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  1. ThisIsCheez

    Weird GPU Problems

    Download GPU-Z and see if your core/memory clocks are showing up correctly.
  2. ThisIsCheez

    gtx 1060 6gb for $120 worth it?

    Hot damn that's a good deal. Which model did you end up with?
  3. ThisIsCheez

    gtx 1060 6gb for $120 worth it?

    Get it before someone else does. $120 for a 1060, let alone a 6gb version, is an amazing deal and it will pair well with your 4770k.
  4. ThisIsCheez

    Outside of computers/gaming, what hobbies do you guys have?

    I do live in a city and it's perfect for that, but I still take it on short road trips. Doesn't get very fast so I have time to take in the scenery and 68mpg isn't bad either My little 3 gallon tank can get me almost across the entire state and it costs me $8 to fill her up.
  5. ThisIsCheez

    Outside of computers/gaming, what hobbies do you guys have?

    I hate gravel. I've only laid my bike over once and it was going <5mph into my driveway and the gravel threw me down. Happened so slow I got to let out a short story of swears before I hit the ground. Luckily all I did was scuff the exhaust a little bit and put a huge dent in my pride.
  6. ThisIsCheez

    RTX 2080 Stutters in all games

    First I'd update the BIOS. Had a friend with a similar issue back in the day with his GTX 970 and after damn near everything a BIOS update fixed it. Have you also tried running the same game off both the NVMe drive and the HDD?
  7. ThisIsCheez

    I find the console wars confusing.

    Consoles definitely have their place. I game mainly on my PC but I have a Xbox One and a Switch. Xbox is basically just a media center now and I might play a platformer here and there when I want to relax on the couch, but I play my Switch daily and believe a PC + Switch is the perfect gaming combo. Consoles are for the people that just want to game and have a streamline experience to do it. Turn it on, click your game, start playing it, and there's nothing wrong with that. Consoles also use to be be way easier to game together with friends. Have some buddies over, sit on the couch together, and enjoy some local co-op. But the PS4 and Xbox One have really gone away from that. That's why I love my Switch and all of Nintendo's exclusives, so many game to sit down and play with others. That's why I'll always say a PC + a Nintendo console is the best combo. I'll always believe a PC is the best and most versatile way to game, but don't hate on someone because they like to game on a different platform. Let everyone have fun.
  8. ThisIsCheez

    Single Slot GPU for Server

    If you want someone that's been in this exact scenario, I manage 8 servers at my job and 6 of them are running ESXi. 4 of them have IPMI but the other two we use GT 730s and have been running 24/7 for the last 4 years. Only problem I had was the fan failed on one of them so I just took the fan out and let it run without it and it's been running fine the past year. When the fan died I considered a GT 1030 but it's literally just outputting the ESXi console so it's not like it's working hard or anything. The server room stays cool enough and the fans in the Poweredge's push enough air to keep it cool without a dedicated fan
  9. ThisIsCheez

    Lookiing for a new MOBO

    @Herman Mcpootis has a good point. If you don't plan on overclocking a lot I'd just get a Wi-Fi card and save yourself some money. If you do want a new board with WiFi here's your Z390 offerings: https://pcpartpicker.com/products/motherboard/#c=135&amp;e=31,30&amp;f=2 I'm a MSI fanboy so my first suggestion would be the MSI Z370 ACE, but the AsRock Z390 Taichi and ASUS ROG Maximums XI are nice for the price.
  10. ThisIsCheez

    Lookiing for a new MOBO

    What's your budget like?
  11. ThisIsCheez

    Lookiing for a new MOBO

    I've helped a friend and a customer build a PC with this board, and Z270 Prime was our go to board for mining rigs since it was the best bag for the amount of PCI slots. They might not be the best but they are a solid board for the price. I just looked them up on PCPartPicker and Amazon and I will admit they are bit overpriced there. I was getting them from MicroCenter which always has better prices (Currently $148 at MicroCenter + $30 off if you get a CPU)
  12. ThisIsCheez

    Lookiing for a new MOBO

    The ASUS Prime Z370 is a very nice board. Can you give us some more details why you want to upgrade? What type of CPU do you have? Do you plan on overclocking? What type of features are you looking for?
  13. ThisIsCheez

    Outside of computers/gaming, what hobbies do you guys have?

    Haven't gotten brave enough for a bike that size yet. Still loving my TU250X
  14. ThisIsCheez

    Outside of computers/gaming, what hobbies do you guys have?

    Deep sea fishing. You dive or fish from a boat?
  15. ThisIsCheez

    Outside of computers/gaming, what hobbies do you guys have?

    Absolutely. Had a 50cc Metropolitan for a couple years for getting around town and upgraded to a Suzuki TU250X for my first real bike. I thought about getting something bigger but it's honestly the perfect bike for me right now.