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  1. why do you need so many monitors?
  2. steam is a resource hog 🙄

  3. finally after sleeping only 4-6hrs daily since last two weeks, i had glimpses of going back to my old ways of sleeping excessively as i slept almost 15hrs, i did wake up at reasonable time today (10am) which was ok since i slept around 12am but then i after like half an hour i couldn't resist extreme sleepiness then i woke at 2:27pm but again couldn't resist sleepiness then slept 1hr more, hope i don't do this regularly from now on but i guess it's somewhat ok occasionally

  4. my awesome internet 😎

    i feel so honored and grateful to have such an amazing speed and ping in my 3rd world country

    Local Broadbands have changed the game here, started from 5mbps back in June 2016 and see how things changed over the course of 4 years with massive improvement

    No photo description available.

    1. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      I read 2016 and my brain went "two years ago".

  5. suppressed anger is the reason behind my current misery :/

    1. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      I find multiplayer video games that include a lot of shooting help. For F2P I recommend crossout. it is on steam.

    2. WikiForce



      Edit : oh right you mentioned F2P. I didn't notice, my bad

  6. not good at all, i have lost all self control in recent times 🙄


  7. sick of getting banned on facebook, just 2 days ago my 3 day ban was lifted and i can't be calm enough and write offensive things which people can't bear, but reason this time was very stupid.


    I mean how calling someone "stupid and nonsense" is such a bad thing, i mean it's slightly critical but nothing to be concerned about or anything over the top ridiculous like when i reported a guy twice mentioning "Indians are motherfuckers and suck their daddy's dick" but both times my report was rejected as facebook was totally fine with it.

    Height of hidden agenda and feminism.

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      you don't go to a church & say their god is a fake. that would cause chaos.


      but if you go to the same church & say some other god is fake they will welcome you.  See how shit works? the pinnacle of human emotional ingenuity.

  8. so much anger and hatred is not good :(

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      tell me about it. i've been fighting this shit for 4 or 5  months now. i cannot listen to music like before . its like my brain constantly talks & reminds me about my past events & failures. it's forcefully concentrating events for no reason other than to keep me in a stressful mood 2/3rd of the day. i randomly take a deep breath & only then i realize how tight i was keeping my chest due to the stress. apparently my whole body was in stress.

    2. WikiForce


      wow, what happened to you dude? i feel bad hearing that, i hope you get better soon

  9. Wow :o


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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      damn! free? i am tempted to try it , but i am certain my 7750 wont handle it.

    3. WikiForce


      yeah, it struggles even with 750 ti at 1080p low, can't even achieve 30fps. I looked a benchmark video.

    4. dizmo


      @WikiForce Why don't you just install the Euro version of Windows? It has less tracking/bloat. Either way, seems like an odd thing to do.

      @Tech_Dreamer Eh, I don't think it would have affected it that much. Cyberpunk is a different genre.

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  10. wow, a new "Hanta-Virus" has been discovered in China and 1 person has died off it. Not sure when this epidemic and chaos will stop.

    1. WikiForce


      but still, situation is getting worse day by day. I am really worried about what will happen in upcoming months, there's already so much chaos and it's getting worse every minute. Future of humanity is in danger to me.

    2. GOTSpectrum


      Don't worry about it, there's too many humans anyway! 

    3. lewdicrous


      Doom eternal was released recently and the year has been fucked since day one, coincidence? /s

      From what I could gather, there were only 728 cases in the US back in 2017 (didn't find more recent numbers), so it's not really that prominent.

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  11. finally turned on AC today as weather is getting really hot, both fans weren't enough so i had no other option but one really sensible thing i did was as AC is providing adequate cooling i turned off both fans so i can hear audio on my pc clearly and potentially save power

  12. if you aren't getting a ssd for a while then i would recommend partitioning it otherwise if it's not that far off and you can wait i would recommend just having a single partition for time being. i would never recommend doing cloning or stuff like that it's not very reliable and almost always clean install is recommended so in that case you might struggle if you have only one volume.
  13. i don't think you should do that because when you only have 1 partition, all of your data will be deleted when you do a clean install of windows
  14. but didn't he clearly mentioned it's legacy and not UEFI?
  15. my brother ordered his new phone from my account on amazon 😎


    1. Tech_Dreamer


      why your account?

    2. WikiForce


      i don't mind him doing that, he was using my pc. Anyway, he did one really stupid thing, rather than adding his own new address, he edited mine and changed the name to his which i found weird it's ok i think i can be safe while ordering stuff under his so no one can question me, it's a good idea though my uncle don't have objection with me ordering stuff since nearly 2 years after we shifted to this house.

  16. image.png.839b20c5ac6dc29f9928017b5a904ef6.png

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      it it's fake it's funny, if it's real then whats the difference?

  17. RX 580 by a long shot, 1050 ti is not even anywhere close
  18. my brother might give me his 1050 ti but it's gonna take a while and i can't wait that much, hoping some video gets boosted on my youtube channel and i can get those 100$, to which 20-30$ will be added by my family which i think they will be ok with and i will be able to score a 1060 6gb on olx. I am currently at 86$ on my youtube's adsense earnings.

  19. WikiForce

    need help

    i think you need to upgrade to 16gb ram
  20. Youtube's 128kbps sounds way better than most of my 320kbps mp3s

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      it's to do with normalization. some frequencies are boosted.

  21. well, seems like i need to format it, just like it worked in your case it it doesn't then i am willing to buy a new 64gb one. I mean, files get corrupted over time due to something being weird with my sd card, i had a really unstable phone before which could have affected something in it otherwise it seem to do alot better on my new phone.
  22. so my SD card is really weird, it has many old songs corrupted which get always get stuck at some fixed point then next one plays and i was also getting file move error when transferring data from internal storage to my sd card through the option given in settings but it was fine when doing that manually with file manager. So another issue i am facing is that the recordings of games also get corrupted which are fine on internal storage. The issue so weird, the video file has no issue in playing, it's just that after a minute or two in video the game would things such as show pixelation and huge stutters that last several seconds. It has nothing to do with my SD Card's speed because it's rated for 10MB/s (80mbps) and according to the setting i see when setting quality which is set to maximum 1080p says it has bitrate of 14mbit/sec. Do you think it's a viable option to backup all data and format the sd card? BTW, I have a Sandisk 32GB Class 10 UHS-1 card that i bought around 4 years ago from amazon.
  23. WTF? My phone's storage is faster than my PC's 😮


    1. The King of the Undead

      The King of the Undead

      well OK then.

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      memory speeds are supposed to be fast, how do you think people are able to record 1080p60fps & continuous 12-40 mp shots on regular phones all these times?


      well, it does depending on the class of storage you have. but you get the point right?