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    1234vietnam reacted to deXxterlab97 for a status update, In the world where everything is in total chaos and everything revolves around you in   
    In the world where everything is in total chaos and everything revolves around you in a speed of light it is not uncommon to find that we somehow feel rejected and useless. A broken relationship, a failed exam, loved ones passed away, anything could become a barrier for us to hate this world, even a minor thing in life that seems so innocence could lead to a big consequences if not taken care of it properly.
       I am not a good writer, no. I do not like writing essays as my capabilities and ideas are always lacking, but when a topic that I feel needed to be shared with everyone as how it is so familiar with us I decided to express myself with what I do worst: words.
      So you feel down, hopeleless and not wanting to do anything in life. You find there is no exit sign above any door or that a door opens, another door appears and you stuck in an endless loop of despair. What now? 
      Well the first thing and the least thing you might wanna hear is to not think about it. It is easy to say but hard to do. Hey let's not think about anything at all. But that is not how it works. Your mind always constantly thinking about something, regardless of time and place. Even in our sleep we dream and some people sleepwalk. We need a distraction, a way to keep our head busy with other things. To me the best solution is music. I have been an Owl City fan for many years now, and whenever I am in a bad mood I always sing in my mind couple of melody or verse from an uplifting song. I know all of Owl City's lyrics by heart so it will not be difficult for me to find a song. My personal favorite lines:
    Maybe music is not your cup of tea? It does not help? Take a walk, inhale and exhale deep. Find yourself a favorite activity to do, read a book? I am a huge fan of detective stories, have been reading Sherlock Holmes multiple times and just recently finished Millennium trilogy. I also starting to watch Elementary, which is a modern adaptation of Sherlock in NY after having watched Sherlock series by BBC. Life is gonna be good up ahead so far. I also thinking about getting all the benchmarks results from various review sites and compile them nicely into a menu-like program to navigate around, just a crazy idea that would occupy me for some time.
    Watch a movie? Go on forum and help people who needed? Make some insane PC part list for your "dream build"? 
      Next step is seek help. Any kind of help. Talk to a therapist helps. You might think it is something stupid, like why do I need to talk to someone I don't know? Well we all have to start from something. People for example do not just pop up randomly somewhere and instantly become friend. There are various call centers in Canada that you can call if you need help. I was in that situation myself, so I decided it is nice to have something written down below:
    As well as some hotlines around the world that I could find:
    There are plenty of more help in your country and it is not hard to reach out for help. There are people care for you regardless of your situation or status. At least you can count on me when you need it. I might not be as active as I used to but I do not ignore PM even if it was something personal (for minor exceptions when people ask stupid questions that I don't bother with).
      Third, take ... meds. Yeah that sounds wayyyyy off. Like I don't have a disease or something. But believe me or not, medicine actually boosts your emotions. But of course not any random pill will work, you need to talk to a doctor for advice. But it does not totally gonna cure your depression. If you have a thicc mindset and keep thinking about it then you have taken the steps I shown wrong. No magic pills gonna work then.
      Some sources suggest that you stay away from harming objects such as knife, glass and locations such as balcony, rooftop so that you can not commit suicide. I think it is half true. I mean it all depends on your willpower. Don't just think, do it. You can.
      Life is full of mysteries and bumps, you can stumble and fall, but the important thing is you know you can always stand up, recover, shrug it off and continue walking with your head high looking at the bright future lies ahead of you. Life might be unfair, full of crap, but always remember that there are people around you who care for you, even if you don't know them. Life will be forgiving if you try. Be courage, take steps and stay optimist. 
    The glass is not half empty of water, it is vodka.
    "Your life is still yours, and we can get through this together... let me help." - Max Caulfield to Kate Marsh in Life is Strange
    "You’ve got mountains of your own, I’ll bet on it. Take heart. Be encouraged. Remain steadfast. Hang on for dear life. You’ve got a better grip than you realize." - Adam Young