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    Factory worker...


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    MSI B450 Mortar Titanium
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX Black DDR4 (2x8Gb) 2666MHz
  • GPU
    Msi Gtx 1070 Quicksilver OC
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    Corsair 280x
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    Not enough...
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    Corsair Rm850x
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    AOC I2481FXH
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    Noctua U9S
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    Asus ROG Claymore
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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  1. Cyberspirit

    What is this called?

    These are the closest things I could find: Just search for cable separators for something similar.
  2. Cyberspirit

    2700X temps, please help

    Nice, you might want to remove it if you don't use it because it will most likely come back after a restart. HWMonitor works as well for me.
  3. Cyberspirit

    Memory Timings

    You should have 2 AXMP profiles so, try running the other one. Some Motherboards had issues with 3000MHz but, if I remember correctly it was fixed by a BIOS update.
  4. Yeah, just remove two fans and put the rad in there instead. You might need to remove the third fan as well if it doesn't fit.
  5. Cyberspirit


    The speeds are fine. You could just do a memtest if you want to make sure that everything is stable. Here's how: Hit the Windows key and type in mdsched.exe and launch it. You'll need to restart your machine and let it do its thing. Fair warning, this might take a while.
  6. Cyberspirit


    Just press the Windows key on your keyboard and type in cmd and launch it. Once in there just copy and paste this in there: wmic memorychip get speed You'll get the RAM speeds like so:
  7. Cyberspirit

    Cannot close my case because of my GPU !!!!

    @yallovemilka Could you please make a picture from the front so we can see how far the connector is sticking out? You might just be able to bend the cable up really tight and fit the panel on but, if that's not possible then, an EVGA power link is your best option. (Assuming it can fit but, doesn't look like it would.) As for the PCIe riser cable, you can't mount your GPU anywhere else in that case so, you are out of luck there.
  8. Cyberspirit

    How should I turn off my pc

    Just click on shutdown and that's it. No need to turn the PSU off.
  9. Cyberspirit

    Cannot close my case because of my GPU !!!!

    You can try to bend that cable tight and see if you can put it on that way. I have the same problem with my Corsair 280x and, I have to push on the panel to get it to screw on.
  10. Cyberspirit

    cpu edc 2700x

    I have it set to 15% but, it's still always at 99%.
  11. Cyberspirit

    Help!!! My gpu fans don't spin!

    Nowadays most if not all video cards just turn the fans off until it reaches a certain temperature. No need to worry unless it doesn't even turn on while gaming.
  12. Cyberspirit

    cpu edc 2700x

    I believe, all it does is try to boost the clocks higher so, I would set it to disabled.
  13. Cyberspirit

    cpu edc 2700x

    What clock speeds and temps are you hitting? Maybe it's trying to boost too high and crash. Also, if you have a "Game mode" in the BIOS you might want to check if it's enabled or disabled.
  14. Cyberspirit

    cpu edc 2700x

    EDC is always at 100% for me as well no matter how high or low I set it so, that's probably not what's causing the hard crashes. Are you trying to manually OC or is it running on auto?
  15. Cyberspirit

    Cannot Play GTA Online !

    Oh yeah, with the right people it's very fun but, with just randoms, it might be a bad time.