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  1. OnePlus 5T (A week later)

    I have face recognition set up and it works extremely fast on the 5T. Not sure how secure it is but, honestly, I don't care all that much. The fingerprint reader is in a nice spot but, for me at least the phone is overall a bit too big. It would be great if there was a smaller version because in my opinion it's a bit awkward to handle a big phone like this when you only need it for a quick task but, I might just need to get used to it because I'm coming from an old 4" phone.
  2. Second screen not working after updating BIOS

    Thanks, I found it under Advanced / System Agent (SA) configuration / Graphics configuration. Also, I had to shut it down for a minute because for some reason things weren't as snappy as before. Now it seems fine luckily. Not sure if that's a common thing after updating BIOS and applying a lot of new settings in there just thought I'd mention that. Again, thanks for helping.
  3. Second screen not working after updating BIOS

    Any idea where that could be?
  4. Hey, I just updated the BIOS of my Asus Z170A and, for some reason, the backup I made of the old settings couldn't be loaded so, I went ahead and set things back as they were manually. After that I restarted my PC and for some reason the second screen is not being recognized at all by windows. I'm using the on board graphics because my video card doesn't have the connector this old monitor uses. I tried unplugging it first but that didn't help so, I restarted my PC and looked through the BIOS to see if there's any setting that could cause this but, I found nothing.
  5. thumb drive not showing up windows 7 fresh install

    Does the PC not have access to the internet?
  6. 1 annoying usb problem

    Did you reinstall your Chipset drivers?
  7. 1 annoying usb problem

    According to this website, it could be your chipset drivers that are messing up. Try running this tool. OR Try what the OP said in the post on that forum:
  8. 1 annoying usb problem

    Then it might be something else that's having problems. Does it give any more information other than failed to recognize?
  9. 1 annoying usb problem

    If everything works well and the notification is just annoying you, you can go to settings - devices- USB - and untick "Notify me when there's a problem connecting to a USB device" Probably not exactly what it says but, I'm not using an English version of windows so, I tried my best to translate it. Here's a picture:
  10. Recommended VR headset for a OnePlus 5T?

    Just checked and, it seems like it will be released or at least become available again on June 6 Link
  11. Hey, are there any good VR headsets you guys would recommend for a OnePlus 5T? Not sure if those things are model specific.
  12. OnePlus 5T (A week later)

    It is quieter but, it can be easily fixed with an equalizer app. I'm using this one. It works well but, I'd disable it when you are not using Headphones because at least in my case it doesn't sound all that great but that could just be because I have a custom setting in the EQ that's mainly configured for Metal.
  13. One Plus 5T

    I just got a 5T and I love it a lot but, if you buy one make sure to pay with Paypal or, wait until they fix the breach. Basically what happened is someone was keylogging the fields where you enter your credit card's data and stole the information. I got screwed by this so just watch out. I haven't had anything fishy happen to my card and I hope it stays that way. Here's the email they sent me after this incident:
  14. Any Metalheads here?

    Those were actually the first Metal songs I've heard and I really liked them.
  15. Any Metalheads here?

    Woah thanks! Also, I had no idea such thing as comedy Metal existed. I'll check them out soon because that sounds interesting.