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  1. Fucked up my pc with ransomware :/

    1. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      you have a backup?

    2. WikiForce


      @The King of the Undead yeah but only my media data, not games.

    3. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      oof. I know steam backs up a significant portion of game save files.

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  2. Total BS, what are they even trying to achieve


    1. TetraSky


      Wait... Isn't Fortnite on mobile already? What did I miss?

  3. still should even if timings don't match, bios will set it to the lowest frequency module
  4. yay, got 4th update for my phone ever since i got it. They seem to be really aggressive with it and i like it, so pleasant and satisfying.

    1. EL02


      What brand?

    2. WikiForce


      Realme C3

    3. WikiForce


      forgot to post update SS


  5. played CS GO, did 3 kills. Not bad for a rookie like me but still i feel it could have little been better had i used normal rifle instead of some heavy kind of shotgun type weapon.

  6. just played a match in World of Tanks Blitz after a while :D


    1. Silentprototipe


      Trust me in a few hours you will be sorely disapointed with Wargaming

  7. wow, that's significantly slower than even my Crucial BX500 running on SATA 2 I wonder what could be wrong
  8. yay, flashing bios on my gpu fixed jagged edges and flickering textures, can't believe i was holding onto it it for so long without having a clue, better late than never.


    I actually thought the bios file i had lying around since more than 3 years was the same as the one available at TPU but no, i downloaded it and checked there was 1KB size difference so i thought it would be wise to flash the firmware i found on TPU as the one i had lying around was probably what fucked it up in first place and it went well, now i am so happy to know that my gpu was alright and it was only a software based issue.


    Still i want to get my brother's 1050 ti as it's about 2x faster and i seem to be struggling in newer games as my gpu has become really outdated.

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      i still wont be doing that until i have reserve money to buy something new if i break it. already my monitor is like 80% done & i need to replace this in like 6 months time still don't have a reserve money for that specific(ofcourse it has to do with my high value demand & that's a problem, i can easily buy a cheap monitor but i'm way past that point) if i'm wasting money on something imma waste it for something good.

    2. WikiForce


      how did you fuck up your monitor?

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      well, i t took me a long time to figure out what happened. i thought it was a panel manufacturing error. i didn't do anything intensive except sometimes keeping the 10 bit adobe output for hours. but it is supposed to do that for the entirety of it's life span. Problem was electrical. It was the in-house wiring & the the current flow wasn't grounded at all. meaning any dirty power coming in the pc components & the monitor took full heat of it. i had AVR enabled UPS but it can only do so much. i used to get shocked with the exposed cage contact & even touching hdd would shock me.


      it might sound easy to ground it with some make shift stuff & i did do it & it didn't work except reducing the shock intensity, properly fixing it require a lot of money like 5x a new full fledged gaming PC. so you probably can guess why i didn't do it.

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  9. probably a bad cable or faulty connector on either end, my monitor does this with vga so i never use and using dvi for pc.
  10. image.png.8aa97a0bb0501985942b63cfec152d84.png

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      eww why would someone say it like that?

  11. is colored title bar in w10 universal? i mean i want file explorer to display black title bar to compensate my dark mode and default blue for everything else

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      i believe it's customizable, either that or you you ghave to set it to high contrast mode on accessibility settings. but that will make everything black in the background.

  12. decent budget build, but how did you get it done during lockdown?
  13. yeah, look for a used 1060 6gb or rx 580 8gb if on tight budget but if are you're willing to buy new i would recommend a 1650 super or 5500 xt.
  14. just 3 days to go for my 1 month ban to lift on fb 😎

    1. imreloadin


      By FB I'm guessing you mean Facebook?

    2. WikiForce
    3. Tech_Dreamer


      inb4 2nd ban on some muslim shittalk.

  15. SATA 2 is certainly a bottleneck 🙄


    1. Techstorm970


      I mean, yeah.  Most, if not all SATA SSDs made in the past 5+ years would experience significant bottlenecking from SATA II.


      On the flip side, HDDs dgaf which version of SATA you have. xD

    2. WikiForce
  16. now even my router has dark mode 😎

    thanks to DD-WRT :D

  17. straight to 2004 from 1909 🤔


  18. they should have rather bumped the vram to 16gb, makes no sense when 11gb is lacking on original 2080 ti itself.
  19. is ivy bridge significantly more efficient than sandy bridge? talking about 22nm vs 32nm here so i expect it to be considering only 77w tdp compared to 95w on latter and slightly higher clocks too.

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      it's a tock version i believe. so it should be faster with the same wattage compared to sandy bridge.

  20. 47245808_1907592212611126_6920449330524454912_o.jpg?_nc_cat=107&_nc_sid=8bfeb9&_nc_ohc=g0Yku6pGbf0AX8cQDMZ&_nc_ht=scontent-del1-1.xx&_nc_tp=6&oh=951496182e11ffd24f036cb9ac30a545&oe=5EBED27C

    1. The King of the Undead
    2. themaniac


      I've seen this image before, but I cant remember which plate it was

  21. i come under majority, enough said. Same as you.
  22. back in september 2017, i thought about cleaning dust off my pc and tried cleaning the cpu socket with paper towel which bent the pins and one ram slot stop working and gpu started running at x4 instead of full x16 speed. I had bought three motherboards after that, GIgabyte H61M-S (had manufacturing detect causing it to brick after changing from ide to ahci in bios, even with replacement unit), then i got some Mercury board which was also based on H61 chipset and it was missing many basic features in bios and it's design was quite weird too as front panel connectors literally used to sit under my gpu (major issue with a dual slot gpu like mine). Then i finally got Asus H61M-K almost two years back (may 2018) which has been impressive so far as it provide all features and gui bios are quite intuitive too. I got it for a reasonable price too at the time where prices for other ones available were very high because of low availability of this older chipset mobo and price of it also increased from 4k to 6k as soon as i bought it so i was right on money there. Though few minor things i dislike about it is you can't sleep mode function of power led and which is blink by default and it's annoying for me so i never use it for this sole reason, can't turn off usb charging as well as it keeps providing power even after system is being shutdown, to usb ports. It may sound weird and it also was hard for me to understand as well, i got a LiteON SSD before my current Crucial BX500 and it fucked up my mobo and it started malfunctioning such as computer not turning off properly as fans kept running even after being shutdown then barely booting but sometimes it did but just once after disconnecting or reconnecting a drive. I got it RMA'd last years in Jan and it was a really good experience, they were fast and gave me a decent brand new replacement.
  23. did a clean install last night but the issue is pagefile is on my ssd by default. do i need to disable or move it to another drive or it's ok?

    1. wkdpaul


      I personally move it to another drive, but it's ok to leave it on the SSD, but be aware that if your system is using the page file a lot, that could reduce your SSD lifespan. But that's rare edge cases IMO, so it's generally fine.

    2. WikiForce


      i have 16gb ram and that's plenty, especially with lite version. I hardly ever touched 80% ram usage even while multitasking so i think it should be alright.