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  1. I mostly buy local branded peripherals as Logitech / Corsair aren't very budget oriented.
  2. stop generalizing, there's some quality chinese stuff too.
  3. i don't there's any AM4 motherboard that is more expensive than 200$, let alone 300$ mark. I think that would be the price of Intel's 9th gen. (z390) motherboards.
  4. I do think you gonna be okay with that build especially at 720p med/ high on those games. 2400G iGPU is slightly better than GT 1030.
  5. I'm not productive at all with my computer :(

    i can do much better things like playing games, making a youtube video but i keep procrastinating all the time and instead keep watching youtube videos, scrolling through my feed on Instagram / Facebook.

    1. Tech_Dreamer
    2. Jtalk4456




      There's the problem right there... XD

  6. Seems like giving off bad vibes affects your internet life as well :/

    1. themctipers
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      define "internet life"

    3. WikiForce


      mainly FB and LTT forum.

  7. Mom dropped my phone few days ago and ever since it would you heavily stutter while playing youtube videos and hang for 4-5sec. while scrolling a site or app. As if extremely laggy ui and overall unresponsiveness wasn't enough in the first place :(

  8. Internet mysteriously went down in morning, called ISP in the evening and he as i suspected confirmed that wires got cut due to the trees being cut in front of my house. Will come in the morning to fix it at 9:30 am. Till then i'm obliged to use 4g mobile data.

  9. try harder, you might find a used 1050 ti for 80$ as my brother got a steal deal for around same price considering the inflated prices here it should be easier for you to find a 1050 ti at that price range.
  10. Is this for real? sounds like a major scam. 21$ for 8GB DDR3 stick while all other brands cost more than double. Even when the RAM were cheap i got 4GB Corsair Valueselect stick for around this much price. Would be a hell of a deal if it's not fake because i'm really keen to upgrade to 16GB by buying two of these :D


  11. that's a bit low, i would expect atleast around 50-60 for that card considering it's working all fine.
  12. H61 didn't originally had UEFI and with that it got support for 3rd gen CPUs as well. So I think you should be okay but i still recommend you to update if there's a new firmware, just in case.
  13. the light bar on the ps4 controller is such a waste of battery. Also, what's the thing with share button on a controller? so fucking weird.

    1. Jtalk4456


      well you gotta consider it's there for tracking purposes for the psvr, so as much of a drain as it is, it's necessary

  14. As of recent iPhones have been really poor value especially with the scenes such as bendgate and charge gate. I would recommend an OnePlus 6T for android side of things.
  15. again did a stupid experiment resulting in deleting one of my recent comments on youtube which got 4 likes :/

    1. TVwazhere


      Go back ever further and:

      Image result for who could ever use that much storage

      IIRC late 70's, early 80's

    2. Jtalk4456


      what is this "hard disk" you speak of? SSD's are where we currently put storage.

  16. it could have been a faulty HDD because i haven't heard about any such incident. WIndows is absolutely fine with HDD as i mentioned earlier.
  17. why would an HDD cause freezing unless it's faulty? they work absolutely fine with any modern OS, they might be alot slower than SSDs but that doesn't mean Windows would crash due to them. Most HDDs are fast enough to handle Windows 10 easily, especially 7200rpm ones.
  18. Life is so fucking shit, everybody is out to get me and then when i complain about it they act like it's my fault and i hurt them. They would show as if they don't care or having nothing against me but deep down i know everyone consider me a loser. IDK how giving me these stupid reactions helps them to do better? Nobody cares about my feelings. There are far more stupid and weirder people than me but everyone treats them normally. Seems like i'm suffering from some kind of spell or curse. Could also be something related to past lives deadly sins.

  19. What are game developers doing? Even at low, graphics in AC Odyssey look exceptional.

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      mostly polishing stuff i guess & trying suck out as much money they can from minute improvements in real world performances.

    2. WikiForce


      I think they just want everyone to buy top tier GPUs, just imagine if game looks that good on low then just imagine how demanding it will be on ultra settings.

  20. Sandy Bridge, it was a huge breakthrough in performance improvement over 1st gen. i5-2300 being my favorite because that's what i own. Would have loved to own an 2500k because that was everyone's favorite CPU back then but my budget didn't allow (also costlier motherboards like P67/Z68) and my lack of knowledge of components too was a huge factor costed me having a half baked PC as the GPU i got was a freaking 8400GS. I told the builder to put 1GB GPU and that's he gave me. I had no knowledge of different motherboard chipsets and unlocked or locked CPUs.
  21. is it just me or facebook is really down?

    1. WikiForce


      finally working, just refreshed and it loaded :D

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      never got into FB craze even under excruciating pressure from my friends, sms me fam.

    3. Jtalk4456


      facebook? don't use it, so no clue what might've happened

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  22. my life is shattering in pieces due to my indecisions and stagnation :(

    1. lewdicrous


      Everything is gonna be alright 

    2. Tech_Dreamer
    3. Tech_Dreamer


      and add 'procrastination' to the list.

  23. FML >:(

    1. WikiForce


      everyone hates me and i am extremely dissatisfied with my daily routine. I hardly game anymore or do anything productive on my pc which is adding to my frustration. Also, i have really bad habit of sleeping/ laying on bed till mid evening which is now going on now since almost 2 years and the main reason behind my life turning around for worse. Though, on odd days i might wake up at reasonable time but that's only like 4-5 days max. in a month. I have been bottling up my emotions for too long and feel terrible about it. Guilt and frustration is eating me up inside.

    2. Twilight
    3. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus


      everyone hates me

      It might feel like it, but it is never true.

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