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    Tummy got a reaction from dalekphalm in We need a new server and advice would be apriciated   
    We have backed it up so that would be an option. 

    I understand your point with the warrenty and fast repairs but I could have like 5 speres of every part just laying around for the price thay are charging  . But I also don't think it needs this mutch ram and we acces everything over a network that is limited to 3MB/s, that does not mean however that trip can't be needing faster data transfer than that. But we also had it running on mutch older hardware and I don't think it needs that fast of IO.

    I will call Dell directly and ask, thanks for the advice. And if I can let a professional IT guy do it I would rather do that dan be responsible myself. Of course also "proffesional IT guy companies" have competitors and I heard that they are cheaper and as good. My plan is to just get to what we need and see witch one offers the best deal also considering warrenty and replacements.
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    Tummy got a reaction from lukart in Asrock AB350M (55$) OR Gigabyte AB350M DS3H (50$) ???   
    what did you end up choosing? I have a AB350m Pro4 and i'm definitly not happy with it.
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    Tummy got a reaction from seon123 in Always have the right connectors in your PSU!   
    It was a reference to a meme ;).
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    Tummy reacted to KhakiHat in will 2 different PSU's cpu power work?   
    I would strongly advise against it but there may be some hoodwinked way of making it work. If you mess up though, it could be damaging to your hardware.
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    Tummy reacted to Stefan Payne in will 2 different PSU's cpu power work?   
    That means you have either old or shitty ones - or both.
    Please name the PSU you have right now.
    It might be the case that its totally possible that they could destroy your components...
    That definately will destroy the components and cause a fire...
    So do NOT ever think about that.
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    Tummy reacted to knightslugger in will 2 different PSU's cpu power work?   
    rail voltages won't be alike, could cause problems.