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  1. I Just get a message when i try to pair 'that didnt work' 'try again and make sure that game controller is still discoverable' How to update it wirelessly if it doesnt even connect, this sucks : /
  2. Just bought an x box one s controller, and i try to connect it through bluetooth and it doesnt work, i think i must have a cable in order to update it? but it never came with one how can i just use bluetooth for it?
  3. ok thanks so for sure anything up to 80c is toats safe on both right, Think with my current setup without any overclock i've seen max temps reach up to 70c, so i guess i got a bit of room for overclock right, but idk if ill be getting an advatage, never overclocked maybe i shouldnt try it
  4. For the i6700k cpu And gtx 1080 gpu, Whats the highest 'safe' temperatures i can be using them in? like i dont wanna run them at constant 90c degress right? Anyone know a bit more about this?
  5. Hmm yea ill probably do that, i just wonder if anyone else has such problems coz it could be every single one like that or issit just mine : s idk ill probably contact them
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/EVGA-Supernova-Gold-Power-Supply/dp/B01BGG5PTM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481414790&sr=8-1&keywords=supernova+850+gold this one i have
  7. Hmm but issit normal or not normal is what im trying to find out first : d, its not that big of a deal but yea its kinda annoying, i only had the pc for roughly a week but just noticed it today, thought it was fans or something lols, but its actually electricity sound from psu. Idk its not that big of a deal, but if i could get a complete silent one would be great
  8. I got evga supernova 850w, on the box it says 'silent series' lols, the fan doesnt start to spin till it get 50c or over something like that, i can never hear the fan its all great, but the electricity sound is bugging me a bit, its more noticeble when surfing the web. I just tested a game on max settings to draw more power from psu, the electricity sound changed and it was less noticable. Basically its annoying only when surfing the web ect. coz in silent condition its the loudest thing in the room and a bit annoying idk if they're all like this or this particular one i got is this way.
  9. The fan is not actually spinning, nothing is spinning just when browsing the web or doing something in silence, i can hear it and it get irritating
  10. I have evga 850w and when i turn on my pc it makes slight zapping or buzzing noise its constant and not very noticable, but when i use my pc in a silent room it can get irritating, are all psus like this or should i get it replaced, got 10 years warranty on it appearantly xD. Its very noise is very slight but its there like electricity flowing through it, is it normal?
  11. Pretty sad im having to play in windowed mode, coz when full screen its just way tooo big, i guess its outtdated game, my whole rig is overkill for league. Think ima try overwatch or something new
  12. So i've been playing league for like 3 years now on my 17 inch laptop and it had 1600x900 resolution. Now i upgraded my pc and doing pc gaming on 3440x1440 resolution 34inch 21:9 monitor, and league is pretty horrible on it Everything looks massive, its practically unplayable at full screen if i wanna be competitive, so i have to play 1920x1080 resolution in windowed mode then it looks normal. Pretty sad no? Is there any way to zoom out more when playing full screen? coz everything just looks ridiculously big
  13. I just finished building my pc, with asus z170i motherboard and i installed all the drivers, but the sound is very muffled, can only hear the base, what could this be, is this a software issue or is there something wrong with my components maybe faulty any ideas?