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  1. The performance/noise benefit that the ml120s would provide over the af120s is probably not worth it.
  2. The ml120s are slightly quieter. They will also perform better on a radiator if you have one due to higher static pressure.
  3. This does not work, a mini-fridge only has around 50W of cooling power. It will quickly overheat and die as it cannot cool down the air from the radiator. The fridge is also not designed to cool a sustained heat load.
  4. You are better off just getting more radiators because the radiators you already have will always keep your liquid temperatures above ambient so there is no point in having the fridge. Also: - A mini fridge has only around 50-100W of cooling power which is similar to a 120mm radiator. - The compressor in the fridge will die quickly as it is not meant to handle a constant heat load. The mini fridge is basically just a big, loud 120mm radiator with a limited lifespan.
  5. Probably not worth it. What are your GPU temps currently?
  6. The power led is not necessary so you're totally fine.
  7. https://www.inwin-style.com/en/gaming-chassis/Chopin this would be good
  8. not a good deal, https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/WhkDcY out performs it and is all new parts.
  9. motherboard, power supply and storage are way overkill, you don't need the fan hub. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nRwPV6
  10. any specific reason for wanting raid 10? if you just want reliable storage for cheap you're best off having a single larger drive on your pc and a decent external hard drive to back up to daily/weekly. this way if your psu blows up your pc or your house burns down you will still have your data on the external hdd. (assuming you keep it somewhere accessible, safe and not plugged into your pc)
  11. https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3141-the-best-gtx-1080-ti-graphics-cards-designs-asus-vs-evga-msi strix 1080ti seems to be the best in noise/temps