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  1. The best I've seen is this... (This is a picture that I took when I was away last-week in Matlock)
  2. What build?
  3. SSD or HDD.
  4. If you want custom tubing then buy a kit from EK or Swiftech.
  5. The hassle ain't worth it though.
  6. You can't...
  7. You can't change the tubing on these types of units.
  8. They do but they usually last around 5 years.
  9. If you are not playing it at 4K then you can easily max the game out with all settings at ultra.
  10. Buy a new battery.
  11. No don't get an old AMD FX CPU as they are awful, if you want AMD then your only real option is to get Ryzen.
  12. @LinusTech Just wondering.
  13. liquid cooling

    It's not like it's personal information, if you choose any of those CPU'S though then don't even bother with aftermarket coolers as they can't overclocked anyway.
  14. liquid cooling

    What CPU have you got?
  15. Not worth it, like I said put that PC in the skip and use you laptop instead.
  16. Then get rid of the old desktop and use your laptop instead.
  17. Is this your main gaming PC?
  18. Why don't you upgrade to a 1060?
  19. Probably X999
  21. LMG: Main company/group LinusTechTips: Sub-brand Techquickie: Sub-brand ChannelSuperFun: Sub-brand FloatPlane: Sub-brand
  22. Did anyone from the North-East of England (County-Durham area) attend the classic car show at Raby Castle today?
  23. Stop code?
  24. If they wanted to add more cores to the i3 line then in my opinion the most logical thing to do is have... Pentiums: 2 cores/ 4 threads (like current line up) i3's: 4 cores/4 threads i5's: 4 cores/ 8 threads i7's: 8 cores/16 threads i7 8800X: 16 cores/ 32 threads Does anyone agree with me?
  25. I can't see i3's having 4 cores and 8 threads, it's just not going to happen at the targeted audience they are marketing to (people with not enough money to spend on the lowest end i5).