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  1. I bought some PCB mount stabs a little while back but I couldn't install them on the spacebar because the holes didn't quite line up and the stabs ended up hanging off of the PCB a little and the wire got caught up on the switch. Maybe I got the wrong stabs or something, I'm not sure. Also, the stock plate doesn't support PCB mount stabs and I can't seem to find a plate that would support the stock PCB's hole spacing.
  2. Heyo, can you guys give me some advice regarding plate mounted stabs? The ones that came with my GK61 kit are pretty damn wobbly and I was wondering if there was any way to make them more, well, stable. As far as I understand, PCB mounted stabs would be more stable, but the GK61's PCB doesn't support them, sadly.
  3. I've got the Jades from the post office yesterday and, let me just say, these switches are amazing.

    I'm a huge fan of linear switches, especially for playing games but, for typing, I think these Jades have won me over for good.


    Since the only other clicky switch I've tried was an Otemu blue, I was half expecting the Jades to be similar, except with a nice click but oh boy, was I wrong. xD

    The Otemu blues have a high-pitched click and they actuate far too late after the click, which I really disliked but, these Jades, they actuate exactly when the click  happens and since the click bar is so thick, it gives the switch a very nice crunchy and satisfying tactile feel.


    I think it's safe to say that I just found my favorite switches for typing. Thanks for the recommendation! @Den-Fi




    After I started typing, I switched out the Tealios because they threw me off but I might put them back in when I start playing. We'll see how the Jades feel in game. (Also, the right shift's stab is super broken, I know xD)

    1. Den-Fi


      Woohoo! Glad you liked them!

    2. Cyberspirit


      Little update on the gaming side, they feel good and don't seem to distract me but, I would still prefer a linear or tactile switch instead because the excessive use of wasd keys does get real loud. xD

  4. He talked about it on WAN show. Here's the timestamp: TL;DW: They suspended their deal with PIA but they've given them a chance to respond.
  5. If everything goes right, I should have a package of Kailh Jades today. The problem is that, the notice got frozen and ripped apart so, I'm not sure if they'll let me get it. Fingers crossed, I guess. :/

    1. FezBoy


      Are you picking it up from the post office?  If you got emails about it or have ID with you that might work.

    2. Cyberspirit


      Yeah, the notice came from the post office. They always ask for ID so here's hoping that's enough.

  6. It's all personal preference. I usually go for 1600 nowadays but I used to play with around 650, 800 DPI. Also, you might want to stick to the stock text color because it's really hard to see with dark mode.
  7. Unless you are having performance issues when trying to game or do work on the PC, this is fine. My guess is that Wallpaper engine is the troublemaker here, especially if you use very animated backgrounds. You can mess around with the settings but, I wouldn't worry about it.
  8. Does anyone want some Scorbunnies in Pokemon Sword and shield? I found myself a ditto so, I've been handing them out to people who wanted it.

    I have about 20 more. xD

  9. I ended up getting Pokémon Sword and, while it has plenty of flaws, I think it's still super fun.


    Now, I'm a super casual when it comes to the Pokémon franchise since my knowledge is limited to the Anime I've seen when I was a kid and Pokémon Fire Red so, I'm definitely looking at this game from a more positive perspective than most veterans but, I would still consider it a good experience.


    I know that there have been other games that were 3D so the look maybe isn't that big of a deal to someone who has played every Pokémon game out there but, to me, it's a completely new experience and I love it. The Pokémon models look great and while I do agree that they could've done a much better job with some of the battle animations, I do think that they get the job done well enough.


    As for the overall graphics of the game, some of the textures seem very low resolution but the game itself runs very well with occasional stutters when Online is enabled. In single player, I haven't had any performance issues with it.



    If anyone who's super into Pokémon and has been playing the game reads this, please, tell me what you think of it so far.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cyberspirit


      Yeah, the old design was a lot better for me as well but, most of the Pokémon I've seen were super cute so, I can't really complain.

    3. spartaman64


      its like any other pokemon game. idk if i played the same game as people who are saying that the story is amazing and stuff as the story is really generic imo. the only thing i noticed in regards to performance issues is that some cut scenes drop to like 4 fps for a few seconds. there isnt any game breaking issues aside from my raid issues but its not a big selling point of the game for me anyways. however you can tell that the game was rushed. https://imgur.com/a/OMs9nRM apparently gamefreak forgot what a pikachu and eevee is. i wouldnt have any problems with the models and animations if they didnt cut 55% of the pokemon in return for promising us better models and animations and needless to say they are not really impressive.


      also theres an npc that gives you an eevee at the beginning if you played lets go eevee and i was trying to evolve it to my favorite pokemon sylveon. i got it to level 40 and im like hey why hasnt this eevee evolved yet so i looked up a video on how to evolve eevee to sylveon in pokemon sword and the first thing the person says is btw the eevee you get from that person for having lets go eevee cant evolve. i admit i was slightly malding. i really wish the game would tell you about something like that


      i read some reviews where they say this was the hardest pokemon game yet and once again i wonder if we played the same game. this is what it took for a battle to be difficult for me. i was facing the rock gym and he sends out a water rock type and i had a water type out expecting a rock type. so i swapped out and that gave him time to set up and use shell break which increases that pokemon's speed and attack. he used razor shell and got a crit and one shot my pokemon so i swapped to my next pokemon and he did it again, i swapped again and he did it again. at this point i was getting worried but i still managed to beat him with just one more of my pokemon fainting. so it took three 6.25% chance crit hits to make me feel any pressure and it was misplaced pressure from me. meanwhile when i faced cynthia in diamond it took me 7 tries but that might have just been me being younger and dumber. idk i guess this is just from the fact that im no longer the targeted demographic for these games.


      one thing i appreciate is that they really went hard on the UK thing from the dialogue to the places. im a fan of british culture and my gf is british

    4. Cyberspirit


      @spartaman64 Yeah, the story doesn't feel any special so far but, then again, Pokémon was always about having an adventure and having fun to me so, I don't really care for it anyways.


      The game definitely rushed, which is a shame but it happens all the time. I think most fans would have happily waited longer just to get a more polished game.


      As for the difficulty, the game feels fairly easy, at least so far. Even as someone who mainly picks Pokémon by appeal instead of type advantages, it's still isn't really challenging unless you pick battles you obviously can't take.

      Even though I'm not huge on DLC stuff, it would be pretty nice if they ended dropping more Pokémon down the line but, I highly doubt that would happen.

  10. Anyone playing Pokémon Sword and Shield? I'm considering getting it but I'd like to hear about it before pulling the trigger since Bintendo doesn't have a refund policy.

  11. Welp, I still have a year to go with my PIA license, cool. People who moved from NordVPN to PIA probably won't be happy.
  12. Not sure, I just heard it on a stream where this was bought up. The person runs an art segment at the end of their streams where they show off people have made and whenever they grabbed an image from twitter in this case, it just downloaded as a JFIF. I'm not running the latest version of Windows so I can't test it myself.
  13. I was watching a streamer who complained about this and this is supposedly caused by a recent Windows update. People aren't using JFIF, Windows just automatically converts pictures to that for some reason.
  14. I've gotten rid of the scary man on the side of my mouse.




    It looked fine before but I think it looks a lot cleaner without him. :P


    Here's how it looked originally:




    1. Den-Fi


      Nice! I’ve always hated that tacky branding. 

    2. WikiForce


      how? did you paint it or erased it somehow?

    3. Cyberspirit


      @WikiForce Just rubbed it off with some isopropyl alcohol, it was pretty easy. A little warning though, that part will become a little smoother than the rest but, nothing that would affect grip.


      @Den-Fi Same but hey, at least it's removable. 👍

  15. I doubt that it would break off, even in an earth quake prone place but if you are super concerned, you could flip the case on it's side so the cooler points up.