they do but money is what makes their world go round. That applies to all for profits whether it be a solo investor, a small stand on the corner that sells sunglasses, all the way to the biggest of the big. Even a company like Linus tech tips who obviously loves what they do has to make money. People complain about proprietary things but the reasons companies do that is so obvious its not funny. They need to make money.
  7. Great video but silly question do people really like that aspect ratio?
  8. People are already doing comparisons with HP and Dell workstations with similar specs. Apple is actually cheaper.
  9. I think these laptops will be cool. I am a MacBook Pro user but I just do photography. Don’t get your hopes up on prize though. Id be willing to bet that too specs on these things will make macbook pros look cheap.
  10. thunderbolt is incredibly handy but what was said in that video is absolutely correct. If your devices can't utilise the transfer speed than you won't get the advantage. Thankfully NVME external drives are becoming easier to get (for a price).
  11. I just want to thank @LinusTech and @GabenJr and the rest of the LTT staff for great video as always. Especially on things that they don’t normally cover.