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  1. Hello, I'll be buying a new monitor, 3 new monitors to be specific. I have my eyes on Acer ED242QRA or AOC C24G1, still haven't decided. However since both of them are 144hz I was wondering if I would be able to run them at that refresh rate. My GPU is 390x and it has a single displayport 1.2, so is there any displayport splitter or something that will allow me to run all 3 of them at 144hz refresh rate?
  2. Anduin

    Samsung UE40JU6640 problem

    Hello, recently I've came across a problem with the above mentioned TV. There's a video showing the problem: (The vid is not mine, but the problem is the same) What is the cause of it? Do I have to buy a new display panel? Any help will be appreciated!
  3. Thank you for the answers Guys! I decided to pass on that PSU, and most likely pass on the 390s, since as @Herman Mcpootis mentioned 1070ti/1080 will perform better and will cost me just a few bucks extra (which I'll save from electricity bills lol). @OrionFOTL Yeah probably my logic is a bit broken... As with everything - some of them are good and some - not that much... @Stefan Payne You're right! I just wanted to try multi-GPU even though I know it does make zero sense.
  4. Hello guys, I'm planning to run two r9 390x on my pc, but my current psu is Corsair cs650m, which obviously won't be enough. I can get a Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 850W Bronze for a really good price, but I feel like 850w is cutting it way too close. Which leads to the question - is it okay to buy a chinese power supply, and more specifically this one? I know '90 plus gold' doesn't exist, but it does have 5 star rating (then again only 4 votes..) and the ad says 90% efficiency. I saw that people use those power supplies for mining, but couldn't find useful reviews.. I'm like 90% sure I'll go with EVGA or Corsair, because we all know that the power supply is like the most important component and if it's unreliable it can kill not only itself but other components as well. But there's like 10% of my consciousness saying 'Hey, it will be alright! Where do you think those branded ones are made?'.. So would you 'risk' it, or would you buy more expensive power supply from established manufacturers?
  5. Anduin

    Laravel display data from database

    @Cruorzy Thank you, I'll definitely check it out when I get back home!
  6. Hello, I'm trying to learn php with Laravel. I want to get data from my table and display it. This is what I have: form.blade.php Controller.php I'm getting this error: I would appreciate if anyone could help me solve it. I've been stuck in there for the past 1, maybe 2 hours T_T
  7. Anduin

    MSI RX 580 Armor

    Ops you're right, it's actually 427 usd for the cheapest one available at the moment, the 1080ti starts at ~976 usd... The prices are even higher in Eastern Europe... I also heard that MSI Armor series coolers are not that good. That's the reason I wanted to add it to my water loop, but sadly nobody seems to make blocks for this specific card!
  8. Anduin

    MSI RX 580 Armor

    Hello everyone! I found a pretty good deal on MSI Radeon RX580 Armor 8G, but since I haven't been paying attention to AMD lately (after the 3xx series I got a little annoyed by their rebadging), I'm not sure whether it's worth it or not. It usually goes for around 580 USD where I live, this one is around 270! I've heard that Gigabyte and PowerColor 580 cards had some bad memory issues, so is everything okay with this one? Also I searched a bit, but couldn't find water block compatible with this exact model. Are there any?
  9. Anduin

    RX 480 and too big resolution ?

    Is the problem on your new monitor only? I had a similar issue with one of my Acer monitors, so I RMA'd it and they replaced it with a new one. The 480 should be plenty to handle both monitors (except for gaming, but for movies and general use it should be okay).
  10. Anduin

    Dented my dad's car...

    Thank you guys for your supportive words, I really appreciate it! As you said, nobody's hurt, so I guess it's not all black.. I do actually feel better, so a big THANK YOU again!
  11. Anduin

    Dented my dad's car...

    Hello guys! It might not be the place for it, but I really need to share this with someone... So I got my driver's license 3 weeks ago and I've been driving my dad's car. I've never driven alone (my dad is usually in the seat next to me), but yesterday he said I can take the car, because I had some stuff to take care of. So I did, and everything was fine, but when I was driving home I thought it's a good idea to drive outside town for a while. I drove for a good half an hour and decided to turn around and go home... So I was reversing (the road was quite narrow) and I hit... as dumb as it sounds... a tree. Now there's a little dent in the back of the car, the paint is good tho. I'm pretty sure my father wouldn't get mad, but I feel so small and stupid. I'm actually ashamed to even tell him... I was just getting comfortable with driving, and now I feel like garbage again. Any of you had similar experiences in the begging of your 'driving career'? It might sound stupid, but it really upset me..
  12. Yeah seems you were right! I used a credit card lol and it actually worked! Thank you!
  13. I tried to pull it out (the battery) but it wouldn't move. Maybe I should apply a little bit more force?
  14. Hello guys, my MSI GS40's battery is swollen. I want to remove it but I don't really know how, I thought that I just unscrew the screw and it will pop out but it seems a bit more complicated. If anyone have the same laptop and removed their battery or has the knowledge how it's done could you share it? I tried to find a tutorial or something but had no luck. Here's a picture of it, any help will be appreciated!
  15. I haven't thought of the battery life. Should probably check it out! I don't really plan on getting AGA since I have a pretty good stationary PC at home, but who knows, it wouldn't hurt to have it as an option!