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  1. Hello everyone, today a friend asked me to take a look at his 500MB Kingston USB stick because it wouldn't show up. I got it to show up in partition manager but I can't do anything. Whenh i try to open it in explorer it says "insert a dsic or other valid item in USB-station" The informtion is important so I can't just format it with rufus or anything. any help is apriciated.
  2. Tummy

    USB with important data not reconised

    As long as you need hahaha. Sorry I totally forgot to look at LTT.
  3. Tummy

    CPU for Emulator

    weird, my r5 2600 gets a solid 60fps with 27% usage. (Note it is overclocked to 4GHz)
  4. Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good day. Me and a friend have a Youtube channel for our little company. We put testing video's on it and we want to know what you want to see. I don't know if i'm allowed to post a link but we have video's of certain GPU's running with certain CPU's in games. We also have tested te effect of memory speed on ryzen CPU and GPU preformance and also overclocking them. Any suggestion is apriciated. Kind reguards, Tummy.
  5. Tummy

    USB with important data not reconised

    wow, cool car haha. Did you do any mods on it?
  6. Tummy

    USB with important data not reconised

    thanks for the tip, I will try that. P.S. Is it your car on your picture?
  7. I tested them with a voltage meter and the sensors on the mobo. The modded one is about 12,050V on the 12V rail. (under load)
  8. I would say that if the PSU doesn't fail you don't need to replace it. I have had 15 and even 20 Year old PSU's that I had running at almost full load and they still work perfectly today. I even modded one to pull more electricity from the 12V rail, I did that one year ago and it still doesn't have any problems. So I think that you don't need to upgrade if your PSU still works fine and even if it lost some of its wattage you have still enough left with 1200w
  9. Hallo everyone, Some time ago I bought a ASrock AB350m Pro4 with an ryzen 1200 and the cheapest 8GB Crucial ram. Everything worked fine, het cpu was at 4025MHz @ 1.275V and the RAM at 2800MHz (OC from 2133) with tightened timings. After some time I wanted to upgrade to some better ram, so I orderd this kit: https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/dark-pro-ddr4. I had the 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz 16-16-16-35 kit. But since then almost nothing works on my PC. Taskmanager is reporting 5ghz CPU speeds, the pc crashes constantly and if the RAM is at anything higher than 2400MHz it will fail to boot. I already sold my old ram because someone was desperate. But I had a 8GB 2133MHz corsair value stick laying around. But that one also refuses to boot with anything higher than 2400MHz. Meanwhile it is running at 3200MHz in my other PC. I returned my 16GB teamgroup kit because it was also droped during delivery and 1 week later I recived a new one. But its the exact same story with the new ram. What shoud I do? The ram one the Memory QVL is hella expencive and I don't have that kind of money. (The 16GB Teamgroup kit was discounted in the sale so that's why i could afford it). And I don't want my RAM to run at 2133MHz because than I just downgraded to a worse configuration that's 2x as expencive.
  10. Ok, thanks for the info. But what do you mean with total balls to the waal clock ram? Anything above xxxx?
  11. What do you mean exactly? I have already updated to the latest version and to the latest beta-version. I have also done a complete powerdown.
  12. I have never had the CPU moved or replaced. So I don't think this is the problem. But I apriciate the reaction.
  13. Hallo everyone, As you can see i got scammed recently. I thought I was buying a GTX 1060 on marktplaats (The dutch Ebay). But I never recieved anything and I had already paid €30 before I saw he was a scammer. How can I get my money back? Any idea is welcome.
  14. I haven't thrown everyone off. And it was listed for 160 not 30! I had only paid 30 when i saw it was a scam.
  15. It was about 5 days ago and I have chats op marktplaats and whatsapp.
  16. IDEAL is ran by scammers so I will never use that. And I can't use paypal. And i can't get a status update because its a scammer and he blocked me.
  17. This would be a very good idea. And I live in het Netherlands yes. Unfortunatly we don't realy have police in the Netherlands nor a swat team. Police just doesn't care if you get scammed or not, its not their problem. And even if they want to help, thay cant, because over here the law inforcement has almost no rights. For example: If a dutch police man sees someone drowning, they cant save him or the police men wil get fired (Yes this is actually true!). You need premission for EVERYTHING and you will never get it. Dutch law inforcement (For as far it exists) can't/isn't allowt to do anything about this even if they wanted. yes, I can ask them what I can do. I will try it. Thanks
  18. It was listed for €160 and I gave the money directly with the IBAN number. Banks don't cancel/refund transactions. But maybe I can call his bank and try it anyways.
  19. Hallo guys, I sold my old GPU and now its time for a new one. I foud someone who has a GTX 760 for sale for €50. The only thing is he says, that if you start playing a game the monitor will stop recieving a signal when its connected to HDMI. I use displayport and I want to know if its properable that it keeps doing this when its on displayport. The guy doesn't have a DVI or displayport cable to test.
  20. Tummy

    (buying card) GTX 760 HDMI not working

    Ik kwam er zojuist achter dat precies hetzelfde gebeurd als je hem (iets) overclocked en dan heaven gaat doen. Het klopt wel dat windows soms even stil staat als je ALT+Tab doet maar als het goed is stopt je hele PC niet denk ik want mijn oude videokaart (precies dezelfde als ik nu heb) deed het niet.
  21. Tummy

    (buying card) GTX 760 HDMI not working

    Ik heb nu een andere GTX760 voor €10 meer en deze werkt perfect. Het enige is dat alleen in fortnite het hele beel soms stil staat als je ALT + TAB doet. Misschien moet ik daar nog ff naar kijken. Maar ik vond het een te groot risico voor 10 euro
  22. Tummy

    Ryzen 3 1200 overclock help

    I'm running mine at 4025MHz @ 1.275V on the stock cooler. Note that I have a open-air case.
  23. Tummy

    (buying card) GTX 760 HDMI not working

    yea, true. lets hope he can find a DP/DVI cable
  24. Tummy

    (buying card) GTX 760 HDMI not working

    Drivers can be updated and I have a 650w PSU. so If it any of those problems it will work. But how do I know if the card is bad?
  25. Whahaha, lol. Maybe its a bit unfair for the company but they make them dirt cheap and you already paid the cost for research.