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  1. The 980 died quite a while ago. When the 980Ti launched it blew the 980 away by quite a margin (32% faster from what Userbenchmark says).with the 1080 though it's only 26% slower than the 1080Ti which to be honest isn't bad, not as bad as the 980 did against the 980Ti.
  2. Ah okay thanks.
  3. So why did you put 'laptop' in the title?
  4. Get a desktop motherboard.
  5. You won't notice much of an improvement, I'd say stick with the 4770K or if you want to upgrade look for a second hand 4790K.
  6. Build a desktop.
  7. The GT 730 is a really weak gaming GPU, the RX 460 and GTX 1050 will absolutely destroy it in every single situation.
  8. I think this. I really like the opening credits song but the whole film was awful in my opinion.
  9. Do you think there should be an LTT movie?
  10. Skylake and Kaby Lake are made by Intel.
  11. If you want a 6600K then a get a Z170 motherboard and get the 6GB version of the GTX 1060. Other than these two issues it's fine.
  12. Why Ivy Bridge? Look at any Skylake (6th gen) or Kaby Lake (7th gen) i5's.
  13. The card with one fan will run at higher temps than the card with two fans.
  14. If you want an i3 go for a 7100, get a GTX 1050 2GB instead as it is slightly faster than the RX 460 and see if you can fit an SSD into your budget.
  15. Yes at low settings.
  16. Sounds like the GPU is dead, start looking for a new one.
  17. Well they need to do something.
  18. Why?
  19. If this CPU can at least challenge Ryzen 7 in workstation applications then that's a start but Intel are going to have to up their game for Coffee Lake, maybe a refurbishment of the of the product lines. So what I mean is that the Core i3 will have 4 cores 0 threads, the i5 will have 6 cores and 12 threads and the i7 10 cores and 20 threads.
  20. @JoeBro37 Also tell your friend to take the cooler off this GPU, if it doesn't have GP106 written on the GPU core then it's fake and the BIOS has been hacked so that the details of the card seem like the real 1060.
  21. If he paid a 1080 price and got a 1060 then it's a scam, as I said before your friend should report this to the retailer and get trading standards involved.
  22. Sounds like he got scammed. Tell your friend to report this to the retailer and inform trading standards.
  23. Hi, so I've entered the one million sub giveaway on Jayztwocents where he is giving away an upgrade package. The package contains an EVGA X99 FTW K and wondered if I won what would this motherboard be like as I've only ever used Asus for my builds.
  24. Have you looked at getting a Pentium G4560 and H110 motherboard?
  25. Don't get the Dell T5500 then, just build your own.