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  1. yes I am running blended test, thank you. I am a bit newer to overclocking so I guess my next question is: should I take those higher temp parts of the test with a grain of salt or factor it in more seriously with my OC?
  2. Z-390 e Gaming I9-9900k @ 4.8ghz and 1.26v Corsair H115i Pro So while I was overclocking I noticed something weird with the temps. I sit around 60c with prime95 running but around 10-15 minutes in it's like something triggers. It starts slowly climbing in temps until I stop the test. At first I thought it was the corsair AIO liquid heating up. I dont think this is the case though because if i stop the test and then start it again, its like nothing happened and its hanging around 60c again. Any idea whats happening when the temp spikes like that?
  3. Im on win10 and chrome just recently started stealing focus from other programs i used window focus logger to determine it was in fact chrome. steps ive tried so far: turning off third party extensions trying multiple websites (to see if it still happens) virus scan restarting computer its fairly annoying to be typing in discord and my window and keyboard focus is just switched to chrome. happens when im playing games too. anything else i can try?
  4. with default bios settings its still locking up (i reset my gpu OC too)
  5. i get better thermals with the atx on while OBS is running but it runs fine at 5ghz. is this relevant to my problem?
  6. So when I start a fullscreen game it causes my computer to hiccup a bit and then continues, but when i close the fullscreen game it locks up for upwards of 15 seconds. its been doing this for a bit now and its starting to get fairly annoying. Running games borderless window or just windowed doesnt cause any sort of lock up during the lock up my 2nd monitor goes black specs: z390 e gaming (asus) i9 9900k at 5ghz (4.8 atx) 1080 strix (newest driver, just did a ddu reinstall also) 32 gb hyperx 2666 ram kingston nvme drive win10 pro if you have any suggestions or you need more info let me know, thanks.
  7. im using a kingston m2 drive and after a while of my pc being on games and apps take quite a while to load up. steam takes a few minutes. its fine for a good bit after i reboot. everything opens in an instant, but if its been as little as say 10 minutes it starts to take a while to load things. the games run fine but the start up is very long. malwarebytes shows no problems, cpu/gpu temps are fine, no processes taking up a bunch of memory, updated bios and drivers additional pc info z390 e gaming mobo strix 1080 oc to 2.1ghz 32 gb ddr4 2666 hyper x ram i9 9900k 2 1tb ssd's anything i can try?
  8. Yeah my phone auto filled this and opened the thread lol that was my problem from last night. Gimme a sec I'll edit the post
  9. I set up a new build today with a z390 e gaming and it won't boot with 4 sticks of ddr4 ram I got at 2666mhz It boots with 1 stick and 2 sticks. Specs show it supports up to 64 gb ram. Is my mobo bad?
  10. I'll try resetting the CPU in the morning and get back to you, thanks.
  11. How would I go about finding/fixing that?
  12. EVGA supernova gold 1000w and playing a game.... borderlands
  13. So I was just playing a game then my comp turned off. Won't turn back on unless I unplug the 8 pin CPU power cable. I've only tried a different cable so far. This has happened before and I swapped out the PSU and that fixed it but I doubt it's 2 bad psus since it's been working for 6+ months. I have an x99 deluxe and a 5960x with a Corsair aio liquid cooler. With the CPU cables in if I hit the power it just clicks and nothing happens, no fans or anything. Any suggestions on what I should try?
  14. a better way of putting it is i dont have room for a 30 inch monitor on my desk and 4k doesnt look as impressive under 30 inches (in my opinion)
  15. im not too interested in a 4k monitor since being so close to it kind of ruins the effect. my main monitor is a pg278qr and im mostly looking for something to watch movies/streams/etc on, so something with really nice color range i saw this on amazon but its the only 1080p monitor i can find that claims hdr https://www.amazon.com/BenQ-EW277HDR-Response-Brightness-Intelligence/dp/B07659Z1QM $200 is right around my range but i cant seem to find any real reviews on this. any suggestions or know of this monitor first hand?