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    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 2x8GB DDR4-3200
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  1. On ASRock's product page, this board has 2x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots. It looks like if you use both slots, the first would be at x16 and the other would be x4. Does anyone know If I installed a CPU that only had 16 PCIe lanes, like a G5400, would the second slot just not work, or would the first slot drop to x8? Actually nevermind, for some reason i was thinking intel Core CPUs had 20 lanes
  2. Loudness aside (my folding rig is in a separate room so noise is a non-issue) does the KO run into thermal throttling issues while folding?
  3. Quick question, I seem to remember a GamersNexus video where he showed that 2060 KO had near RTX 2080 in compute performance. Is that true, and if so, would that translate into F@H making 2060 KO the better card for it versus regular 2060?
  4. For a GPU like an RTX 2060, would being slotted into a PCIE x16 slot in x4 mode hurt the folding performance of it?
  5. Right, totally agree. Not trying to say that Xeon W-3275M is a good deal for how much it costs, but it is "fair" in that apple's pricing is in line with what Intel charges. I was also just wanting to check if i was wrong in thinking that they compared the mac pro to a different CPU in what was presented as an apples to apple price comparison. I think they should correct that purely in the interest of accuracy.
  6. Just a quick question/comment about this video. Linus point out the CPU pricing for Xeon w-3275 is around $4300, but wouldn't the CPU in question have to be a Xeon W-3275M which would make apples price for CPU pretty fair since Intel's suggested price for that is just shy of $7500? Reason I think this is because of Apple's 1.5TB RAM spec and according to Intel Ark, Xeon W-3275 only supports up to 1TB of RAM, while Xeon W-3275M supports of to 2TB. Not defending apple pricing overall or anything, but on this one point it seems like the pricing is fair unless I'm missing something.
  7. No, network discovery and file sharing is turned on for all my PCs. All the network sharing settings are the same for all my PCs.
  8. Not really a problem, but a minor annoyance. So In the network explorer window where it shows all the devices connected on you local network, for 'Computer' it's showing some of the PCs on my network, but not all of them. My understanding is that in order to view computers in this window, a PC needs to have the 'Computer Browser' service running, which requires SMBv1 to be enabled for that service to be available. Trouble is, none of my PCs have either SMBv1 enabled (verified in Windows Features and powershell) or the Computer Browser service available, and yet a few still show up, which from my understanding, they shouldn't. I even temporarily turned these on just to see, and I ccould see ALL my PCs in the Network explorer. Turn it back off and back to just the 4. Additionally, its the same 4 showing up on all my PCs. No real rhyme or reason about these 4. My main rig, HTPC, my laptop, and my f@H rig. Like I said, just an annoyance really, but any ideas why this might be happening?
  9. The hats slay me. In case anyone is wondering, the language is Korean and the hats don't actually say anything, but phonetically it's "Linus." This is how my brother and I text our mom because her default keyboard is korean
  10. Well i wasn't really asking if I should do it, or if my contribution would be meaningful, more of liek compatibility concerns with the old hardware, like would it even be supported
  11. So I have an old optiplex worstation that I've used basically as a guinea pig for past projects and now just sit collecitng dust. I'd like to bring it back up to use for something useful, and so I'm thinking about using it for folding. Its pretty old so I'm wondering if there are any concerns i should have about using something like this for folding? Specs are Core 2 quad 9550, 4GB of DDR2, and AMD R7 250.
  12. Will this be the game that teaches people to stop preordering? Probably not.
  13. So much detail, really appreciate that. I really do like the oneplus 6t and I think if my current phone actually broke today, this is what I would most likley buy, but i do think i would rather wait atleast another year for things like in-screen fingerprint sensor to improve and AT&T are planning on having natiowide 5G coverage by fist half of 2019. I may just have my battery replaced for now if it gets much worse and see if i can get some more life out of my current S7
  14. As far as what i've purchased myself, i've had a 2nd gen ipod nano, an iphone 3G, and an iphone 4. My mom had an imac which i often used to put music on my moms 1st gen ipod back in the day.
  15. DRAM is not the only kind of memory there is, and it is totally correct to say Optan is memory. I definitely don't think they should be combining optane with system memory in marketing though and that is misleading to the average joe looking at these laptops. The article seems like it keeps trying to say that Intel, Dell, and HP are saying directly that Optane is equivilant to DRAM, but the article itself reveals that this isn't the case. The author quotes Intel saying that Optane does not replace DRAM, and that is works alongside it which doesn't sound like "repalce" or "substitute" to me, but then follows that quote up by claiming that intel isn't making it clear that optane is not a subsititue for DRAM. Arguably, the author is being a little misleading himself imo.