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  1. So finally after more than 3 years, i am getting a new phone. I am confused between mainly realme c3, redmi 8, asus max pro m1.


    the realme one is missing fingerprint scanner and doesn't have (or support) fast charging though has android 10 and gaming performance is phenomenal with powerful helio g70


    redmi 8 looks good with type c, fingerprint scanner and 18w fast charging but processor is really outdated (sd 439)


    and lastly, asus one looked be somewhere balanced between two though from what i've heard even having 5000mah battery (all these 3 phone do) the backup isn't great, it normally last a day where you would expect atleast 1 and a half considering the capacity


    i am keen on getting the realme c3 because the raw performance is significantly better than both of the others also the fact it has latest android 10 while other two have pie, i might miss out on type c or fast charging / fingerprint scanner but that's not a big deal for me.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Gapi said:

    yeah its probably alright, just unsure about the gpu, maybe there's a better preforming model at the price but i have no clue about that

    I think you could go with 5600 xt as it's quite faster and better value

    Edit : Didn't see the price and i thought it was 1660 ti, nvm.

  3. 5 hours ago, NZgamer said:

    Yes, it is very important that for a new build you reinstall windows if you reuse the SSD from and old build. The old install was "linked" to your old hardware, not the new stuff. So yes, backup your stuff and reinstall

    Wrong, there's no such thing. Windows 10 can automatically detect hardware changes and install drivers according to that. I had no issue with my previous windows install after changing ram or motherboard. In Device Manager, the hardware not in use is actually hidden by default and is greyed out indicating that it's not active. There is "getting devices ready" message on boot for a little while which proceeds setting up new hardware or changes.

  4. 23 minutes ago, Grabhanem said:

    My guess would be a combination of slow processor and slow mechanical hard drive.

    I agree on hdd but if processor was slow he would not be having satisfactory performance in games especially considering he can play a cpu intensive like gta 5 on high-ultra just fine

  5. 10 minutes ago, JoostinOnline said:

    Do you mean 1440p? Because 1920x1080 is 2k, but people often mix that up with 2560x1440.

    No, you are wrong. 2k is actually 1440p and 1920x1080 is most commonly called 1080p or full hd.

  6. 38 minutes ago, Husky said:

    Does it still say that UEFI is disabled? Because UEFI ROMs are signed with digital signatures and GPUs will disable their UEFI mode if they have a non-original vBIOS on them.


    Did you make a backup or dump of your original vBIOS before your flashed any of the others?

    no, actually at that time uefi was disabled in my bios and after re-enabling it it showed uefi enabled in gpu-z


    sadly, i didn't my original gpu bios :(

  7. 22 minutes ago, WereCatf said:

    You got an error and decided that "hey, I'll just ignore it and proceed with flashing a BIOS"? I have no idea what that did or didn't do to your GPU, but that's a really stupid thing to do.

    i think it failed to flash wrong bios otherwise my gpu would have got bricked instantly but i wasn't of that at the time and proceeded with flashing original gpu bios as when i checked in gpu-z it showed uefi is disabled so i wondered if my card has gone bad then i proceeded to flashing it with what i thought is original and untouched bios. The error i got was not reversible and both options IIRC would have resulted in same "flashing failed" error warning.

  8. So a while back i flashed my gpu bios after being fearful that it might get bricked after intentionally flashing wrong bios, i just wanted to test if it checks whether it is compatible or not.


    First it said error reading from file then later after pressing ok or something it warned saying gpu flashing failed so i got really triggered and thought it might get bricked upon restart so i flashed the one i had from TPU VGA BIOS collection, though clocks look to be at default and all three major memory manufacturer such as hynix, samsung etc. (mine was samsung when i originally got the gpu but after rma ithe ones i got were all hynix) are listed but i still wonder if that's the reason behind me having flickering textures and jagged edges in certain games including GTA V


    I don't exactly remember when this thing started but i feel it could have something to do with me flashing this unverified bios. Earlier more than a year ago when i did this, they didn't used to warn user about an unverified bios or it's consequences, i just started to see it so that's bit disappointing, had that warning been there earlier i would have most likely avoided flashing this bios.

  9. I don't really take it for granted if talking about the forum but many people do. Like someone has a issue people will post stupidest and dumbest of solution and have no clue or idea what OP is talking about and then they tell them basic things about PCs like the asking guy is a rookie and have no experience or knowledge at all and many times they even get reacts for that. This sometimes makes me furious and upset knowing there are so many retards out there.

  10. On 12/28/2019 at 12:07 AM, WaferCone said:

    Here's something I found, I hope it helps. It's a $16 adapter found on Amazon.


    Connecting a PS2 to an HDMI TV.


    Working link to the adapter on Amazon.

    yeah, i used the same adapter with my ps3 after it's hdmi port broke. It's job does the job very well and i had no real issue expect initially when i didn't know the usb cable that came with it need to be plugged in to provide power as it's an active adapter

  11. 3 minutes ago, StatikSA said:

    Thanks guys tried all looks like when i was storing the motherboard while waiting for a new CPU it might of bent a pin, so will have to fix that

    yeah, my first instinct after reading your post was same as well. Had a ram slot stop working after i bent pins in my cpu socket more than 2 years ago when i was trying to clean the socket, it was really dumb of me.