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  1. Well, I can tell that when I start an application like a video game, it starts blinking more.
  2. So I build my PC two days ago, and everything seems to work fine except for the power LED. It keeps blinking vaguely. I would assume it would have to show a clear blue colour 24/7, but right now the LED is barely visible, and it only comes in flashes/blinks. I have read the manual and plugged the cables into what I can only assume are the right pins on the Mobo. Here's how I placed them in the bottom right corner of the mobo: Power LED+ | Power LED- | Power SW- | Power SW+ | HDD LED+ | HDD LED- | RESET SW+ | RESET SW- |
  3. I uploaded a screenshot of the verify test of my HDD: https://postimg.org/image/ik4vgdhon/ I can't seem to do the SMART test for some reason...
  4. Haven't heard about the SSD, but I will check it out. I tried finding the Samsung manufacturer tool, and I believe I found it (called HUTIL), but it seems to require a free disc, which I don't have. I am using a program called HDDScan now to go over my HDD (I have no idea what it does/checks for, but I guess I will run the different tests and see what it comes up with). After doing such tests, is that enough to check that my HDD is healthy? If my current HDD is fine, I won't go for an upgrade. I would rather wait a bit and upgrade it when prices have lowered. What about MX300 SSD?
  5. So I should upgrade my current SSD (which is a Kingston V series 128 GB) to something 250 GB and keep my current HD, yes? That's what I was considering anyway. I kind of like everything being new, but upgrading my HD when HD's are already on their way out of the market is kind of not a great deal imo.
  6. I would, but since it will cost me way more than the 250 GB, I kind of rule it out I guess. My HD is a Samsung HD501LJ.
  7. But do you think it's worth it to upgrade a HD? Or would it be better to just a year or two and replace it with another SSD?
  8. Also, It's with upgrading your harddrive. What do you mean?
  9. So first, I am thinking of buying a new SSD that is larger than the one I have (which is 125 GB). I am thinking about upgrading ot a 250 GB. After having read reviews and recommendations online, I have come across the Samsung 850 EVO plenty of times, and while it is probably an amazing SSD, I was wondering if anything comes close to it in terms of performance for a little less $. Though, I must admit I do like the 5 years warranty.My second question is, since I am building a new PC and every part in it is going to be new (along with the SSD I am buying), the only I haven't upgraded is my secondary hard drive. I was wondering if it's worth buying a newer/bigger HD, or if I should just use it for now along with my new SSD and upgrade my secondary hard drive to an SSD in a few years.
  10. I guess the S has more room for bigger parts + I can only assume more space = more cooling, yes?
  11. So in terms of performance, which is better? Better cooling forexample.
  12. What's the difference between the 2? Pros and cons?
  13. Yea, I forgot to say, it has to be able to contain an ATX Mobo. Is Lian Li a good producer of cases? I don't know them. My PC is going to be used for gaming.
  14. Are you familiar with cases made out of mainly aluminium? If so, can you provide me with a link? Preferably under 100$.