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  1. can sujaste me a laptop under 600$ for my higher studies 



    of animation 

  2. i love that profile picture


    i cant stop laughing

  3. Like the WAN show. I am done with the audio spikes. Its fucking 1am and everyones asleep, including 15' away. A few chuckles peak out the audio and I am scrambling.
  4. So you wear Santa hats in unison, but no poppies before or on Nov 11. So yeah you cater to that age demographic, I understand. Poppies are mature. FYI - Thanks for the audio spikes!
  5. The days of America's Funniest Video's are over with.
  6. The lip syncing in that video is waaaay off, not even professionally done. Amateur hour.
  7. Thats why you should have a rainy day fund and credit cards. You could also try out the predatory loan lending the government allows. You should bring up the fact you got ripped off by your employer on your pay stub. But I think its more like its just the way things turned out. I remember odd payments when I first joined a company. Or if payday fell on a friday, i'd have to wait until tuesday or friday depending on stat holiday schedules.
  8. Bin Laden was given weapons and training by the Americans waaaaaaaay back when, fighting the Russians. I find that absolutely funny. Plus when no airplanes could fly, after whatever day that was, Bush allowed them to leave. Even more funny!