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  1. why does my watch keeping killing battery? replced them 3 times now?

    It's either because the batteries are cheap or the watch itself has a parasitic drain.
  2. 8100 too toasty

    The G4400 is a dual core that runs at 3.3GHz so obviously will be cooler overall than the quad core i3 8100 running at 3.6GHz.
  3. 8100 too toasty

    I'd say that's about right for a stock cooler, remember you won't be pinning all cores at 100% all of the time.
  4. Best recording software for me?

    YouTube only supports 60 FPS...
  5. Best recording software for me?

    To be honest I don't think that matters much, 60 FPS on a video is still buttery smooth.
  6. Best recording software for me?

    Shadowplay that is built into GeForce Experience.
  7. I7 3770k vs ryzen 1600x

  8. problems with pc!

    You may have an unstable OC, drop the offsets back until you get a stable system.
  9. Looking for a smaller case for a threadripper build

    Well you don't have much choice, the Zenith Extreme is an E-ATX board so you'll have to look at cases that support that form factor.
  10. Good cooler for i7-8700

    This... https://pcpartpicker.com/product/93Crxr/cryorig-cpu-cooler-h7
  11. What type of parking brake do you prefer?

    Just would like to know really
  12. Zenith Xtreme qcode 00

    Q-Code 00 usually means CPU fault. Have you checked to see if it has any physical damage (i.e. the contact pads on the bottom of the chip)?
  13. Best Prebuilt pc for $630 or under with no GPU

    If it's not for gaming just buy an office PC like this... https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16883101650
  14. Which game settings hit CPU performance the most?

    It's not so much the settings in the game, it's the type of game you are playing. A good example of this is BeamNG.Drive, this game hits the CPU hard with physics calculations and it not only likes frequency it likes more cores/threads as well (for spawning more than one car on a map).
  15. G4560 PC Gpu Upgrade

    Used 750Ti 2GB
  16. ATX Motherboard that will work out of the box with i7 7700k

    200 series chipsets work with Kaby Lake out of the box
  17. What is this Worth?

  18. Good cheap 1151 motherboard

    This... https://pcpartpicker.com/product/NdtWGX/msi-b250-pc-mate-atx-lga1151-motherboard-b250-pc-mate
  19. 1050 vs 1050ti or alternative?

  20. HUANAN X79 motherboard Liquid Cooling

    Never heard of that company before, though searching them on Google it looks like they went out of business years ago as they only made X58 and X79 boards.
  21. best low end cpu for gtx 970 sli?

    Probably an i3 8100
  22. One supports SLI and the other doesn't...
  23. If it's a more modern board they will come with at least 2 M.2 slots.
  24. Best CPU For LGA 1155

    The 3770 will be better