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  1. A intel pentium g3258 @4.2ghz and a Rx 470 4gb with 8gb of ddr3 ram
  2. Is furmark useful for cheking stability of gpu overclocks?
  3. Now max temp went to 80c but it’s no consistent
  4. My new Rx 570 4gb gets up to 76c full load is this safe and would getting a better power supply help at all?
  5. I already have some old parts and he just wants to play fortnite. The parts I have right now are as listed Cpu:Intel pentium g3258 mobo:ASRock z97 anniversary Psu:Evga 430 watt case: Corsair spec 01 Can someone give me options for a hard drive, 8gb ddr3 ram, and a Gpu that won’t bottleneck with this cpu
  6. Would you say better than the ASUS 1050 ti Cerberus Gpu?
  7. I want to get an Rx 570 4gb and this is the only one my microcenter has is it a good brand for Amd anyone experienced with power color products. https://www.microcenter.com/product/478703/Red_Dragon_AXRX_Radeon_RX-570_Dual-Fan_4GB_GDDR5_PCIe_Video_Card
  8. Anyone else have a tempered glass pc case and if so how do you keep your glass clean
  9. Ik at first I was thinking isn’t 700 kind of a lot
  10. What psu would I need for this list of parts? Gpu: Rx 570 4gb Cpu: Intel i5 7500 Ram:16gb Ddr4 hdd: 1tb ssd:240 gb
  11. I’m getting the 570 then it’s cheaper and from what I see is a good performer
  12. I have a free sync 144hz monitor so keep that in mind.Which is better? https://www.microcenter.com/product/478703/red-dragon-axrx-radeon-rx-570-dual-fan-4gb-gddr5-pcie-video-card or https://www.microcenter.com/product/503819/cerberus-gtx-1050ti-overclocked-dual-fan-4gb-gddr5-pcie-video-card
  13. Lowspecgamer

    Gta 5

    Is there a way to download Gta 5 without the multiplayer on steam because im not gonna play online.
  14. Ok because I had to bend my cpu 8 pin in an awkward way.
  15. I recently cable managed my pc and after the powers usage went up do you think the way I had to bend my psu cables did that?
  16. I haven’t done it yet, but when I install my new ssd do I leave my old hard drive plugged in? My ssd is gonna be a boot drive and maybe a few games and my regular hdd will be mass storage. I’m looking to reinstall windows and wipe my old hard drive. Do I need a windows 10 meadia usb to do that? If anyone could give me a detailed step by step process it would help a lot.
  17. Will it automatically activate or will I need a code?
  18. I’m gonna buy an ssd and I want to delete everything on my pc, but be able to transfer my operating system to the ssd. Is there a way of doing this without paying for Windows again?
  19. That would be 4 intakes and 2 exhaust?
  20. So I would have 4 intakes and 2 exhausts ?