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  1. I can't sync this with ASRock B365m Phantom Gaming 4. I built this setup today...but i don't have much knowledge about rgb/argb thing. Please guide me how can i sync my casing light with my mobo. Currently only RED light is glowing.
  2. Sagor

    ASUS Expedition RX570 4gb psu que?

    Thank you for ans. But you didn't mention can i run it directly or do i need converter? Also i can't find this non oc card review on internet .....do you know how much this card power consume?
  3. Sagor

    ASUS Expedition RX570 4gb psu que?

    My other component is very old i3 540, 8gb (4*4) ram, 2tb hdd & 500gb portable hdd. Consider my config my power consumption is not that high. So is it still not enough for my psu to run my setup properly?
  4. Sagor

    ASUS Expedition RX570 4gb psu que?

    I already have this PSU.
  5. Hello everyone, will ASUS Expedition RX570 4gb (8pin) card works on Antec vp450 (6pin)? If not then using 6pin to 8pin converter will it be safe to use? https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/EX-RX570-4G/specifications/
  6. Sagor

    Urgent Help Need!(Ku6000)

    Brought this TV (55*) few months ago from a 3rd party seller without warrant/guaranty.I will contact with them but before that i need some primarily idea what is wrong with it. Because they are not so honest, they may told me something else and charge me more. Update-This thing not shown always. Sometime it's blink sometime it's stay as long as the tv is on.
  7. Sagor

    Delete it.

    Delete this thread.
  8. Sagor

    Dbrand.Help me!

    I got my money, but what about new order? And also i mail them, still didn't receive any ans
  9. Sagor

    Dbrand.Help me!

    O don't misunderstood me.That same thing happened with my cousin also.And he tried what ever they told him to.But they just simple ignore by sending bot message. By 3rd seller i was mean actually he is only a guy who use his card for buying from international eCommerce sites with little bit additional charges.He has facebook page where i contact with him.
  10. Sagor

    Dbrand.Help me!

    Yes they do sell skin in our country.And they don't use ship for delivery.They charged 20$ for Fedex.
  11. Sagor

    Dbrand.Help me!

    So why they block the 3rd party seller whose card address is same as his delivery address? I guess they block all the transaction from Bangladesh.
  12. Sagor

    Dbrand.Help me!

    I guess they block all the Bangladesh address purchase.So if he mail them to sought out the problem. May be it can help.
  13. Sagor

    Dbrand.Help me!

    Maybe Linus mail can help me!
  14. Sagor

    Dbrand.Help me!

    Every time my cousin blocked, he got his refund within a day.It's the 3rd party seller who still didn't get his money.
  15. Sagor

    Dbrand.Help me!

    For last 2 years i brought skin for my family neighbor & friends because in our country not everyone have Credit card neither have i. So i purchase dbrand skin via my cousin card.He lives in USA. But last 2 month i can't place any new order.My cousin contact with them but they still keep blocking his order.He also reset his account & whatever dbrand said to him.But no luck.For that reason i contact with 3rd party seller in our country (Bangladesh).Guess what...they also block his order (feb-08) & he still didn't received refund, so neither am i. I don't resell Dbrand skin i simply help them to buy Dbrand skin. https://imgur.com/a/1aBU9 https://i.imgur.com/4Sm271n.jpg https://i.imgur.com/wQIvUpZ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/B6uRCC4.jpg What should i do now? Is anyone here who might help me? I also post it on dbrand sub-reddit,nothing help.