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    Factory worker.


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    MSI B450 Mortar Titanium
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    Msi Gtx 1070 Quicksilver OC
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    Corsair 280x
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    Not enough...
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    Corsair Rm850x
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    AOC I2481FXH, Acer KG251QDbmiipx
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    Noctua U9S
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    Custom beauty
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    Glorious Model O-
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    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250Ω
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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  1. Should be getting my Index tomorrow or at least the day after! :D It is super hot here so it might not get much use just yet but I can't wait to give it a spin.

    Also, a friend offered to teach me how to play electric guitar so sometime soon I will pick one of those bad bois up as well. So my hype levels are waay through the roof. :D Haven't felt the usual depression in a week now and it's amazing.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. soldier_ph


      Doing good in general but I'm still having super bad luck in finding/getting a job. Hopefully soon tho this will be over and I can actually start earning my first big Money. 

    3. Cyberspirit


      Don't worry about it too much, it's always hard to find a job and especially when it's your first one.

      Just try to pick up whatever even if it isn't what you want to work in the long run, just something to get you started.

    4. sub68


      not bad I am at my grandmas house

  2. Oh my lord... I just took a look at the used market for GPUs and I almost fainted. xD 10 series and even some 20 series cards go for absolutely nothing.

    Might actually consider picking up a 1080Ti down the road. 🤔

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    2. James Evens
    3. Cyberspirit


      @James Evens USD Converted from HUF

    4. James Evens

      James Evens

      WTF. $180 are a 1070 in germany so  $230 is a lot.


      btw. what happend to the dollar? it moved from 0.9 to 0.85€ lately.


  3. Finally got the order confirmation for the Index. ❤️ Been on the waiting list for about 3 months but the extra time it actually came in handy.

    Here's hoping it ships from within the EU so I won't have to mess around with VAT and all that.

    I'll need to clear some space but should have about enough for standing play. 😄

    1. WereCat


      I'm considering to sell my Oculus but Index is just too expensive. 

    2. soldier_ph


      Nice ! I want an Index (/the newest Version) too someday. Also have you upgraded your Microphone yet ?

    3. Cyberspirit


      @WereCat I hate the price as well but I really wanted to get one. Maybe it's best to wait until the next gen and see where the prices go.


      @soldier_phNot gonna lie, I've completely forgotten about that. xD

  4. GamersNexus just posted a video about it but tldw, it does matter.
  5. All the pretty things aside, my favourite thing about the new Flight Sim is that I can just turn on autopilot and be a child in the cockpit and mess it the poor thing.

    Turning off essential things mid flight and watching it freak out and try to turn everything back on is great. xD

  6. My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  7. I don't know about other countries, but over here in Hungary having a powerhungry PC haven't really effected my electicity bills when I used it "normally". When I was folding 24/7 for a month straight it did go up somewhat higher but I can't remember how much more did I have to pay.
  8. They do have a software called Corsair SSD Toolbox but that one only supports up to Windows 8, or so it says. You could give it a shot or maybe try some other migration tool.
  9. Don't know about Corsair, but most SSD have a software that can migrate the operating system or the whole drive. You can just migrate Windows only and your apps, settings etc and keep your data on the HDD. You can just delete the WIndows partition off of the HDD after you are done, just make sure you don't have any files on that partition.
  10. If we are talking AIO, I would only ever go for one if I was working with a super small build that cannot fit a good air cooler. Personally not a huge fan of AIO coolers in bigger cases because it looks way too empty. That's just my take on them though.
  11. Not sure if there's better stuff out there nowadays but ever since Windows 2000, I think, I've been using Total commander and it serverd me very well but I've recently made the switch to file explorer to check it out and overall, file explorer has some missing functionality but it looks more modern and it gets the job done so I'm sticking with it for now.
  12. I meant better in terms of usability and performance for the same price or less. The quest seems pretty nice since it can be used standalone as well so I might go with that. My only worry with it and the Rift S is that you can't adjust the lenses. Though, that might not be necessary, I'm not sure. Is there some kind of software solution out there that could help with that?
  13. What do you guys think then, is the Rift S my best bet or, is there something better out there for about the same price?
  14. Hey, so I'm thinking about finally getting into VR and I'm kinda wondering if I should just get a Rift S or get an Index without the base stations to save some money. I'm assuming that it can still be used without them, it's just not as good of an experience. Thoughts?
  15. Personally, I like air better but if I ever went for a watercooled build, I'd do it for performance, looks and fun. Assuming you mean custom loop.