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    Computers Duh


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    I7 7700K
  • Motherboard
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    ASUS STRIX GTX 1080ti OC
  • Case
    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX
  • Storage
    500GB SSD + 2TB HDD
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    AOC 24" AGON AG241QX QHD 144H, BenQ 24" GL2450
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hey so i am about to clean one of my hardrives but diskpart does not list the free space on my drives so it is hard to know whitch drive i should wipe. Picture bellow https://gyazo.com/dbdf7c332653d58c4af855cf9065ab2e
  2. KeFy

    Weird HDD issue

    Yeah i tried that but its not just i 1 game it happens in basicaly every game i play
  3. KeFy

    Weird HDD issue

    I have a 1080ti 7700k and 16gb of ram so its enought for any modern game at 1440p
  4. KeFy

    Quesions of RMA'ing Motherboard

    Its diffrent for each mothetboard manufacturer but you will probaly need everything that came with the motherboard
  5. KeFy

    Weird HDD issue

    For the last couple of days i have been having a weird issue in games that some assets won't load in everything from textures to entire characters. So i assumed that my hdd was failing so i ran both the windows test and crystal disk info and it found no errors. Then i ran HD tune pro to see if the speed is alright and sometimes i get normal speeds of 70-100 mb/s but sometimes it goes down to 10/20 mbs. i am unsure if its my hdd that is the issue but its really anoying.
  6. KeFy

    Games not rendering stuff properly

    Yeah it takes longer with a HDD but it should still render objects and work properly EVGA 650W 80 Plus gold Yes i have the latest driver from NVIDIA
  7. So for the last couple of days games have been acting very weird for example in PUBG the games take very long to load and sometimes i get stuck in the loading screen and i need to altf4. Once i get into the game sometimes buildings won't render and its just a plain map. This is not just a PUBG problem im having becouse i have the same sorts of issues in Battlefield 1 and Battlefront 2 were the games does not render my gun or character somtimes. First i thought that my HDD was failing but i ran crystaldiskinfo on it and it said that everything was fine, Please help me fix this problem. SPECS i7 7700k 1080ti ASUS 1tb WD Blue 7200rpm MSI GAMING CARBON PRO Z270 16GB 2400mhz ram
  8. KeFy

    PC Build for 1080p 144hz gaming

    i would suggest looking up benchmark videos of the 2 cpus on the games that you play and at the resolution you plan to play them at. (overall i would suggest to go with intel since i have noticed that r7 can bottleneck the highend cards at 1080p)
  9. maybe its somehow causing a short
  10. KeFy

    Revised new system

    Ehm sli is iffy sometimes you won't get any inprovement at all and sometimes it can even worsen the performance compared to a single card so i recomend using just 1 1080ti
  11. KeFy

    $1900 Gaming PC build

    Looks like a solid build. Tho i don't think you need the hyper 212 since the R5 1600 comes with a prettey good stock cooler
  12. So i just came home and went to turn on My pc and it turns Itself off after a few secounds i have no Idea what caused this it worked fine yesterday. specs 7700k 1080ti 16gb 2400mhz ram 1tb WD blue Msi z270 gaming carbon PRO 600w evga supernova
  13. KeFy

    csgo 120 plus fps?

    Yeah if you tune the settings it will
  14. KeFy

    PC Fps is extremely bad

    Yeah that isn't right what are your temps while running the benchmarks ?
  15. Same problem i have tried different keyboards