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  1. Lag in games: GPU load changes rapidly.

    Minecraft- maybe no, G-mod- yeah a little bit NV- yeah, definitely
  2. All games are lagging, low gpu usage

    Most probably the FX 8350 is bottlenecking you GPU.
  3. Lag in games: GPU load changes rapidly.

    TBH, the issues you have are most probably caused by your obsolete hardware.
  4. Help needed with adding more laptop ram

    It's most probably fine. I have mixed ram before and never had an issue with that.
  5. Can I put a 1070ti in a ASUS ROG G20AJ?

    It's a SSF PC, I doubt it will have enough space, I am not even sure if it has enough PCIe power connectors. The PSU is also too weak for that card.
  6. Windows 7 has no support for USB 3.0. Only 2.0 so you can't use any peripherals attached to 3.0 ports.
  7. Gpu VS cpu overclocking

    It all depends on the CPU. Ryzen barely overclocks and Intel processors can increase even by +1 GHz. GPU's aren't really ment to be overclocked, they run at near max performance out of the box and with core clock boosting technologies overclocking GPU's has become almost useless.
  8. 600 is way to high, I'd try offering 450. Anyways, an FX 8350 is a very weak CPU and the card is the bare minimum for gaming so tbh it's not worth buying it.

    These internet speeds are awful, tell your ISP to fix that. There is no way you would be able to stream anything at that speed.
  10. Gaming PC Build Opinions?

    You really need an SDD. Get at least a 250GB SATA one.
  11. Anything I could get cheaper?

    Get a dual-channel RAM kit and a different mobo. I'd recommend ASUS Prime Z370-A. It's one of the best budget Z370 boards.
  12. 800$CAD or Wait PC build

    Wait, it's only a week till gamescom, the new cards will be released there.
  13. White mechanical Keyboard (Cherry red?)

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-Special-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches/dp/B07DKJRQ13/ref=sr_1_17?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1534236030&sr=1-17&keywords=white+mechanical+keyboard This one is very expensive, but ticks all the boxes you need. It has MX speeds- these need even less activation force than reds.
  14. Need advice for case fans.

    I'd look into the pure wings from bequitet for around 11 euro. My old AF 140 was loud and I removed it from my system because the sound they produced was unbearable.
  15. Aours gaming box

    For the price you are going to pay for an external GPU box and a 1050ti laptop you could buy a cheap ultrabook and build a decent gaming tower.