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  1. shouldn't be an issue, game textures are loaded in RAM and stuttering has nothing to do with storage device (in most cases) as SSD hardly provide performance benefit except faster loading times
  2. there was no xp back in 1999, it was released in 2001
  3. no, actually at that time uefi was disabled in my bios and after re-enabling it it showed uefi enabled in gpu-z sadly, i didn't my original gpu bios
  4. i think it failed to flash wrong bios otherwise my gpu would have got bricked instantly but i wasn't of that at the time and proceeded with flashing original gpu bios as when i checked in gpu-z it showed uefi is disabled so i wondered if my card has gone bad then i proceeded to flashing it with what i thought is original and untouched bios. The error i got was not reversible and both options IIRC would have resulted in same "flashing failed" error warning.
  5. So a while back i flashed my gpu bios after being fearful that it might get bricked after intentionally flashing wrong bios, i just wanted to test if it checks whether it is compatible or not. First it said error reading from file then later after pressing ok or something it warned saying gpu flashing failed so i got really triggered and thought it might get bricked upon restart so i flashed the one i had from TPU VGA BIOS collection, though clocks look to be at default and all three major memory manufacturer such as hynix, samsung etc. (mine was samsung when i originally got the gpu but after rma ithe ones i got were all hynix) are listed but i still wonder if that's the reason behind me having flickering textures and jagged edges in certain games including GTA V I don't exactly remember when this thing started but i feel it could have something to do with me flashing this unverified bios. Earlier more than a year ago when i did this, they didn't used to warn user about an unverified bios or it's consequences, i just started to see it so that's bit disappointing, had that warning been there earlier i would have most likely avoided flashing this bios.
  6. There's no motherboard that supports both DDR3 and DDR4 so it won't work
  7. some people are so dumb and weird. A little while back there was a guy who posted a thread about buying new 8gb ram kit or just add another 2gb stick for a total of 6gb. Although it was only 16$ and he himself mentioned it being "really cheap" then he went on about explaining me how there's a currency difference so he can't afford it so he was just contradicting himself with his earlier statement, i mean if he's serious about computers he should be aware that upgrades costs a fortune while him getting such a good deal on that ram kit still he was making stupid excuses like someone who can't even afford to pay his bills or even have enough money for food.

  8. Youtube is weird, they don't show delete comment or hide user from channel confirmation on desktop site but on mobile app they do show confirmation. A while back i regret deleting 3-4 comments which could have been avoided if confirmation dialog was present.

  9. GTA V Titanfall 2 Star Wars Jedi Cricket 19 COD: WWII
  10. I don't really take it for granted if talking about the forum but many people do. Like someone has a issue people will post stupidest and dumbest of solution and have no clue or idea what OP is talking about and then they tell them basic things about PCs like the asking guy is a rookie and have no experience or knowledge at all and many times they even get reacts for that. This sometimes makes me furious and upset knowing there are so many retards out there.
  11. yeah, i used the same adapter with my ps3 after it's hdmi port broke. It's job does the job very well and i had no real issue expect initially when i didn't know the usb cable that came with it need to be plugged in to provide power as it's an active adapter
  12. yeah, my first instinct after reading your post was same as well. Had a ram slot stop working after i bent pins in my cpu socket more than 2 years ago when i was trying to clean the socket, it was really dumb of me.
  13. WikiForce


    no, that requires DP 1.4
  14. AMD stock cooler should come with pre-applied thermal paste like all air coolers like Intel stock or even 3rd party ones. Only ones that don't are some certain AIOs.
  15. Life is so shit because of stupid people giving me allergic reactions and humming / singing on rare occassion on a purpose for me. I wish my uncle dies soon, he's the main reason behind all my problems >:(

    1. lewdicrous



      People cannot give you allergic reactions.

      You're not the centre of attention that anyone that hums/sings is doing so for you.

      Wishing for someone's death is seriously fucked up.


      This sounds more and more like a psychiatric problem.

  16. obsessions after obsessions, fuck it. It's a never ending cycle because of my bad karma.

    Got a slight dust mark on my monitor then trying to clear other one out which i already concluded is a scratch but i still went to by sweeping it with my fingers it didn't go away then tried bit of saliva which didn't make it go away (as obviously it's scratch so what i earlier reckoned was right) then there was slight drop of it under the scratch because i took a bit too much out of my tongue then i went to get a cloth to clean it and while cleaning the 90% of cloth was extremely wet but the matter of the fact is few days back i cleaned my running nose with it and forgot about it so due to the cloth being almost entirely wet the mucus was still there which got on my monitor and was in total despair and still trying cleaning with it.

    Ended up realizing a little while later that it has my few days back mucus still sticked to it as it didn't get dry even though days have due to cold weather. Then tried paper and stuff which left residue then i thought my hankey could be handy as i couldn't find any other cloth then for dry cleaning i bought some cloth from other room which seemed fine but it had tape attached to it which had wall paint sticked to it (my brother used that sheet to cover walls that's how paint got there) so when cleaning i realized rather quickly this time and stopped could have been more trouble but i was really careful and kept that part away but eventually stopped because i felt it was unsafe but by the time it did it's job pretty well then for more satisfaction i found a fabric bag which i swept a little and more than around 40mins of bullshit ended.

  17. just found out that my RAM doesn't actually support XMP :(


    1. Pascal...


      Well, that's why you do your research before you buy anything....

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      lol, Big oof!

  18. there seem to be some changes in dark theme of youtube, it's looks alot darker now and less sleek

  19. What a weird bug, see the current time of video playthrough on left. It's missing the last digit.Screenshot_2020-01-18-09-31-51.png.4c82b6b9ae55f50765bf778aa97066d6.png

    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      Sometimes when I screenshot YouTube videos I get lines


    2. WikiForce


      Not sure about you but for me this happened for the 1st time, i wonder what could be the reason behind it. Might be something paranormal / supernatural just like how i see repeated numbers too often

  20. But the PC in benchmarks video he's talking about has only slightly faster 1600mhz ram and i believe 1333mhz still not as bad with reasonable latency. There are people still gaming on DDR2 just fine.
  21. I sometimes wonder why we need so much horsepower to run PCs. I mean even in late 90s we had few million heartz processors nowadays we are talking in billions that too with multiple cores.

    1. WikiForce


      You mean 1080p60fps gaming or video streaming?

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      Whats the difference?  we can simultaneously do both now. (with an add-on card) we progressed so much.

    3. lewdicrous


      Horsepower? PCs? What car have you been smoking? /s


      You can't really compare the programs that we currently have to the ones that we had in the 90s or even early 2000s.

      Things become more and more powerful as technology advances and thus requires more resources.

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  22. I don't really use any paid online entertainment sites or apps so literally nothing else than my broadband which cost me 1200 INR (almost 17$) per month for unlimited 50mbps up/down.
  23. if you have are on a tight budget then any decent b450 mobo from a reputable brand but if you want highend stuff for features like PCIE 4.0 then go x570
  24. i am not sure, if your budget allows you should get a 2060 super or 2070 super. But i still believe you can get stable 100+ fps with 1660 super if you are willing to turn down settings from ultra to high and it still doesn't bad at all.