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  1. 'PWM Heatsink with micro fins' on MSI 1070 Gaming X 8G

    What does PWM have to do with this heatsink?, I thought PWM was a thing on fans.
  2. WHY Buy a Chinese Phone?

    Songs like this?
  3. WHY Buy a Chinese Phone?

    You mean this type of English...
  4. Cheap Ebay GTX 780ti scam?

    It's fake.
  5. AI slow motion by nVidia

    The Sony Xperia XZ Premium was actually the first phone on the market to do something like this. The thing is though that it's not AI they actually have miniature high speed cameras built into the phone, they have their own super fast memory which is I think closely related to HBM.
  6. AI slow motion by nVidia

    Unfortunately this technique is only decent when the video was filmed on a high speed camera in the first place.When you take a 60 FPS clip and put this effect on it, it just looks off.
  7. Do ya wanna see me Vauxhall Corsa mate, stole it last-week and already spent a grand on upgrades. Mate ma car is the best.
  8. I do use old versions of Windows on Oracle VirtualBox but I just end up deleting system32 on them because I'm bored
  9. Why don't you just install a Windows XP VM?
  10. Cooler for Ryzen 5 2600X

    It says this cases supports up to a 360mm radiator at the top meaning it should have mounting points for 240mm and 280mm radiators, you should look at coolers that have have those sizes rather than limit yourself to a single 120mm AIO.
  11. Cooler for Ryzen 5 2600X

    What case are you using?
  12. Banned Commercials from the Archives! - Doppler Labs Here One Showcase

    You got me there @LinusTech, I was convinced the magnets were having an affect
  13. GT1030(as main gpu) and GT730(as dedicated Physx GPU)

    Physx is pointless these days.
  14. Help! Prime95 fried either CPU or Motherboard!

    You say it was stock speeds, but did you turn MCE off in the BIOS. MCE basically automatically overclocks the chip, this can put way too much voltage through the CPU if you don't keep any eye on it.
  15. Cheapest Entry level pc BUDGET.

  16. Just want to make sure everything here is compatible

    Change the motherboard to an Asus Prime Z370-A.
  17. Streaming

    Luke said an i7 2600K struggled to stream...
  18. Asus Strix 1080Ti fans not spinning.

    Have you put a load on it?
  19. *sigh* BTX Case...?

    Or you could ask a custom case company to make you one that'll support it. The problem is that this form factor was phased out many years now, so case manufactures have stopped making cases to support it.
  20. *sigh* BTX Case...?

    You'll have to look on Ebay for a case to support that form factor.
  21. Planning to buy Graphics Card

    Honestly hold off until you do a full rebuild, keep the money.
  22. Planning to buy Graphics Card

    Save up more money then.